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Renting a house or condo in Ocean City, Maryland

Bayside condos with balconies overlooking the most beautiful sunsets. Fully-furnished beach houses just steps away from the sand. Single rooms and two-story apartments, downtown quarters and uptown havens. If you’re thinking about renting a vacation home in Ocean City, Maryland, you’ve come to the right place. Ocean City has all the vacation rentals you could dream of, with all the amenities — and within the budget — you desire.  Ocean City vacation rentals can provide the space your family wants, as well as the flexibility you need for a long summer getaway. The perfect rental condo, apartment, or beach house will put you just blocks away from your favorite restaurants and bars and all the things you want to do, whether that’s adventuring with watersports or simply strolling the boardwalk. Basically, the opportunities are endless. Your dream vacation starts with your dream vacation rental. Just be sure to start your search with plenty of time to spare, and the rest will fall into place.

NOTE: Some rentals allow 2-day or short week rentals. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A RENTAL THAT SHOWS IT IS UNAVAILABLE, PLEASE CONTACT THE OWNER DIRECTLY. You may find your perfect rental is actually AVAILABLE


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Three reasons to rent a beach house in Ocean City

They’re perfect for big families. First, the possibility of having additional bathrooms makes it a no-brainer for keeping people out of one another’s personal space.

Second, many places have exclusive parking so you don’t spend half of your vacation finding a place to keep your car.

Third, vacation rentals provide additional storage.  Don’t be afraid to pack all those extra things you might like to bring to the beach (like a bike, so you can park your car and cruise around freely all week).  While these might be the top three reasons, there are many more that make renting a place in Ocean City, Maryland a smart choice.



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