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Dogfish Head’s Beer Benevolence Program & the Depth of Field Transcontinental Strong Ale

Beer Benevolence & the Arts for 2022

Dogfish Head held a press conference this week to announce their 2022 Beer Benevolence program.  The Beer Benevolence program focuses on the environment, the arts, and community.  Last year, the environment was the focus and for 2022, arts moves to the forefront.  The brewery in Milton donates all tips to their chosen non-profits and in 2021 over $150,000 in donations was raised.

This year, they are tying their Beer Benevolence program to the Arts across Delaware. Dogfish says that the arts are in their DNA and they described over 50 artists with whom they have worked over the years on their beer labels and packaging.

Their partners for 2022 are:

  • 1st Quarter:  Rehoboth Beach Film Society
  • 2nd Quarter: Freeman Arts Pavillion
  • 3rd Quarter: Rehoboth Art League their outdoor show and others
  • 4th Quarter: Clear Space Theatre Company in Rehoboth

Next year, the community focus moves to the forefront and donations will be made to non-profits supporting community.

Depth of Field Transcontinental Strong Ale

This week, Dogfish Head rolled out their Depth of Field transcontinental strong ale to support the Rehoboth Beach Film Festival.  The old fashioned film camera on the label gives it all away – this beer was made with the African American Film Festival in mind.

Brian Sellers, the brewer at Dogfish Head described how he made the beer with grains from Africa and North America.  It is strong, it has a beautiful amber color, and it is delicious!

We were hoping that this beer would be available in Ocean City, but unfortunately for us, it will only be available at their locations in Delaware.  Which means that you will all have to plan a trip to Rehoboth for a beer, a film,  and a wonderful meal at Dogfish Head Brewing & Eats in Rehoboth Beach.  After you watch the films right here in Ocean City during the Ocean City Film Festival, of course!

Food Options

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the food at Dogfish Head  is fabulous.  We were treated to the Ahi tuna tacos with wasabi sauce, steamed broccoli, and an unbelievable mushroom pizza.  They were both fabulous with the Depth of Field Ale, or maybe, the ale was great with the food. Either way, you should definitely go for the beer, the food, the films, and the fun – and by doing so, you will be helping the Arts in Delaware throughout 2022!

Ahi tuna tacos and steamed broccoli at Dogfish Head Brewing & Eats in Rehoboth
Mushroom pizza at Dogfish Head
Inside Dogfish Head Brewing and Eats in Rehoboth
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