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OCEAN CITY, MD 5 Day Forecast

Ocean City
clear sky
63 ° F
69.1 °
60 °
77 %
0 %
63 °
53 °
57 °
64 °
53 °

When Does It Get Warm in Ocean City?

Usually in March and April we see the temperatures rise and linger in the 60’s & 70’s providing excellent weather for enjoying the outside life, walking the boardwalk & beach, biking, and other outdoor activities.  The Beach season begins in May and runs until September or October.   

Tropical Storms & Hurricanes

Being on the East coast of Maryland we often find ourselves in the middle of some pretty impressive weather systems.  Tropical storms are most likely to occur in the early fall, but it is common to have a few during the summer.    Our live webcams get very popular during storms.


See the current weather through our live Ocean City webcams

Rainy Day Activities

Here are some ideas of what to do when it rains or isn't beach weather.

Ocean City Golf Courses

Explore the Golf Courses near Ocean City, MD.

Ocean City Mini Golf

Mini Golf is one of the most popular activities in Ocean City. Check out our Mini Golf guide.


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