A Sparkling Winterfest of Lights

Winterfest of Lights has opened for 2022, and it will not disappoint!  Northside Park comes alive as the sun goes down, and it sparkles where ever you look. Like the last couple of years, this year it’s a walk through event. But don’t let that put you off. On the contrary, this way there are less lines, you can go at your own speed, stop to take in your favorite view, take pictures in front of special displays, double back to see it all again,  and really get in the holiday spirit. A great experience for people of every age including families, couples, friends, old and young.  Children, literally squeal with delight, walk with eyes open wide, or sit back to enjoy the view in strollers and wagons. Older guests stroll around, taking the opportunity to rest on the many picnic tables dotted around the park, and some use the scooters available for rent at the entrance to the park. The walk itself is not that long, no more than half a mile, no more than walking round Walmart, to be honest. But it is so much more fun, you can’t help but smile as you take in the twinkling, shimmering light displays, and listen to the seasonal music playing throughout the park.  So grab your hat, gloves, and comfy shoes, and head over to Northside Park for Ocean City’s Winterfest of Lights, you will not be disappointed!

Welcome to Winterfest of Lights
Scooters available for rent
Buy a hot chocolate before or after your walk
Flying Fish!
Path through the lights
Practice your winter surfing skills
Plenty of places to sit down through out the park
What a place for a walk!
Thousands of sparkling, twinkling, colorful lights
Even the tress got in on the fun this year
Quite the view!
Time for a rest?
Many of our favorite lights are still here this year
Reflections on the water
A Winter Wonderland
The spectacular Christmas Tree
So many lights!
Happy Holidays!

Tickets can be purchased in advance, or at the event.  Open Wednesday through Sunday 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Closed Monday and Tuesday nights. Hotel Packages can be found here, and more information on the event can be found here.

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music line up for the oceans calling music festival in ocean city md
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Oceans Calling Music Festival Provides Access to Deaf Festival Goers by Providing Sign Language Interpreters


The highly anticipated music festival in Ocean City, Maryland, Oceans Calling, is making huge headlines. Yes, they have top of the line talent. Yes, they have world renowned chefs. But that’s not the reason for the hype. Oceans Calling is providing equal access to deaf music lovers attending the three day concert by providing sign language interpreters for the shows!

Where Can You See an Interpreter

Looking at the schedule ahead, all three days of the concert have shows where a sign language interpreter will be positioned near or on the stage off to the side, signing the lyrics/ concepts of the songs. Day one of the concert, there will be sign language interpreters for several shows including Alanis Morisette, Jack Johnson, Third Eye Blind, and O.A.R. Day two large names like Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, and Gin Blossoms will have interpreting services. And the last day of the concert The Lumineers, Weezer, The Wallflowers, and Grace Potter will have interpreters. 

How Sign Language Interpreters Prepare for a Show

Like any other job, interpreting requires a lot of preparation. We were able to speak to some sign language interpreters and get some insight. Sarah Scarborough, an interpreter of over ten years, tells us- “I spend ALOT of time prepping for shows. I print off scripts or lyrics and then work with my team to divide everything up evenly. If it’s music related, I listen to the songs over and over until I have the lyrics and interpretation memorized.” Interpreter Sheri Levy states that she practices songs as much as possible. If no materials are provided, such as a set list, I do as much research as I can viewing material on YouTube and the internet.” Some shows that Levy and Scarborough have interpreted for are Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Panic! At the Disco, and Jeff Dunham. Both ladies have a background and interest  in performing arts, making sign language interpreting a great fit for a career. When asked about the hardest part of the job, Levy says that interpreting unfamiliar material such as sports (for her) is a challenge. Scarborough reveals that keeping your opinion to yourself is hard. Interpreters are there to help facilitate communication between the deaf and hearing world. 

Deaf Necessarily Doesn’t Mean Inability to Hear

One might ask, why would someone who is deaf go to a concert? A valid question for someone who is not educated in the deaf community. In reality, thousands of people who are deaf attend concerts around the world every year. When people hear the word “deaf,” they automatically think about the inability to hear. 

However when someone is deaf, there is a very large spectrum of hearing loss. Deaf concert goers may have mild hearing loss, wear hearing aids to amplify the music, or may have lost hearing later in life. Others may have lost their hearing at one point in life but not a love for music. Music lover, Rebecca Moir, Deaf hair stylist and owner of Glam by Becca tells us how having an interpreter changes the concert experience for her. “It makes me feel a part of everything. I’m able to see what hearing people hear.” When asked about her first experience at a concert with an interpreter, she told us, “I thought it was amazing!” Rebecca attends several concerts yearly around the Maryland area. 

Large concerts like Oceans Calling give off lots of different vibrations around the venue. While deaf patrons may not be able to hear, vibrations from the musical instruments, large screaming crowds, and gigantic speakers and amplifiers add to their experience. 

Check Out the Interpreting Schedule

Check out the schedules for Oceans Calling here and look for the little symbol (two f hand shapes connected) for all shows that will have sign language interpreters. And thanks for Oceans Calling for providing access!

OceanCity.com Interviews Jared “Dirty J” Watson, co-founder of Dirty Heads

OceanCity.com was lucky enough to be able to interview Jared “Dirty J” Watson, the co-founder of the popular band, Dirty Heads.  He describes his music, how he got started in the industry, his philosophies and more.  We have broken the interview into sections in the transcript so it’s easier to follow.  Or, you can just watch the interview in full.


Background on Jared Watson & Dirty Heads:

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

I am filling in for Katie.  She couldn’t do this one. So I’m  thrilled to do it.  My name is Ann Hillyer and I am the CEO of Shore Craft Beer and OceanCity.com. We’re thrilled to be having you come to Oceans Calling in Ocean City.

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

Oh, yeah. Yeah, we’re stoked to be there. I think we missed it the first time, right? And then this will be the second time we’re trying. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Yeah, exactly. So last week another storm came through and that postponed the setup a bit. So they’re a little under the gun on the setup. But it looks like it’s coming along quickly. The big stage is up. So your stage is already in place for your performance.

Perfect. So I sent you some questions. The first section is really background, we’re going to try to go through this rather quickly. We’re really excited to have you and we want you to tell us who you are and where you’re from and a little background on you and the band.

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

My name is Jared Watson, I am one of the singers and songwriters from a band called Dirty heads originated in Huntington Beach, California. We met in high school, started playing in Dustin’s garage, and realized that we had a lot in common, musically, then personality wise, you know, we became best friends. And then he was already in a band. And I had no musical background. So I just kind of figured this is something fun to do. I really liked the guy keep hanging out. This is super fun. And then it just kind of snowballed. And like, you know, we kept writing songs and having fun. And then that made me realize that I really liked doing it. And then we started playing shows and started getting a following. And next thing you know, like, a couple years later, we’re signed to Warner Brothers. So it’s called I’ll really, really quick and not something that I saw in my future when I was growing up, and now I’m very grateful. And I’m just, I’m very, very happy that I feel like I found my purpose. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Well, that’s really exciting. I see that in some of your music. And I was listening to some of your songs today. So we’ll get to thos a little later. . You’re performing this Sunday. Right? From 5:1 PM. To 6:15 PM. On the Seabright stage which is the big one at the Oceans Calling festival. Did you know that the concert is almost totally sold out?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

I did not. But I’m not surprised.

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

So you didn’t anticipate that necessarily? Have you been to Ocean City, Maryland before?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

Yeah, yeah, we’ve played there numerous times before. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

And where did you play in Ocean City?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

 I could have no idea. No idea. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Probably Seacrets!

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads 

Oh, definitely. We’ve definitely played Seacrets a bunch, Oh cool. Yeah.

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

What did you like most about Ocean City?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

I’ve never seen outside of the parking lot of Seacrets. So

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

There’s a lot to see that you might enjoy. There’s some really good food, too. It looks a lot more like California than it did.. 

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

Yeah, we’re you know, we’re on tour. So it’s like, you gotta you gotta get in, get out. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Where are you right now?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  3:17  

I’m at home in Costa Mesa, California. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Okay, cool. And when do you head east?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  3:23  

We’re gonna go out on Saturday, the day before.


  • You are performing this Sunday from 5:15-6:15 at the Sea Bright Stage at the Oceans Calling Festival in Ocean City, Maryland.
    • Did you know this concert is almost totally sold out?
      • Did you anticipate this level of response from Oceans Calling 2023 in Ocean City?
    • Have you ever been to Ocean City, Maryland before?
      • If so, what do you like most about Ocean City?
      • If you haven’t, what are you looking forward to seeing in Ocean City?


Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

So Katie posted to the Oceans Calling Facebook page to ask what fans wanted to know about you? And the the answers that came back, the questions they want answered are 

  • Who and what influenced your music?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

So the first one right off the bat. I think the two the two main ones would be Sublime and Beastie Boys.

There was a ton, a ton, a ton of really kind of old school reggae from the 60s and 70s and 80s that we were into. And that definitely, definitely you can hear that in our in our music. But I think at the time, sublime, and the dirty and dirty heads and the Beastie Boys were the only two acts that we knew of that we were listening to that were kind of mashing up all these genres, and taking all this different type of music and blending together but making it sound good making it sound like one original band, you know. And we knew then that if we liked reggae, and we liked hip hop, and we liked folk and we liked jazz, and we liked classic rock we could take we could take it from anywhere, and we could put it in our music.

I think those two bands really opened our eyes to the fact that you don’t just have to play one style of music but it’s tricky to do because it can be very confusing.

And I really like the fact that there’s so original, that when you hear a Beastie Boys song, you know, it’s a Beastie Boys song, whether it’s like one of their punk songs, or when it’s their funk songs or instrumental or it’s their regular Hip Hop stuff, you know, it’s them, when you hear sublime song, whether it’s more of a reggae song, or a grimy punk song, or he’s putting a lot more hip hop into the production back then, you knew it was simple as volume song, and I’m really proud that we’re able to do that, that I don’t think there’s anybody playing music right now that sounds like the dirty heads. I don’t think there ever will be and I’m really proud of that, you know, and we can take a lot of different style of music and make it our own and, and still be original in 2023. You know, it’s it’s kind of hard to be original at this point.

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Thank you.  The next question that they wanted to know is:

  •  What is the best advice somebody ever gave you? And who was that person to you?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  5:54  

The best advice?  Well, I think this is in no way conceited at all. But I think after a really long time, I don’t want to just do a cliche one and like, go off, like some quote, there’s one. There’s one that my manager told me a long time ago, that really, really works, but it’s still not my favorite one. And it’s get all the information first. And when you do get all the information first, it makes things a lot easier. Don’t assume anything until you have all the information. Don’t worry about it. Just don’t even think about it until you have every single piece of information about whatever it is. And then you can decide on whether you should freak out which not that was great.

 But it dawned on me one day, because I was you know, an 18 year old kid, I was a 25 year old kid, I you know, I’m 30 Whatever, I’m in the industry, there’s all these, you know, could be mentors around me, there’s all these other really successful musicians. And when I was younger, I found myself like most people, I feel like well, they when they look back that I thought I knew everything. And there was a lot of advice given to me that I probably didn’t take. 

And then a little bit later on, I remember giving myself advice going man, the best probably advice is to actually take advice. I feel like 90% of the time somebody gives you advice. It goes in one ear and right out the other and you don’t even you don’t even think about it. This is unsolicited. I don’t want to hear what you have to say you’re old, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re in a band, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not even you know, there’s always an excuse to not listen to the advice or the advice is such a solution to your problem. But it’s not the easy way out might be the hard way out that you don’t want to listen to it. So I honestly if there’s any what I think the best advice is for other people is that when somebody is in a position that might need be more successful than you doesn’t matter that’s up to you what success is, or just in a position to give you advice. actually listen to what they have to say, actually just don’t just lie. Oh, they’re just an old guy telling me a story. I’m being nice about it, whatever, just like actually listen and try and soak it in, write it down and try and implement it. And like, when you do you’ll see that, you know, the advice is usually pretty good. I never used to take advice. So I wish I could go back and tell myself when I was younger, like hey, actually take advice. That’s the best advice. actually use this. These people that’s very useful. I think it’s excellent. That’s a really good answer.


The Dirty Heads debut album was, Any Port in a Storm, and was released on September 23, 2008.  They just released Midnight Control, on August 26, 2023, by Better Noise Music.  That’s over 15 years of music.  Let’s see what Jared has to say.

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

So music for Sunday:  your debut album was Any Port in the Storm and it was released on September 23 of 2008. And you just released it  a month ago, Midnight Control by Better Noise Music. That’s 15 years of music. 

What are you thinking that you are going to bring  to the Ocean City concert? Are you mixing it up? Are you playing your new music? What are you playing at the concert on Sunday? 

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

Yeah, I mean, we have an hour set, which is so rad. Like we usually, we don’t usually play an hour .  We usually play, you know, an hour and a half, two hours, we have a longer set. So the hour set for us, we call it the power hour because we’re literally just playing the favorites. And that’s fun. That’s really fun for us. 

You know, we don’t have to.  it’s not that there is filler but there’s like we need to please a lot of different fans, There’s new fans out and say we play a show and it wasn’t Oceans Calling., We had two hours where there’s new fans that we want to make happy. There’s old fans that we want to make happy. We want to make it exciting. We want to build a show we want to be entertaining, we want to bring you up.  We want to bring you down, but when you have a power hour, it’s like you know we’ve like said we are on our eighth album. We’re on our eighth album.  We’ve had  a lot of success, a lot of popular songs, and so it was very easy to make this set, you know, so it’s just like literally all of our top all the fan favorites all the most, you know, just kind of popular songs that we could throw out there and that’s really fun. And I like I said there’s no other bands on the bill like Dirty Heads.

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads 10:00  

As you know, we’re gonna be giving you really exciting hip hop songs really mellow, kind of reggae acoustic songs, you know, it’s, we’re able to put on a show that’s really dynamic, rather than just one note. So I think that’s what sets us apart. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Very exciting.We will put this up on the OceanCity.com calendar. People will will be very interested, 

“Island Glow”

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

I think in your performance in their thing, they’re expecting something close to 50,000 people. So I’m just saying, and you’re on the big stage. So let’s move to your songs. What is your most requested song?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  10:37  

I don’t know. I couldn’t answer that. I mean, yeah, we’ve been a band for almost 20 years now. You know. And, like, if I’m, if I’m going off of social media, it’s, you know, there’s, it’s different from every person. You know, we don’t sometimes we don’t play the old stuff enough. Sometimes you don’t play the new stuff.

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  10:56  

Actually, I think at this point in time, there’s a song called Island Glow  off of our new album, and I think that’s probably the most requested, and we’re playing it. And it’s, it’s like the band’s favorite, too. So that’s really fun. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

So is that the song that is the most fun to perform for you?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  11:11  

It is. It is yeah, it’s a pirate story. It’s the song is a story. And we based all of our production around that on the summer tour that we just did, we kind of did like a broken down, like deconstructed pirate ship. And it’s just a song about some pirates. So how do you not like that, but it’s really cool. 


Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

And your song vacation suggests that you love what you do? Do you ever get tired of touring and making music?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  11:39  

Yeah, yeah, like, there. I mean, we like I said, I don’t want to sound repetitive. But we’ve been doing it for 20 years, there was a point where I was really, really tired. There was a point where I didn’t want to go on tour anymore. You know, there’s a point where, you know, it was it was there was I’ve had a lot of highs and a lot of lows.


That wasn’t necessarily the band or the music or the touring, it was how I was treating my body and my mind. So it was really my fault for doing that. You know, there’s things you can do on the road. And you can get into partying and you can you know, not be nice to your body or your brain or you know, just have a little bit too much fun.


So I don’t necessarily think it was the music or the like too much touring it was just that I wasn’t honoring myself and honoring my body and taking care of myself and now that I’ve gotten through that, and then we had COVID


I can tell you right now that taking touring away from me, making me sit at home for two years and not being able to tour was a crazy perspective check and I can tell you that I have


there’s never been a time in my career where I’ve enjoyed it more than right now. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Wow, that’s fabulous. Ocean City is lucky. What would you take vacations? And if you do where do you go?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  12:57  

Yeah, I just got back from Kauai for a couple of months. My family stayed out there.


I really like Thailand, we’ve been there and we feel really safe and at home there. Japan is probably my favorite place I’ve ever been and I’m excited to go back there. I could we could we could definitely live in Japan for a couple years. It’s that cool! 

“Standing Tall”

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

That’s really cool. Your song Stand Tall is an important message in today’s world. What do you want your fans to take from that song? And what advice would you give someone who needs to stand a little taller

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads

Um, I don’t like telling people what my songs are about. I like them, you know, taking whatever message they can from it. But the to stand a little taller or to get through something.

