Camping in Ocean City, Maryland

Camping on Assateague
Tent and RV options
Even Glamping
The Ocean City Area offers you lots of camping options.

Camping at the beach or at least in the Ocean City area can add more layers of fun, particularly in the Spring and Fall. At Assateague, there are state and federal parks with tent and RV camping opportunities.  There is primitive camping by reservation as well as access to bathrooms and changing areas in the easy access areas.   There are also a number of camping options in nearby Worcester and Wicomico Counties where you can enjoy the proximity of the beach and still camp in a forest on a river.  There are many facilities available within a half hour of Ocean City.

Camping at Assateague

Camping in the Ocean City, Maryland region

Camping on the Eastern Shore of Delaware and Virginia

Camping at Assateague

Bayside & Oceanside Tent and RV Campgrounds

Assateague Island is an exceedingly popular camping destination, and not just for its proximity to Ocean City. In fact, many families camp on Assateague without even making a single trip to the boardwalk (although it is always a fun summer night excursion). Pitch your tent or park your RV among the wild ponies at Assateague’s National or State Park, which offer bayside and oceanside camping for big and small groups, as well as easy access to paddle boarding, kayaking, scenic hiking and bike trails and other recreational activities. More information is available on the  National Park Service website.

Camping in the Ocean City, Md region

There’s really nothing like enjoying all the entertainment and fun that Ocean City has to offer while also basking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Soak up some sun on the beach during the daytime, then come back to your tent at night to sleep under the stars–nothing’s better than that. While there aren’t any campgrounds in Ocean City proper, there are a number of sites nearby that allow easy access to the town of OC. Popular camp sites in the region inclued:

Camping on the Eastern Shore of Delaware and Virginia

Ocean City is a part of Delmarva, after all, which means you can camp in the “Del” and “Va” parts of the region while still being close to the amenities and entertainment of OC. Campsites in this area include:

  • Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay
  • Sunset Beach Resort
  • Treasure Beach RV Park
  • Sun Outdoors Chesapeake Bay


  1. Is there a camp ground that you can buy a trailer/camper in? One that you leave the trailer/camper there year round. Don’t want to travel with it. Want it stationary. TYIA!!!!


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