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Your Best Free and Pay-to-Park Parking Options in Ocean City

Information on where to park in Ocean City, Maryland

During the off season, parking is plentiful, but once the weather breaks it can become a challenge to find a place to park in Ocean City, especially in the Inlet and Downtown areas. These are the top six places to find parking in Ocean City Maryland.

Ocean City’s paid parking season runs from April 1 – October 31. 

1. West Ocean City Park & Ride

If you’re staying outside of Ocean City, or just coming for the day, and don’t feel like bothering with traffic, take advantage of the West Ocean City Park n Ride. Located just west of the Rt. 50 drawbridge, the Park n Ride provides visitors with over 700 free parking spaces and a routine shuttle bus that transports passengers to the South Division Street Transit Center in town. This shuttle is normally free, except during certain special events (Springfest, OC Air Show, Independence Day, Bikefest, Oceans Calling, and Sunfest) in which a normal $4 ride-all-day bus pass is required.  Please refer to Shore Transit public schedule for additional transportation options or call 410-723-1606.

2. City Metered Lots

Paid Municipal parking can be found on:

  • Worcester St., between Baltimore Ave.
  • Philadelphia Ave.
  • Somerset St.and Baltimore Ave.
  • Dorchester St. and Baltimore Ave.
  • N. Division St. and Baltimore Ave.
  • N. Division St. and St. Louis Ave.
  • 4th St.and Baltimore Ave.
  • 1st. St.and St. Louis
  • 2nd St.and St. Louis
  • 61st St.and Coastal Hwy at the Ocean City Convention Center
  • 100th St., bayside.

3. Hugh T. Cropper Inlet Parking Lot

809 S. Atlantic Avenue
Ocean City, MD 21842

The Hugh T. Cropper Inlet Parking Lot (click to open in Google maps) is at the southernmost point of Ocean City and grants easy access to the boardwalk, beach, and downtown area. The inlet parking lot has 1,200 parking spaces including 35 handicap parking spaces and a passenger load/unload zone. As of April 2018, the Inlet Parking Lot no longer has an entrance booth where tickets can be obtained. Instead, there are pay-by-plate stations around the parking lot where patrons can enter in their license plate numbers and the amount of time they’d like, then pay by cash or card.

Patrons can still pay for their parking by using the Parkmobile mobile parking app. Time can be extended directly through the app, which will also send text reminders when parking time is about to expire. The Parkmobile app is available on all mobile devices.

A violation of Inlet Lot Parking will result in a mailed bill of time spent in the lot, plus a $25 administrative fee. This fee will escalate to $50 if not paid within 30 days. Patrons must pay for expired time prior to leaving the Inlet Lot to avoid being billed for additional administrative costs.

Inlet Parking Lot Rates for 2023

April 1 – May 25, 2023

  • Monday – Thursday: FREE Parking
  • Friday – Sunday: $3.00/hour

May 26 – September 30, 2023

  • Daily Rate: $3.50/hour
  • July 4th, 2023: $5.00/hour

October 1 – October 31, 2023

  • Monday – Thursday: FREE Parking
  • Friday – Sunday: $3:00/hour

There is a 30-minute grace period for all vehicles, including handicapped. Patrons must pay for expired time prior to leaving the Inlet Lot to avoid being billed for additional administrative costs. Need help? Parking lot ambassadors are available at the booth located in the center of the inlet parking lot (Row E).

4. Street Parking

coastal highway, ocean city parking
Finding free parking in town can be a little tricky, but the West Ocean City Park and Ride is an easy alternative.

Street Parking

While street parking is sometimes available, it is important to remember that if you park illegally it can be costly. There often is some parking bayside near the Inlet, by the Ocean City Skate Bowl, and at various places along Coastal Highway uptown. Remember not to park in front of any curb painted red, or blocking any public or private driveway.

April 1 – May 25, 2023

  • Monday – Thursday: FREE Parking
  • Friday – Sunday: $2.00/hour

May 26 – September 30, 2023

  • Daily Rate of $3.00/hour

October 1 – October 31, 2023

  • Monday – Thursday: FREE Parking
  • Friday – Sunday: $2.00/hour

Handicapped Parking: No charge if stay is less than 1 hour, otherwise full rate. Handicapped vehicles must have handicapped plates or a visible placard. This does not apply to Inlet Lot parking.

  • A violation of Street Parking & other Municipal Lot parking will result in a physical parking ticket ($50 fine) which can be voided if payment is made for actual time up to 1 hour and within 1 hour.


  • Worcester Street, between Baltimore Ave. & Philadelphia Ave. 166 regular spaces,12 motorcycle spaces, and 6 handicap spaces
  • Somerset Street & Baltimore Avenue 29 regular spaces & 1 handicap space
  • Dorchester Street & Baltimore Avenue 28 regular spaces & 2 handicap spaces
  • North Division & Baltimore Avenue 42 regular spaces & 2 handicap spaces
  • 4th Street & Baltimore Avenue 56 regular spaces & 3 handicap spaces
  • 1st Street & St. Louis Avenue 43 regular spaces & 2 handicap spaces
  • North Division & St. Louis Avenue  4 regular spaces
  • 61st Street & Coastal Highway-Bayside 28 regular spaces

5. Metered Parking

Pay-by-Plate Metered Parking

In addition to paid and free street parking, there are pay-by-plate metered spaces as well. Both the municipal pay streets and lots, as well as meters can be paid by phone app, which will keep you from having to keep returning to check the meter. Download the Ocean City Parkmobile App. 