I really love this one and I think this one is people have probably heard it and it could be a little cliche, but the main message is everything will be okay in the end. And if everything’s not okay, then it’s not the end. That one’s my favorite because I you know personally I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of good times a lot of everything does always get better and it will get better you just got to see it through.  You know, you just gotta keep getting up and going.   But when you are in  the lows, it really feels like it’s never gonna get better, like nothing’s ever going to change and it’s going to be like this forever. It’s not.  It will not.   it will get better.  Iit will 100% get better.

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

I love it. It’s a great message. My mother always used to say.” this too shall pass.” It’s a really important  message.

Ocean City Rescue Me?

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com 

Your song California Rescue Me resonates with anybody who loves the ocean and has a favorite beach. And Ocean City is a beloved beach to millions of people. 

Would you consider replacing California with Ocean City for one refrain at Sunday’s concert?

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads  14:57  

It works. The syllable I’ll do the whole thing.


wanna celebrate the syllables? Totally works.

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

That’s really cool!

Jared Watson, Dirty Heads 15:08  

California Ocean City, I could totally do it. 

Ann Hillyer, OceanCity.com

Okay, cool.

Well, I’ll have somebody there videoing you!


Is there anything you want the 50,000 music lovers coming to Ocean City for the Oceans Calling 2023 Music Festival to know?
Jared is performing with his band, Dirty Heads, at the 2023 Oceans Calling Festival in Ocean City, MD.  Download the OceanCity.com App to get interactive maps and the full music schedule on all three stages located in the festival footprint at the inlet beach.

Restaurant Specials during Oceans Calling

Whether you are attending Oceans Calling this weekend, or just happen to be in town, there are restaurant specials around the town to look out for.  Here are a few to get you started.

28th Street Pit n Pub during Oceans Calling

28th Street Pit n Pub are offering 10% off entire check to anyone with the ocean’s calling wrist band all weekend. This OCEANS CALLING SPECIAL runs from Friday through Sunday… NOTHING beats BBQ after a day of musical flows & sandy toes!

Show your wrist band at Pit n Pub and save money!
Spain Wine Bar on the top floor of the Cambria Hotel has a Happy Hour special this week,  Chef Selection for 2, which is several surprise tapas that can be shared for only $35 only at happy hour (Tue-Fri) from 2pm to 5pm. 
Happy Hour at Spain

Shenanigan’s during Oceans Calling

Shenanigan’s on the Boardwalk on 3rd Street will have a special O’Shens Calling Late Night Menu (Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 9:00pm) which will include some of their full menu favorites as well as an Oceans Calling-specific menu item… the Irish Spice Bag.  The Spice Bag is the hottest Dublin take-away snack… 

Irish Spice Bag Battered Chicken or Shrimp, seasoned waffle fries, grilled peppers, onions, and jalapeños tossed with Chinese secret spices and served with your choice of Korma Curry or Sweet Tai Chili sauces. $17.25. Available for everyone, no wristband needed!

No cover for Mike Brill playing at Shenanigan on Friday and Saturday, starting at 8:00pm.

Shenanigans, just a short walk from the festival


Angler Restaurant and Bar during Oceans Calling

At the Angler this weekend, you’ll find $2 Natural lights all-day during the Oceans Calling Festival. There’s High Tide Time from 3:00 to 6:00 with 2 for 1 drinks and food specials – $5.99 1/2lb shrimp, $7 grouper fingers, $.75 clams, $1.25 oysters, $1.25 wings
Entertainment includes Chris English 5-8 Thursday, Zion Reggae Band 5-9 Friday, Lennon la Ricci and the Leftovers 6-9 Saturday, Time Police Band 4-8 Sunday.
Angler Restaurant and Bar , just a couple of blocks from Oceans Calling on Talbot St.

Blu Crabhouse and Raw Bar during Oceans Calling

Get a 15% discount and $15 priced BLU Crab Dip at Blu on 23rd Street and the bay this weekend when you show your Oceans Calling wrist bands or show tickets.
Embers on 23rd Street will have $12 priced Fire Roasted Wings all weekend for those with Oceans Calling wrist bands or show tickets.
Sunset from Embers
Jay’s Cafe on 23rd Street has a great breakfast menu, plus sandwiches, pastries, ice cream and coffee! Get a 15% Discount on everything you buy when you show up with your Oceans Calling wrist bands or show tickets. 


Crawl Street Tavern

Crawl Street Tavern on Wicomico Street is open for breakfast all weekend from 8am, and their full bar is open from 9am-2am.

Football specials for Sunday Football at Crawl Street Tavern:
A Pound and a Pitcher – One pound of Steamed shrimp with a 62 ounce pitcher of domestic draft beer $24.99 or import Beer $29.99
One pound and a bucket (4) domestic bottles $24.99 or import $29.99
$3 dogs – add cheese $1, add chili $1
Chili Day bowl $4.99
Nachos with cheese $5,  add chili $2, add ground beef $2
Tots $5
Philly Cheese Steak $9.99 made with Cheese Whiz fried onions and peppers. Add fries $2.00

Live entertainment at Crawl Street Tavern:
Thursday pre-Oceans Calling Kickoff with live performance by Steven Kellogg. Buy tickets here.  Friday NO COVER CHARGE The Harbor Boys 10-2 , and Saturday night DJ Magellan 10pm-2am (no cover charge).

Breakfast at Crawl Street Tavern starts at 8am

More to come…..


White Reaper will be performing at Oceans Calling Festival on Saturday September 30th at 3.30pm, at the Carousel Stage. 

White Reaper is made up of Tony Esposito [guitar, vocals], Ryan Hater [keys], Hunter Thompson [guitar], Nick Wilkerson [drums, percussion], and Sam Wilkerson [bass] . They have arrived as one of the 21st century’s preeminent rock bands. Ushering in a new era, White Reaper are unapologetically embracing their collective essence – musically sincere and uncontainable on stage. Grinding it out behind independent LPs White Reaper Does It Again [2015] and The World’s Best American Band [2017], they leveled up on their Elektra Records debut, You Deserve Love, in 2019. A flurry of critical acclaim followed, while the album’s lead single “Might Be Right” vaulted to #1 at Alternative Radio and tallied tens of millions of streams. The band lit up ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! for their late-night TV debut and Pearl Jam brought them in tow as special guests on their most recent arena tour. Guided by the ethos that their songs are meant to be immediate and timeless, the band went to Nashville where they wrote and largely self-produced their fourth full-length LP, Asking for a Ride, with the help of friend and engineer Jeremy Ferguson. This time around, they directly channeled the energy of their live show in order to replicate that connection in the songs. On Asking for a Ride, you’ll get the band’s signature chrome-plated riffs, mixed with thrash, stadium-made choruses, and blissful acoustic comedowns. This is five dudes churning out bangers like their lives depend on it.


Transportation and Parking Information for Oceans Calling Festival 2023

Information provided by the Oceans Calling Festival

The festival begins at noon each day and ends at 11 PM each night.  Please plan ahead so you know how to get in and out of town easily.


West Ocean City Park and Ride has shuttles into Ocean City for the Oceans Calling Festival 2023.

If you are not staying in Ocean City where parking is provided, there are three lots for you to try:

  • West Ocean City Park and Ride 12848 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, MD 21842
  • Ocean City Convention Center Parking Lot 4001 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842
  • 100th Street Municipal Parking Lot 10267 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

There will be Public Transportation available to and from the festival from these locations. ADA parking is available at all municipal parking lots.

There are no parking options for the festival from N. Division Street south to the inlet.


Ocean City Beach Bus
The Ocean City Beach Bus will be shuttling people to the festival area throughout Oceans Calling.
  • Ocean City Beach Bus:
    • Travels north and southbound along Coastal Highway
    • For the festival, the Beach Bus is running an express route with a reduced set of stops. Please see route map for available locations.
    • When leaving the festival in the evening, concertgoers can walk to Baltimore Avenue to catch the Beach Bus (for northbound access). Northbound buses will be staged on Baltimore Avenue between Worcester Street and Talbot Street.
  • West Ocean City Shuttle

    • to and from the West Ocean City Park and Ride.
    • The West Ocean City shuttle will transport to and from the West Ocean City Park and Ride lot (12848 Ocean Gateway) and the festival.
    • When leaving the festival, patrons traveling west to the West Ocean City Park and Ride can take a bus from the South End Transit Station (South Division Street) directly to the West Ocean City Park and Ride Lot.

All Ocean City municipal buses are ADA accessible.

Ride-All-Day pass

  • $4 and allows you to ride from 6 a.m. until 2 a.m. on the Beach Bus and 11 a.m. until 12 a.m. on the West Ocean City Shuttle.
  • Exact cash fare is required – credit card payments are NOT accepted.

