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Springfest 2021 May 6-9 2021

Memorial Day weekend is often identified as the official start of summer, but many people don’t like to wait that long; so each spring, Ocean City welcomes the arrival of warm weather and celebrates the oncoming season with its first of many annual festivals: Springfest. Springfest is a four-day extravaganza that takes place at the south end of the Boardwalk and has become an annual favorite among locals and tourists for its wide array of activities and entertainment.

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This year, 2021, the event will still take place on the Inlet, but the food and craft tents will be spread out and open-sided, the crowd size will be limited, and masks will be worn. The food tent will be open on all sides to create an outdoor feel. The traditional arts and crafts tents will still be there with wide, open  walkways throughout. There will be no entertainment tent and no ticketed national act shows this year, but there will be a single outdoor stage on the beach facing the ocean for smaller FREE concerts.

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Springfest is known for transforming the Inlet parking lot into full-fledged festival facility, complete with big top tents; indoor and outdoor stages, featuring the best local and national recording acts; fresh, local food;  homemade arts, crafts, and artisanal products; and endless activities for the whole family.

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