Ocean City Maryland Weather


Ocean City, Maryland weather is forecasted here in a 7-day view to help you plan your perfect beach vacation. No matter the weather, there are fun activities to do. Here are a calendar of events.  For more fun, no matter the weather on the shore, try Shore Craft Beer for additional events.

Ocean City, Maryland Forecast for Couples, Family, & Friends…

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Ocean City Maryland Whether or not – for your Pets

Ocean City, Maryland is a pet friendly town with many places that allow you to bring your pet. Check out our guide here.

ocean city maryland weatherOcean City maryland weather



High of 43°F with a Low of 32°F
Rain until evening.


High of 36°F with a Low of 28°F
Possible light snow (< 1 in.) until evening.


High of 38°F with a Low of 27°F
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.


High of 43°F with a Low of 35°F
Clear throughout the day.


High of 51°F with a Low of 32°F
Light rain in the morning and afternoon.


High of 44°F with a Low of 31°F
Clear throughout the day.


High of 45°F with a Low of 11°F
Windy overnight.


High of 21°F with a Low of 13°F
Clear throughout the day.