ADA Drop-Off and Pick Up

  • ADA drop off and pick up is available at 1 N. Division St (east of Baltimore Ave.).

Walking or Biking to the Festival

Walking and/or biking to the festival is strongly encouraged. The walk from the North End of the Boardwalk (27th Street) to the North Entrance is approximately a 2 mile walk, taking around 40 minutes. Please remember to walk smart, use crosswalks, and wait for the pedestrian signal. Bike Parking will be available on the beach between 1st and 2nd St. Please remember to bring your own bike locks to secure your bicycle(s)!

Walking/Biking Times – Southbound to the Main Entrance

  • From 40th St, 55 min walk, or 13 min bike ride
  • From 30th St, 45 min walk, or 10 min bike ride
  • From 20th St, 30 min walk, or 8 min bike ride
  • From 10th St, 15 min walk, or 5 min bike ride

Walking/Biking Times – Eastbound to the Main Entrance

  • From West Ocean City Park and Ride, 20 min walk, or 8 min bike ride

Bicycle Storage

There will be a bicycle storage area located on the beach between first and 2nd street. Make sure you bring a lock!

Hotel Shuttles

Some hotels may be running a courtesy shuttle from your hotel to the festival area. Be sure to check with your hotel for service hours. If provided, hotels will drop/pick up their guests at Somerset Street, approximately two blocks from the venue. Please note these shuttles are different from the Beach Bus.

Ride Share/Taxi/General Drop-off & Pick-Up

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash
  • The official passenger drop-off and pick-up location for Oceans Calling is located at 409 Baltimore Ave.
  • The walk from the Ride Share lot to the festival grounds is approximately 10 minutes.
  • Please keep in mind that ride share demand will be very high after the festival concludes each night with a limited number of drivers. Consider leaving early or taking a stroll along the boardwalk until the rush is over.
  • Areas south of N. Division Street will be closed to vehicular traffic, so ride shares, taxis, and friends won’t be able to pick you up near the festival site.
  • It will be best to walk north to 4th St along the Boardwalk and use the crosswalk to cross Baltimore Ave. to the Ride Share lot.

OC Bay Hopper Water Taxi

OC Bay Hopper

For transportation over the water, consider taking one of the 5 OC Bay Hopper vessels which will be in operation during the festival. Information about the Water Shuttle schedule for the festival weekend can be found via the following link.

Responsibility has its rewards. If you drink, don’t drive. Decide to Ride. Courtesy of Kona Big Wave.

Photos of the Oceans Calling 2023 Set-up


Photos & Views of the Oceans Calling 2023 Set-Up

Oceans Calling 2023 dodged Ophelia and is now in full swing setting up for the 4 day music festival starting this Thursday.  If you want to take a look at the set-up, you can go to our webcams page.  The Trimper Cam looks at the inlet parking lot and will give you a good idea of what is going on.

inlet parking lot showing oceans calling set up
You can check out the set up for the Trimper Rides webcam.

Here are several shots of the set-up as of Tuesday, September 26.  More to come!

Setting up for Oceans Calling 2023 in Ocean City, MD
something big is coming - setting up for oceans calling 2023
Something big is coming – setting up for Oceans Calling 2023!
The stage goes up for Oceans Calling 2023.
The stage goes up for Oceans Calling 2023.
The decking is piled up to be ready to go into place for Oceans Calling 2023
The decking is piled up to be ready to go into place for Oceans Calling 2023.
The Ocean City inlet parking lot filled with tents for Oceans Calling 2023
The Ocean City inlet parking lot filled with tents for Oceans Calling 2023.
Jolly Roger at the Pier is inside the footprint of Oceans Calling 2023
Jolly Roger at the Pier is inside the footprint of Oceans Calling 2023.
Lots of containers are needed to set up Oceans Calling 2023
Lots of containers are needed to set up Oceans Calling 2023.
The beach is filled with tire tracks as they set up for Oceans Calling 2023
The beach is filled with tire tracks as they set up for Oceans Calling 2023.
Oceans Calling 2023 set up from afar before Ophelia rolled through Ocean City
Oceans Calling 2023 set up from afar before Ophelia rolled through Ocean City



Making Waves: A Guide to the Oceans Calling Festival 2023 in Ocean City, Maryland”

Oceans Calling Festival 2023 header
Click here to see the Oceans Calling festival 2023 guide page.

A huge music festival on the beach, walks along the Ocean City boardwalk, waves crashing on the sand, local cuisine being celebrated by celebrity chefs – this is what the Oceans Calling 2023 will bring to Ocean City September 29th – October 1st.  Keep reading to see:

  • Set up pictures with a link to a webcam where you can watch the Oceans Calling set-up live
  • Last minute ticket information and a link.
  • Last minute hotel information.
  • Parking information and suggestions.
  • The new OceanCity.com App details – navigate the festival, find the performances, AND download by midnight on October 1 to be entered to win an Ocean City beercation.
  • Information on the music line-ups.

Click Here to Go to the Oceans Calling Music Festival Guide Page w/FAQs

Setting up 

Setting up for Oceans Calling 2023 in Ocean City, MD

This 3 day festival is already setting up to be ready when tens of thousands of people descend on Ocean City with visions of music on the beach.  The set up began early this week, but they weren’t able to do too much because Tropical Storm Ophelia’s effects were influencing the wind and rain in Ocean City.  Ophelia didn’t deter the set-up for long, however.  They are in overdrive mode setting up.  The stage is already up, decking down, tents erected and the work continues.  To see the set up this morning, click to see the article we just published.

You can also watch the inlet parking lot webcam by Trimpers Rides to see the progress…


With big-name artists each day, you can buy a ticket for one day or all three.  Many of the tickets are sold out, so if you want to join the festivities, you can still find an available ticket on the Oceans Calling website.   There are also verified resale tickets on the Oceans Calling website.

Hotels for Oceans Calling Festival

The Grand Hotel!

Many of the hotels in town may be sold out too, but you can search hotels in the OceanCity.com lodging listings.  You will get the best deal by booking a hotel directly on their site.   You can also see availability and compare rates online here.  The Grand Hotel Ocean City rates that weekend started at $409.  

The Harrison Hotel Group had rooms available as of yesterday.  Just go to https://www.ocmdhotels.com/



You will need to reserve your parking in advance or plan ahead. The traffic will be intense during the Oceans Calling Festival.

You will have difficulty parking for Oceans Calling.  The Town is expecting 50,000 people to join us for this festival, so planning ahead is key.

Trimpers is offering parking that you can book in advance. The OC Bay Hopper is also offering parking and a water taxi ride from Pier 23 in West Ocean City. I would highly recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities in advance.  Here is the message from the OC Bay Hopper:

OC Bay Hopper, Ocean City’s water-based transportation alternative, has just announced additional availability getting to and from the Oceans Calling music festival this weekend. 
The OC Bay Hopper shuttle will depart the Roland E. Powell Convention Center every hour with two boats starting at 12pm/noon with a final return from the festival at 10:30pm.
A new park-and-ride option is now available that includes round-trip transportation and a parking pass for $100 for a group of 4 passengers. Three return times are offered each night with the final return from the festival at 12:10am. Parking is at Pier 23 in West Ocean City.
For up-to-date availability and how to reserve a spot for one of these options, please visit

If you are staying in Ocean City, leave your car at the hotel and take a bus downtown.  You can try parking in the West Ocean City Park & Ride and take the shuttle into Ocean City.  There are also several other public lots and there is street parking, but with the inlet lot closed for the event, there will be an enormous amount of pressure on these spots.   Here is the link to the general parking information.

Navigating the Festival

Find yourself on the map and find the performances, bars & restaurants, and more near you. You can also win an Ocean City getaway.  Download the OceanCity.com App to easily navigate the festival!
Scan now to download the app, then use it to navigate the festival, and win prizes when you get to Ocean City.

OceanCity.com’s partners just built an App just in time to help you navigate the festival and generally find what you are looking for in Ocean City.  You can download it now by scanning the code above or going to https://oceancitydotcom.ourloyaltyapp.com.  


Music Making Waves for Three Days

Oceans Calling 2023 is a three day festival in partnership with musicians O.A.R. featuring over 30 performances on 3 stages on the beach adjacent to the Ocean City boardwalk. 

