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The New OceanCity.com App

An Interactive Map & More!
The best way to find what you want
in Ocean City while you are here.

Introducing the OceanCity.com App

How to navigate Ocean City more easily and have fun doing it!

Log into the OceanCity.com App and start experiencing Ocean City in a new way while you are in this resort town.  You can…

  • Find yourself on interactive maps that help you navigate festivals like Sunfest, Oceans Calling and Springfest.  
  • Get the businesses voted the Best of Ocean City® and cast your own vote.
  • Explore Ocean City to find places to stay, eat, shop or find things to do.  
  • Watch the webcams.  

It’s all at your fingertips – AND – you can win prizes and get pop-up offers from local businesses so you can save money while enjoying Ocean City.  Download today!

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Introductory Pricing of App for Businesses

At OceanCity.com, we are constantly working to stay current with technology trends and we have long wanted to develop and deploy an interactive iphone/android app that would bring Ocean City to life for our 250,000+ fans and followers on Facebook, the 14 million people we’ve reached in the last month,  and the million plus visitors to our OceanCity.com website.   We are pleased to announce that our app, OceanCity.com, was live just in time for the Oceans Calling Festival at the end of September. The app will feature content from OceanCity.com and will have significant additional opportunities for our business partners to better engage prospective customers and tourists/residents alike!

The app represents a significant investment from our OceanCity.com team and we will offer discounted pricing to all of our current business partners who sign up for specific OceanCity.com App packages before the end of 2023.


We anticipate further building out the benefits for “Enhanced” and “Engaged” businesses in 2024 to make sure that our value proposition stands out and exceeds expectations. What follows are the minimum features/functions that OceanCity.com business partners can expect through the App and associated costs:


Introductory Pricing- Only offered to current OceanCity.com business partners who move forward by December 2023 OR to BRAND NEW Businesses not currently working with OceanCity.com that sign up by November 2023

Introducing the NEW OceanCity.com App with Interactive Map of Oceans Calling Music Performances & Vendors

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