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Hurricane Dorian: Making Waves & Smiles

Hurricane Dorian: Making Waves & Smiles

Ocean City's visitors are still happily flocking in! Surfers are some of the most excited due to Dorian's effect on the surf. Dylan Skelley of Rehoboth Beach,DE, pictured here, was excited for waves yesterday and said he, his brother, and their friends were all excited for Saturday as it was then predicting to have the largest waves due to Dorain. "We will be anywhere between here and Dewey in...

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Hurricane Dorian UPDATE: Ocean City Mostly Sunny Saturday!

Hurricane Dorian UPDATE: Ocean City Mostly Sunny Saturday!

Hurricane Dorian, now a Category 2 Hurricane, is following the predicted path along the East Coast, but the Carolinas seeing landfall is still viable.  Coastal flooding and beach erosion especially at high tides in Warned Hurricane areas of Northern Florida, Georgia, and Carolinas are likely today and overnight. Large swells are expected to impact the coast from its current locale to North...

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Hurricane Dorian Not A Threat to Ocean City As of Now

Hurricane Dorian Not A Threat to Ocean City As of Now

Hurricane Dorian delivered Category 5 winds to the Bahamas over the Labor Day weekend; but the storm has weakened to a Category 3 in strength since then, and its track is predicted to stay off the east coast. Current estimates say it could make landfall in the Carolinas some time on Thursday. The Weather Channel also states that Delmarva Peninsula could see effects from Dorian Friday into...

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Hurricane Florence Tracking South

Hurricane Florence Tracking South

OCEAN CITY, MD – (September 12, 2018):  Ocean City emergency management officials are continuing to monitor Hurricane Florence, which is now showing a southern track and steering farther away from the Maryland coastline.  While emergency management officials watch closely in the event of changes to the storm’s path, Ocean City continues to be open for business. OC Bikefest events,...

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Police, Fire & Rescue: 9-1-1

Downed Power Lines, Outages & Life-Threatening Emergencies:

Emergency Management Hotline: 410-723-6666

Atlantic General Hospital: 410-641-1100

Beach Patrol: 410-289-7556; 410-250-0125

Coast Guard: 410-289-7559

MD Natural Resources Police: 410-548-7070

Maryland State Police: 410- 641-3101


Beach Patrol: 410-289-7556

U.S. Coast Guard Station: 410-289-7559

MD Natural Resources Police: 410-548-7070

Maryland State Police: 410-641-3101

Fire Department Headquarters,15th St.: 410-289-4346

Lost and Found (Police Department) 65th St.: 410-723-6611

Police Department 65th St.: 410-723-6610


Municipal Airport: 410-213-2471

Animal Control: 410-723-6649

AAA Emergency Road Service: 800-222-4357

Alcoholics Anonymous: 410-600-5219

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Convention Center Box Office: 410-289-8314

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Greyhound Bus Service: 410-289-9307/ 800-231-2222

Humane Society: 410-213-0146

Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Assoc: 410-289-6733

Library, 100th St., bayside: 410-524-1818

Post Offices

  • 4th St. and Philadelphia Avenue: 410-289-2940
  • 71st St. and Coastal Highway: 410-524-7611
  • Ocean Gateway inside Wockenfuss: 410-213-8880

Public Works Maintenance, 65th St.: 410-524-0391

OC Transportation Department: 410-723-1606

Recreation and Parks, 125th St.: 410-250-0125

Senior Citizens Activity Center: 410-289-0824

Ticketmaster: Toll Free: 800-551-SEAT

Weather Information: 410-289-2931

Western Union: 800-325-6000