The BEST way to see all the performances and their associated times and stages is to download the new OceanCity.com App (see below). You will be able to filter by performer, day or stage.

music line up for the oceans calling music festival in ocean city md
Download the OceanCity.com App and track all the concerts at the Oceans Calling Music Festival 2023.

Get more information on the festival here.

Friday performances for Oceans Calling Festival 2023


Saturday performers at Oceans Calling Festival 2023

Sunday performers at Oceans Calling Festival 2023


Local Food is a Focus

Experience delicious east coast bites from local food vendors. Plus, learn tricks of the trade from world-renowned chef cooking demos that celebrate the region.  Check out the current list of chefs who will be participating!

Chefs at Oceans Calling Festival 2023


The White Marlin Who Welcomes Visitors to Ocean City

As visitors enter Ocean City from the Route 50 Bridge or drive south along S. Philadelphia Avenue, one cannot but be impressed with the white marlin sculpture and water feature they see prominently displayed at the Entry Park.  Recent visitors to Ocean City may not realize this public art piece was only installed about twenty years ago.  So, here’s the story.

In 2000, a nonprofit organization, Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC) was formed to revitalize downtown Ocean City.  One of its many goals was to install public art in the downtown district.  OCDC believes public art enhances the quality of life for visitors and residents.  Realizing that its initial piece of public art needed to be a statement piece and touch on the special aspects of Ocean City, the OCDC Public Art Committee recommended the creation of a white marlin sculpture.  As many know, Ocean City is noted as the “White Marlin Capital of the World.” 

The best location for this new public artwork was deemed to be the Entry Park which was at the base of the Route 50 Bridge.  This rather small park is very visible but was underutilized.  In fact, this property at one time contained Dale’s Esso gas station that closed and the building demolished in the 1980’s.  The land was purchased by the Town of Ocean City.   Its interim use was a small park with limited landscaping.  Luckily, that property was available for OCDC’s first public artwork.

OCDC then sought out several area artists and selected Paul Lockhart, a resident of Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Paul had a strong background in nature sculptures in metal and proposed this piece to be made of stainless-steel for its attractiveness as well as its durability.  He proposed a fourteen-foot tall sculpture for this location.  All agreed with this design, material, and size and Mr. Lockhart was commissioned for this project.

The next step was to design a water feature to surround this proposed signature sculpture.  For this project, OCDC contracted with Hardscapes, Inc., a local contractor which had ample experience in hardscape design and outdoor living spaces. 

In 2002, the OCDC then presented and received approval of this public art project from the Town of Ocean City.  Once this project was approved, OCDC began a rigorous fundraising campaign needed to pay for the sculpture and the water feature.  Knowing the challenges of such fundraising, OCDC recognized the project should be completed in two phases; the sculpture first, followed by the water feature.

Relying on private donations, OCDC was able to raise sufficient funds through its own membership and others having a great interest in supporting this new artwork.  As a charitable nonprofit organization, contributions for this project were tax deductible. There were several levels of giving.  All contributors who donated at least one thousand dollars were recognized on a plaque that still sets today, just east of the sculpture.  Donations were made by individuals, businesses and other community organizations.  Among the other community organizations which donated were: Ocean City Lions Club, Downtown Association, Boardwalk Development Association, Ocean City Parrothead Club, OC Beautification Committee, Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, and the Ocean City Hotel Motel Restaurant Association.  Others donated in memory of deceased loved ones.  In addition, there were many smaller donations received for this artwork.  The intent was to make this a community funded project, and for this reason it was successful. 


The sculpture was completed by Mr. Lockhart and installed in June 2002 at a ceremony attended by many.  The next step was to fundraise for the water feature which would complete this first public art project.  It took almost another year for the funds to be raised for the water feature; it being completed in 2003.  A novel fundraiser was the raffling of Paul Lockhart’s working model (called a maquette) which was a small replica of the white marlin which generated over thirteen thousand dollars in raffle sales.  A local resident won this raffle although tickets were sold throughout the Ocean City region. 

So, for the past twenty years this public artwork has graced the entrance to Ocean City and has become a landmark feature.  Often visitors can be seen getting their pictures taken in front of this majestic piece.  Many have even had their wedding pictures taken in front of this artwork.  It has become a great photo op location. OCDC is very proud to have facilitated this White Marlin sculpture and water feature as its first public artwork for all of Ocean City to view and enjoy.  And now you know its story!!

By Glenn.  Oceancity.com  September 25, 2023

Fitz and the Tantrums Performing at Oceans Calling

Fitz and the Tantrums Performing at Oceans Calling on Sunday on Sunday October 1 Rockville Stage – 4.15pm
Multi-platinum artists Fitz and The Tantrums have energized popular music and culture with a series of unshakable, undeniable, and ubiquitous anthems and albums. Since 2008, the Los Angeles collective have magnified the scope of pop with a dash of indie, a dose of soul, and a whole lot of dancefloor-ready bounce. Their catalog spans fan favorite records such as Pickin’ up the Pieces [2010], More Than Just A Dream [2013], the gold-certified Fitz and The Tantrums [2016], and All the Feels [2019]. Along the way, they’ve impressively tallied just shy of 4 billion streams and counting powered by enduring hits such as the triple-platinum “HandClap,” platinum “Out of My League” and “The Walker,” and gold “Moneygrabber.” As an inescapable presence, their music has notably coursed through the mainstream conversation, soundtracking films on NETFLIX and campaigns for CVS Wellness, Sunchips, Sofi, Xfinity, Walmart, Norwegian Cruise Line, Lays, and Wells Fargo, to name a few. Beyond standout performances everywhere from Coachella and Bonaroo to numerous late-night television shows, they’ve consistently sold out some of the most iconic venues in the world, including The Forum and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Not to mention, they’ve incited the applause from Rolling Stone, Billboard, People, and more. In 2021, Fitz and The Tantrums frontman Michael “Fitz” Fitzpatrick released his first-ever solo album Head Up High under the moniker FITZ. Meanwhile, co-lead vocalist Noelle Scaggs founded Diversify The Stage to help foster more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible concerts, events, and touring workforces for historically marginalized and underrepresented communities. Fitz and The Tantrums once again leap forward with their bold, bright, and buoyant new album Let Yourself Free. 


Fitz and The Tantrums are:  Michael “Fitz” Fitzpatrick (vocals), Noelle Scaggs (vocals), James King (saxophone, flute), Jeremy Ruzumna (keyboards), and Joseph Karnes (bass).

Ocean City, Maryland- Where Sand Sculptures Lead to Life Long Friendships


Katherine Ruskey: Hi guys, I’m Katie with Ocean City.com. And we have some really exciting news today. We are here with the winners of the August sandcastle contest. We are here with the Baker family, the Polsinelli family, and the Leahy family!  Guys, how are you?

Christina Polsinelli: Doing well.

John and Laura Leahy: Great.

Katherine Ruskey: Perfect. So I need to know who’s part of the Baker family. Raise your hand-  part of the Baker family-  and the Polsinelli family. And the Leahy family.Great.  So, how did this trip get started? I know you guys say, this is an annual trip for all of you for your three families, coming to Ocean City. Were you guys friends to begin with? How did it all start?

John Leahy: No. So we started over 20 years ago, 21 or so. So we went down with the family. We have five children. At the time we had two or three. Yes. And Anthony’s family has two daughters, Gabby, Christina. The kids met up on a beach.Anthony, I think had dug a hole and the kids were playing in it. And I think the next year I was digging out a bench. Or something like that, some kind of furniture. We just started talking. I remember Anthony had a Boston Red Sox towel.

John Leahy: We were at Seal Beach, number 10 and the Polsinelli family was across the street. And what’s the name? .

Anthony Polsinelli: Constellation House.

John Leahy: So we’d see them coming off the beach and going on to the beach, so it just started as the kids playing together and then we built them a couch in the sand and then the couch became something else and then it became something else. It’s just grown over the time. So that’s how originally got started. We didn’t know The Polsinelli’s or The Baker’s. We just went down on our family vacation, with my wife’s family.


Katherine Ruskey: So, I was gonna say you guys had no idea who each other were before you actually went to Ocean City.

Anthony Polsinelli: No, no idea.

John Leahy: No, and now they regret it.

Katherine Ruskey: Lol- You guys are funny!

John Leahy: yeah, and…

John Leahy: Now It’s been over 20 years and now both families are coming to our oldest daughter’s wedding. 

Katherine Ruskey: That’s incredible. Girls do you remember these early sand sculptures, or were you even alive 20 years ago?

