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If you think all watersports are engine powered and adrenaline pumping, you are mistaking. Kayaking is a human powered watersport that is ideal for exploring Ocean City, Md’s immense system of waterways, and offers just as much excitement as its high octane counterparts. The Kayak was first used by ancient hunters as a way to get close to aquatic wildlife and today people still use them to get close to wildlife, but more for the thrill of seeing animals interact in their natural habitats.

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Rebecca Hardy and Seth Irwin were lounging in the shade, enjoying a pair of the adirondack chairs placed strategically around the Ayers Creek Adventures property. A couple, Peter and Linda Hutchinson, already was out on the creek. The next school tour wouldn’t arrive for another few hours, so there were some minutes of quiet to …

Whether you want to paddle along the shores of Assateague to check out the ponies and other wildlife, or explore the intricate inland waterways of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, kayaking is the perfect way to be adventurous and explore areas that otherwise would go visited. If you’re looking for a relaxing, yet exciting addition to your vacation, join Superfun Eco Tours or any other of Ocean City’s watersport companies for guided or unguided forays into the Chesapeake Bay watershed.