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COVID-19 NOTICE: Due to special mandates laid out by local, state, and federal governments, many events in Ocean City have been cancelled or postponed and only essential businesses are open. We will continue to update our site as we are notified.

The below links, descriptions, and text are for viewers to see what Ocean City is like and has to offer during normal times. Currently, is not encouraging anyone to visit Ocean City as the town is only open to residents and essential workers. #BeAHeroStayHome


Looking for a phone number, where to park, details about the bus, town ordinances, or other general information about the Boardwalk, Beach, Assateague or somewhere else in Ocean City? Maybe you want to see when your dog is allowed on the beach or where you’re permitted to smoke, or maybe you just want to look up information about the Boardwalk or Convention Center. Whatever information you’re in search of, you’ve come to the right spot.

Below you’ll find access to all the information you could want about Ocean City to help ensure you the most convenient, best possible vacation experience. Don’t see the information you’re looking for? Shoot us an email at and we’ll be sure to add it to our site.

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