Gabriella Polsinelli: Definitely remember the couches in the sand and then creating the little TV to look at myself.  Mr. John’s daughter. I think we’re the ones who hit it off specifically on the sand couch. So, definitely a lot of memories. Super fun.

Katherine Ruskey: Do you guys have one specific sand sculpture that stands out as your favorite or maybe one that took the longest? How long does it take you to actually make some of these things?

Christina Polsinelli: I mean, some of the bigger ones we did were cars- Kirby?

John Leahy: Yep-Kirby.

Christina Polsinelli: We did a Tow Mater

John Leahy: A favorite.

Katherine Ruskey: So cool.

Christina Polsinelli: They take a long time. 

John Leahy: Yeah, they’re an all-day project and…

Anthony Polsinelli: Yeah, there are a lot of sand,…

Anthony Polsinelli: A lot of water- it’s an all-day thing. We start out early. The dads are out early on the beach.

John Leahy: Yeah. 

Anthony Polsinelli: Getting everything ready early.

Katherine Ruskey: Is it all hands-on deck or is this more like you guys watch the dads do all the work because usually the dads are all the ones building and everything- digging the holes. Who’s doing most of the work here?

Christina Polsinelli: Yeah. we supervise,…

Gabriella Polsinelli: Not us.

John Leahy: Yeah.

Anthony Polsinelli: They make the suggestions. Why don’t you do something bigger? And why don’t you come out in the morning and dig some sand? no,…

Laura Leahy: Yep.

Christina Polsinelli: I won’t be doing that.

Katherine Ruskey: How do you guys come up with the ideas for it? Because I’m gonna show a picture and I’m gonna share my screen if I can get it to work. We have a Snoopy.  We have the Ocean City logo. How do you guys decide?

John Leahy: Usually the kids.  Even though they’re not kids anymore. But usually the kids come up with ideas, About what’s popular. So if there’s a movie or something that’s out because if you look back at the ones we’ve done over the years, we’ve done Bugs Bunny and all that kind of stuff. And now, since we’ve done what we consider popular now, we got to do stuff with the younger kids, the four, five, six year olds will recognize. So we rely on all our daughters to come up with ideas…

Katherine Ruskey: True.

John Leahy: They come up with these ideas and we will do printouts and bring the printouts to the beach.

Katherine Ruskey: So I was going to ask.  Do you guys have requests? Are you in the middle of something and someone comes up and says, Hey, can you make me or can you do this next?

Christina Polsinelli: Yeah, sometimes a lot of the kids come by and they see us there every year and it’s a lot of repeat people to come and see it every year . Every year we do something new and the sculptures have a year stamped on it in shells so we know the year.

Katherine Ruskey: Yeah, I was gonna say. , It looks like there are  shells on the Ocean City logo that we’re seeing here. Is that seashells inside of it?

Athony Polsinelli: Yep, that is true. And hey, maybe the kids, they actually have a part. They collect the shells. 

Katherine Ruskey: Okay, so who’s got the good penmanship because somebody has some really good penmanship in the sand. That’s a talent right there.

Anthony Polsinelli: That is a talent.

John Leahy: Yeah, Mr. Chad and I-  We’re the laborers, Anthony’s, the artist.

Katherine Ruskey: What’s the eyes made up of in the Yoshi?

Christina Polsinelli: That is just cardboard.

Katherine Ruskey: Really?

Anthony Polsinelli: Some of them are plastic, some of them are cardboard, whatever sculpture. It depends what we’re doing that day. And we have a whole slew of them, and we try to incorporate at least an eyeball or some buttons in there. Just as a special thing to let it stick out a little bit further, that’s all.

Katherine Ruskey: I think this Snoopy is my favorite.

John Leahy: You have to get Miss Denise on the screen because she collects the bag of eyeballs that we’ve had for about 20 years.

John Leahy: Bottle caps. Sponges anything, you can find, she collects them,

Katherine Ruskey: That’s incredible. So, how hard is it to leave it there year after year knowing that the waves are gonna come up and crash it, someone’s gonna step on it, and you come back the next day and it’s not there. How heartbreaking is that?

Anthony Polsinelli: Me and Mr. John, we’re out there early in the morning, Mr. Chad, the first thing I do, when I get over that dune, I look for that mound to be there from yesterday. And there’s a lot of days that it’s not, but there are some days that it’s completely intact from the day before. 

Katherine Ruskey: That’s incredible. People sometimes don’t want to touch it because it is so beautiful. 

Christina Polsinelli: Yeah, it’s cool. It’s really fun to do and it’s fun to see it there all day. You see people walking by coming by and taking pictures of it. Taking their pictures behind it. It’s fun.

Katherine Ruskey: Girls. Are you planning next year’s picture already or is that something that you’ll do the week before?

Christina Polsinelli: I’m already getting ideas. I look at kids bookbags. 

Katherine Ruskey: That’s a good idea, very cool. So before we leave, let’s just take a roll call. Where you guys from? Which state?

Anthony Polsinelli: Mr. John you go first.

John Leahy: The Leahy’s are from New York State.

Katherine Ruskey: And the Baker’s?

The Baker Family: The Baker’s are from Eldersburg, Maryland.

Katherine Ruskey: And the Polsinelli’s?

Anthony Polsinelli: We’re from Baltimore, Maryland.

Katherine Ruskey: It was so nice to talk to you. Thank you so much for joining us. You were just the picture of how Ocean City is special to all families, Bringing everybody together and having a really good time here on the beach.

Anthony Polsinelli: We thank you for holding the contest this year. It was something our family told us about sometime in June or so and I said “We’re gonna be there in August. We’re gonna think of something to submit.” It was really cool that you had it and I’m super excited that we won.

Katherine Ruskey: We’ll have to look for you guys next year and see what you guys are gonna do.

John Leahy: If you look at Facebook, we have a page OC Sand sculptures. If you visit you can see everything we’ve ever done over the years. 

Katherine Ruskey: That’s incredible. Everybody- Go out and visit OC Sand sculptures on Facebook and check out all of the Baker, Leahy, and Polsinelli sculptures from the past 20 years. Guys, we look forward to seeing what you’ll do for us next year. 

John Leahy: Great. Thank you. Take.

Anthony Polsinelli: Thank you.

A September Day on the Ocean City Boardwalk

Although a rainy weekend is forecast for this weekend, just yesterday, the sun was shining, a warm breeze was blowing, and the Boardwalk was busy with visitors enjoying the slightly slower pace of Ocean City in its second season. The kites are out at the Kite Loft for their Sunfest Kite Fest (yes, we know its not Sunfest Weekend, that happens on October 19-22 this year), there are more seagulls than people enjoying the beach, and stores selling t-shirts and taffy are open for business. Bike riders get to enjoy riding the Boardwalk all day long, and restaurants are busily serving those who are lucky enough to be here. We have put together some pictures to entice you to visit at this time of year, bearing in mind there’s not always a tropical storm hovering off the coast!

quiet beach Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk pier Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk kites kites kites Boardwalk



OCEAN CITY, MD — Sept. 21, 2023 — The Art League of Ocean City announces that a limited number of tickets are still available for the nonprofit organization’s Diamond Jubilee Gala. The event is on Saturday, Nov. 4 at the oceanfront Ashore Resort & Beach Club.

For 60 years, the Art League has fostered and celebrated the arts in Ocean City and beyond. The Diamond Jubilee Gala marks their diamond-year anniversary and is a fund-raiser and friend-raiser for the arts organization to continue its work.

The gala will offer guests a full bar, a palette of fine food for dining, dancing to “The Heartbeats,” Philadelphia’s hottest party band, the drawing of the winning 50/50 raffle ticket with a potential $30,000 payout, plus some surprise activities for which the Art League is noted.

“Please join us for the ‘pARTy of the Year’ in Ocean City,” Rina Thaler, executive director of the Art League, said. “It will be an evening to remember. The fare will be exceptional; the venue and ocean view, spectacular; and the big-city entertainment, outstanding. And you’ll be supporting a very worthy cause while you’re having fun mingling with our wonderful guests. Tickets are selling quickly, so we suggest reserving yours early if you’d like to attend.”

“We would also like to thank our top-level sponsors who are already making this event a success for us, even before the big evening,” Thaler added. “These sponsors include the Gudelsky Group of Companies, the Ashore Resort & Beach Club, Paul and Emily Schwab, Bank of Ocean City, Jack Burbage Foundation, Seacrets, and Rina and Jeff Thaler.”

“Also, Jerry and Pat Selig, Carey Distributors, Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Joan Jenkins Foundation, Snowden Lane, Pohanka of Salisbury, T&G Builders, John Sisson, Madlyn and Billy Carder, Jim and Jan Perdue, and T.E.A.M. Productions. And our gratitude goes out to our other sponsors, as well.

