Ocean City Maryland Weather


Ocean City, Maryland weather is forecasted here in a 7-day view to help you plan your perfect beach vacation. No matter the weather, there are fun activities to do. Here are a calendar of events.  For more fun, no matter the weather on the shore, try Shore Craft Beer for additional events.

Ocean City, Maryland Forecast for Couples, Family, & Friends…

Perfect all year long! 365 days a year! Let us know when you get here. Post to Facebook and Instagram pages! #oceancitymd365 #oceancitymdperfect

Ocean City Maryland Whether or not – for your Pets

Ocean City, Maryland is a pet friendly town with many places that allow you to bring your pet. Check out our guide here.

ocean city maryland weatherOcean City maryland weather


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Did you ever see it snow in Ocean City?

Did you ever see it snow in Ocean City?

Don't panic, these photos are not from today. It is NOT snowing in Ocean City. Yet. But sometimes it does. Most of our visitors come to Ocean City to enjoy the sun, sea and sand in the middle of the summer. Some enjoy the quieter shoulder months when the crowds have died down. But have you ever visited in the middle of the winter, when, if you are lucky, you get to see snow on the beach and...

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High of 62°F with a Low of 47°F
Clear throughout the day.


High of 64°F with a Low of 52°F
Partly cloudy throughout the day.


High of 61°F with a Low of 57°F
Rain overnight.


High of 59°F with a Low of 39°F
Rain in the morning.


High of 49°F with a Low of 43°F
Clear throughout the day.


High of 59°F with a Low of 46°F
Possible light rain overnight.


High of 57°F with a Low of 46°F
Rain in the morning.


High of 60°F with a Low of 55°F
Possible light rain overnight.