6. Private Parking Lots

Private Lots

Private lots dot the Inlet area and parts of downtown. They are clearly marked with daily or hourly rates.  You may pay a little more for private lot parking, but you can usually find an available lot close to the action.

Additional information about parking in Ocean City, Md.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Works, Maintenance Division, at (410) 524-0391.

Kiosk Instructions

How to Use the Kiosk in 5 Simple Steps

  • Push start to begin.
  • Enter license plate number, including letters, then press the green button,
  • Insert Quarters or Credit Card and follow on screen instructions,
  • Press green button to complete transaction,
  • Enjoy the Beach & Boardwalk in OCMD.

Pay a Parking Ticket

If you get a parking ticket and want to pay it online, you can click here. If you are towed, you have to go to the Ocean City Police Department and pay the ticket. Then, you have to go to the impound lot located behind the Police Department’s main building with your receipt of payment to get your car. The address of the Police Department’s main building is 6501 Coastal Highway in Ocean City, MD.

Physically Challenged Visitors

In order to accommodate our physically challenged patrons, a 60-minute grace period is in place for street and municipal parking. This allows those person(s) to view the ocean or pick-up an item from the boardwalk. In addition, there are handicap parking spaces located near the beach as well as the boardwalk.

100th Street Parking Lot

The 100th Street Parking Lot is located on the bayside of Coastal Highway across from the Ashore Hotel and can be accessed by the water tower. The 100th St. lot offers 234 parking spaces, 8 handicapped spaces, is boat trailer accessible, and operates from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week from the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. The lot is priced for long-term parking. The rates are as follows: Cars $10 per day / $40 per week Trailer $10 per day/ $50 per week.  This lot only accepts credit cards!

Specialty Parking

RV Parking

RVs and oversized vehicles (6’8″ wide or wider, and/or 21’2″ long or longer), may not be parked on municipal streets or parking lots from May 1 until October 31st. However, limited RV parking is permitted at the 100th Street Municipal Park Lot for a fee. Call 410-723-6610. for information.

Boat Trailer Parking in Ocean City, MD

Boat trailer parking is available at the 100th Street Municipal Parking Lot for a fee.  Boat trailers may not be parked on the public streets, alleyways or public parking lots from May 1st though October 31st.

Parking restrictions for trailers & oversized vehicles

  • No trailer or oversized vehicle parking on Baltimore Avenue at anytime
  • No trailer or oversized vehicle parking on any street or public lot without a permit between May 1 and October 31, except the 100th Street municipal Lot and the West Ocean City Park & Ride
  • Permits are available to registered participants of certain special events from event promoters including Cruisin’ Ocean City, OC Bikefest and Endless Summer Cruisin’ for a fee of $50.
  • Other permits will be issued on a case by case basis by the Town of Ocean City’s Director of Special Events
  • The new ordinance applies to trailers that are both attached and detached from vehicles
  • Any oversize vehicle is any vehicle that is either over 21 feet, 2 inches in length and/ or over 6 feet, 8 inches in width
  • The fine for trailer and oversize vehicle violations is $250
  • Scofflaws (3 or more outstanding tickets or $100 or more in outstanding fines) may be booted or towed

Deliveries Due to heavy traffic, pedestrian and vehicle, delivery vehicles are urged to make all necessary deliveries prior to 10:00 a.m. Although this is not mandatory for delivery vehicles, the Town has implemented FREE access for delivery vehicles until 10:00 a.m., after which those delivery person(s) will be required to pay a parking fee, in accordance with the parking fees listed above. This policy will take effect on April 2 when the parking lot opens. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have additional questions, please call the Public Works Maintenance Division at (410) 524-0391. [social_warfare]


  1. Coming down for Sunfest weekend and have handicapped tag where can we park that is closest to the festival since they can’t walk far? Not sure where the best place to park would be for this event.

  2. I am renting a condo for a week which only provides 2 parking spaces, but we are driving down in 3 cars. Are there parking lots where we can leave the one car for the week at a reasonable rate?

      • Nothing. The city abhors this setup due to fear of hobos and vagrants. Maybe atke 2 cars instead to the city and leave the 3rd further out, then on way back simply drop off 3rd driver and split to your destinations. Problem solved.

  3. I’m coming down to stay for a week starting 6/17. Can you tell me the closest parking lot to 306 South Atlantic Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842 & do you have a daily rate?

  4. How much does it cost for a motorcycle trailer a day I’m coming for bike week Sept10-19 what are hrs to pick up and drop off Thank You Danny


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