Tickets are $150 per person and available online at OCart.org/DiamondJubilee or by calling 410-524-9433.

The Art League of Ocean City is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the visual arts to the community through education, exhibits, scholarship, programs and community art projects. Financial support comes primarily through membership dues from individuals and corporate sponsors.

Storm set to batter the Mid Atlantic

A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for Worcester County, Md, meaning sustained winds of 40mph or more are expected within the next 36 hours.
According to the Weather Channel, there could be:
Peak Wind Forecast: 30-40 mph with gusts to 55 mph – Window for Tropical Storm force winds: early Saturday morning until Saturday morning.
Localized storm surge possible – Peak Storm Surge Inundation: The potential for 1-3 feet above ground somewhere within surge prone areas – Window of concern: Friday evening until Sunday morning.
Peak Rainfall Amounts: 2-4 inches, with locally higher amounts
Large breaking waves of 2 to 5 ft will result in dangerous surf conditions and a high risk for rip currents.
Be prepared for coastal flooding and isolated to scattered power outages. Please be careful on the beach and follow the life guards instructions. Always remember to keep your feet in the sand until the lifeguard’s in the stand. 

Ocean City’s Post-Labor Day Extravaganza: 6 Big Upcoming Events

As the summer season gradually transitions to fall, Ocean City, Maryland, continues to shine as a year-round destination with a captivating lineup of 5 post-Labor Day events. Beyond the sun-soaked beaches, Ocean City boasts a vibrant calendar filled with diverse activities catering to a wide range of interests. Here, we present the big events that grace Ocean City during this special time, including “Sunfest,” “OCtoberfest Shore Craft Beer Festival,” “Bike Week,” “Oceans Calling,” and “Endless Summer Cruisin’.”

Bike Week (September 11-15, 2023):

Bikes on the Boardwalk for Bike Week in Ocean City

Motorcycle enthusiasts can look forward to the thunderous roar of engines during Ocean City Bike Week. This annual gathering attracts bikers from across the nation who come to enjoy scenic rides along Coastal Highway, admire custom bikes, and immerse themselves in live entertainment, including concerts and stunt shows. The sense of camaraderie and the stunning coastal backdrop make this event a memorable experience for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

Oceans Calling (September 29 – October 1, 2023):

oceans calling 2023 poster
The music line-up for Oceans Calling 2023 is pretty impressive!

“Oceans Calling” is a unique event that combines education and adventure for those who feel a special connection to the ocean. This multi-day festival focuses on marine conservation and offers visitors the chance to participate in beach cleanups, guided nature walks, and informative talks by marine biologists. It’s a meaningful way to give back to the environment and deepen your appreciation for Ocean City’s natural beauty.

Endless Summer Cruisin’ (October 5-8, 2023):

Car enthusiasts will be thrilled to join the Endless Summer Cruisin’ event. Taking place in early October, this gathering showcases an impressive array of classic cars, hot rods, and custom vehicles. Streets and parking lots transform into a paradise for car enthusiasts, complete with a swap meet and car auctions. Whether you’re a collector or simply appreciate automotive craftsmanship, this event offers a visual feast for all.

Sunfest (October 19-22, 2023):

Sunfest, Ocean City’s iconic celebration of arts, crafts, music, and cuisine, marks the perfect way to kick off the post-Labor Day season. With hundreds of vendors showcasing their unique creations, live entertainment on multiple stages, and a tantalizing array of culinary delights, Sunfest is a feast for the senses and a beloved event for families and friends alike.

OCtoberfest Shore Craft Beer Festival (October 28, 2023):

The Other One Brewing Company is the only brewery actually in Ocean City.

For beer enthusiasts, OCtoberfest Shore Craft Beer Festival is a must-attend event. Held in Sunset Park in downtown Ocean City, this festival offers an impressive selection of craft beers, mead, seltzers and more from local and regional breweries. As you savor your favorite brews, enjoy live music by the Dunehounds, games, and indulge in delicious food from a wide variety of food trucks.   It’s an opportunity to raise your glass in the spirit of Oktoberfest while taking in the coastal atmosphere.  There will be over 40 different beverages to sample from 15+ local breweries and meaderies.

Ocean City MD Running Festival (October 28, 2023)

Runners take to the boards.

The Ocean City MD Running Festival is coming to Ocean City on October 28th with four options:  you can run a Marathon, a Half-Marathon, an 8K or a 5K option so it should appeal to runners of all ages and abilities.  This is the first year so check out what Corrigan Sports is bringing to Ocean City.  AND – if you are here for the race, but want to participate in the Octoberfest Shore Craft Beer Fest, just use the code “save5” to Save $5 on each ticket you purchase online on ShoreCRaftBeerFest.com.

Ocean City’s post-Labor Day events offer something for everyone, whether you’re an art lover, beer connoisseur, motorcycle enthusiast, or nature enthusiast. With a backdrop of ocean waves and the coastal breeze, these events provide a unique opportunity to savor the charm and culture of this beloved beach destination well into the autumn season. So, pack your bags and prepare for a memorable Ocean City experience that goes beyond the summer months

Assateague Island After Labor Day

Typically, everybody thinks about Ocean City in the winter, plans in the Spring, enjoys the summer in our beach resort town and then leaves the beach for work, school, and family obligations after Labor Day.  I’m here to tell you that there isn’t a more beautiful place to visit than Assateague Island after Labor Day.  

Ashley Mowery-Steele – Horses joining us for a beach picnic on Assateague Island.  Summer is about people and the joy of hot days at the beach, but Assateague after Labor Day has its own advantages.

The sun is lower in the sky, it’s golden light seems more golden, the shadows seem longer, and the beach is relatively deserted.  Gone are the crowds and with them some of the excitement and fun of a beautiful summer beach resort.  However, while there may be nostalgia for kids laughing and playing in the surf, the quiet and solitude of a wide open beach with lots of wildlife and waves dotted with surfers has its own reward.

Surfers at Assateague waiting for waves from Hurricane Lee.

Hurricanes churn the Atlantic and if we are lucky, they travel north far off the coast, not threatening any beaches but churning up larger waves that push towards shore with long period swells.  This is what the surfer waits all year for and what she plays on during this fleeting time of year.

You can even work from the beach!

If you want to see magical beauty, because there is no other way to describe it, then pack your beach chairs, a bottle of water, and perhaps even a blanket and head to Assateague Island.  

Everybody can enjoy Assateague. There are benches and elevated boardwalks so you can see the ocean even if you don’t want to walk on the beach.
Assateague after Labor Day offers wide open vistas and green dune grasses as well as the blue skies and deep blue green ocean.
You won’t believe the colors at Assateague when the days get shorter after Labor Day.
This picture was taken with an iPhone – no color adjustment. It is truly that magical on Assateague.
You can build a bonfire on the beach below the mean high tide line if you want to linger longer and enjoy the chill that late summer and autumn bring to the beach.  A group gathering requires a permit.
To cap off the beauty, a rainbow appeared where the pot of gold was the Assateague sign.
As you leave the island, you pass the marshes. Frequently filled with birds and even the wild ponies, this view is just as beautiful as the beach.

Oceancity.com’s August Sandcastle Contest Winners x3! Let’s Meet The Baker Family

Congratulations to the Trio of families that are now best of friends for winning Oceancity.com’s August Sand Castle Contest! We can’t wait to see what you’re planning for next year! Let’s meet The Baker Family from Eldersburg, Maryland. 

Family Name: Baker

Who are the members and ages of your family:

Chad 52, Stacey 50, Ridgley 20, Ryan 18

Where are you from? Eldersburg, MD

How long is your drive? 3 hours

Where do you like to stay? Mid town 52-53rd St 

How long have you been vacationing in Ocean City? Since we were all very young children 

Family Favorites

Morning Activity: Set up beach camp to include building huge pile for Sandcastle later, bike riding and walking

Beach or Pool:  Beach all the way

Favorite Beach Snack: Twizzlers 

Must have items in your beach bag: Towel, chair clips, magazines, snacks, paint brush, napkins, trash bag, sunglasses cleaner, tissue 

Breakfast Spot: beach

Lunch Spot: beach

Dinner Restaurant: Belly Busters delivered to the beach 

Boardwalk Store: K Coast

Ice Cream Flavors: Dumsers black raspberry 

Popcorn Flavors: caramel 

Walk the boardwalk or ride the tram? Walk

Beach nap or swim in the ocean? Both

Tell All

Who sleeps in later on vacation? Ridgley and Ryan

Who is the better mini golf player? Ryan

Who packs the most clothes? Stacey

Who gets the most excited to come to Ocean City? Everyone 

Who is most likely to jump in the ocean first? Ryan

Who is most likely to want to ride The Tidal Wave Roller Coaster? Ridgley


In 50 words or less, explain why you love Ocean City.

We enjoy the small town resort feeling that allows you to enjoy a beautiful clean beach relaxing with family and friends. The sunrises are invigorating and the sunsets are calming and beautiful. The salt air and hustle of the town always makes you feel like a kid again the minute you arrive. 

Oceancity.com’s August Sandcastle Contest Winners x3! Let’s Meet The Leahy Family

Congratulations to the Trio of families that won the August Sand Castle Contest. Ocean City has truly brought people together and helped to create life long friends and even more memories. Let’s meet The Leahy Family from Holmes, New York!

Family Name: Leahy

Who are the members and ages of your family:

John and Laura, Kelly (27), Jill (24), Cara (22), Emma (18), Michael (17)

Where are you from? Holmes, NY 

How long is your drive? 5 hours on a good day 

Where do you like to stay? Seal Beach on 52nd St. 

How long have you been vacationing in Ocean City? 23 years

Family Favorites

Morning Activity: Dunkin’ and Fractured Prune runs

Beach or Pool: Beach, always  

Favorite Beach Snack: Tootsie Pops

Must have items in your beach bag: sunscreen and a good book

Breakfast Spot: Bad Monkey 

Lunch Spot: Lunch on the Beach

Dinner Restaurant: In our kitchen or on the beach at 8pm 

Boardwalk Store: Kite Loft

Ice Cream Flavors: Mint Chocolate Chip

Popcorn Flavors: Caramel 

Walk the boardwalk or ride the tram? Walk

Beach nap or swim in the ocean? Swim in the ocean and then a beach nap

Tell All

Who sleeps in later on vacation? No one really, can’t cut into beach time!

Who packs the most clothes? Jill

Who gets the most excited to come to Ocean City? Michael 

Who is most likely to jump in the ocean first? Emma

Who is most likely to want to ride The Tidal Wave Roller Coaster? Kelly

In 50 words or less, explain why you love Ocean City.

Ocean City has become a home away from home for our family. We have made life long friends who have become family over the years. Ocean City holds such special memories for our family and we always eagerly anticipate coming back each year.

Oceancity.com’s August Sandcastle Contest Winners x3! Let’s Meet the Polsinelli’s


Congratulations to the Trio of Families that won the last sand castle contest of the summer. The amount of skill that it takes to create these sand sculptures is incredible. But the amount of fun surpasses it all. Let’s learn about one third of the winners- the Polsinelli Family from Baltimore, Maryland.

Family Name: Polsinelli

Anthony, age 59 

Denise, age 58

Gabriella, age 29

Gabriella’s Husband Christopher, age 30

Christina, age 25

Where are you from?  Baltimore

How long is your drive?  2½ hrs

Where do you like to stay? Constellation House – 52nd st oceanfront

How long have you been vacationing in Ocean City? 40 yrs

Family Favorites

Morning Activity: watching the sunrise from the beach while setting up chairs and umbrellas for our entire group, taking a walk

Beach or Pool: Beach

Favorite Beach Snack: Fresh mozzarella & pepperoni, Tootsie pops and goldfish

Must have items in your beach bag: suntan lotion, sand sculpture ideas

Breakfast Spot: Bad Monkey

Lunch Spot: Pack lunches and eat on the beach

Dinner Restaurant: Johnny’s Pizza

Boardwalk Store: Quiet Storm, Kite Loft

Ice Cream Flavors: Hawaiian Delight (Dumser’s), peanut butter chocolate chip

Popcorn Flavors: caramel w/ peanuts

Walk the boardwalk or ride the tram? Walk the boardwalk

Beach nap or swim in the ocean? Can’t decide cause we do both everyday

Tell All

Who sleeps in later on vacation? Gabriella and Christina

Who is the better mini golf player? Anthony

Who packs the most clothes? Denise

Who gets the most excited to come to Ocean City? Anthony & Christina

Who is most likely to jump in the ocean first? Christina

Who is most likely to want to ride The Tidal Wave Roller Coaster? Anthony

In 50 words or less, explain why you love Ocean City.

We go the same week every year (White Marlin Open week), stay at the same place and look forward to spending the week with our OC families again. We stay on the beach all day (and evening), build sand sculptures every day, play games and even have a fire pit one night with food and music. It’s a blast! Can’t wait to make more OC memories again next year.

Seaborn Seafood: Kerry Harrington

Captain Kerry is a native of the Eastern Shore. Born in Milford, DE, he got his start fishing in the Indian River Inlet in 1968 and began fishing full-time the following year. Like many fishermen in the area, Kerry came from a fishing family. His father was an avid sport fisherman. Although he passed away when Kerry was six, Kerry continued his legacy of sportfishing, which took him to many places around the world, including the Bahamas, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands. Though he enjoyed traveling, he was often gone for up to three months at a time, which made it hard to settle down and start a family. Eventually, his brother proposed they work together, and Kerry settled back on the Eastern Shore in 1979. It wasn’t until right before the COVID-19 pandemic began that his current business, Seaborn Seafood, was able to come to full fruition with the help of his son and grandson. With his son taking over operations on the Seaborn, and his grandson taking over operations on the Integrity, another one of Kerry’s boats, 

Seaborn’s vessel, Integrity, is docked in the West Ocean City Marina. Photo Credit: Zach Garmoe


Kerry was able to shift his focus to starting a more permanent seafood market, and thus, Seaborn Seafood was born. Currently, three generations work at Seaborn, and another generation is right in line to learn the family business. Kerry’s daughter also helps with cutting fish and operating the market. Kerry explained that when it gets busy in the summer, he is thankful to have some extra help with cutting, as it is difficult for them to cut fish as quickly as they sell them. Though not nearly as busy in the winter, Kerry explained that even during that time of year they bring in a great diversity of seafood including lobsters, seabass, monkfish, squid, porgys, and mackerel. Moving more into spring, they will begin to catch more tuna, swordfish, pomfret, and mako shark. Seaborn Seafood is able to bring in such a diversity of products because they utilize several different fishing methods. One of these methods uses a longline, which is comprised of a very long trail of fishing line with many baited hooks. Kerry said that they typically use about 20 miles of fishing line during their longline trips. These lines can be set at many different depths depending on what species the fisher is trying to catch or avoid. 

The logo for Seaborn Seafood at their stand in the West Ocean City Marina. Photo Credit: Zach Garmoe

The Seaborn also utilizes traps known as pots, similar to the well-known ones used to catch the blue crab. Kerry noted that out of all his gear, pots typically take the most preparation as you have to set, retrieve, and clean them and make sure they are in running order for the start of the season. For a relatively small boat that Kerry built himself, it is impressive that the Seaborn has three different fishing options on board. Kerry built the Seaborn from scratch, and it has been through everything with him. He has taken the Seaborn to the Yucatan Peninsula, the Florida Keys, and even Cuba. It is equipped with living quarters, showers, a galley, and is still able to hold twenty thousand pounds of fish below deck. In addition to their adventures, Kerry and the Seaborn have also seen many changes to the commercial fishing industry and the OC Fisherman’s Marina since their first voyage. 

Kerry and his grandson. Photo Credit: Zach Garmoe

Despite its many challenges, Kerry loves the life that fishing has given him and appreciates all of the places he was able to see. Every day he is on the water, he enjoys the “excitement of the unknown” and the anticipation of seeing what is in his net or at the end of the lines. With the establishment of Seaborn Seafood, Kerry has been able to get experience with the market and retail end of seafood sales, where he enjoys some added bonuses. “The neatest part [of retail] is to meet so many people. Everybody’s got a story to tell. That is another really rewarding part of this job”, he says. Alongside the great people he meets at the market, he also appreciates other fishermen in the harbor who are like family to him. In the future, Kerry is looking forward to further mentoring the younger generations at Seaborn Seafood. His great grandsons, seven-year-old twins and a two-year-old, already practice throwing a cast net with him. He worries a lack of young people will cause the industry to die off, but he always hopes to “keep the light lit” so the commercial fishing fleet of Ocean City can continue to persist. Though he is unsure about the future of Ocean City’s commercial fishing industry, Kerry only has plans to expand his company