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Unveiling the Best of Ocean City® Contest Winners for 2023

Those frozen concoctions that help you hold on at Seacrets, Jamaica USA.

A Resounding Victory for 71 Remarkable Businesses 

Ocean City, Md, June 28, 2022: 

OceanCity.com announces winners in the 12th Annual Best of Ocean City® contest.  The 71 Ocean City, Maryland area businesses won in 2023 by garnering the most votes in each poll or by dominating the editorial choices in a contest that included over 230 businesses in four broad categories. More than 125,000 votes were cast this year again putting Seacrets, Fisher’s Popcorn, Thrasher’s Fries, Odyssea Watersports, and Old Pro Golf at the top. They are among the first place winners who have won an award every year for the last 12 years.  The 2024 Best of Ocean City® polls are posted online to start the voting for 2024 winners.   

How Businesses win the Best of Ocean City® Contest

The Best of Ocean City® contest, where visitors and locals alike nominate and vote for their favorite Ocean City businesses, is the longest running and largest local popular vote poll to celebrate the very best businesses in the Ocean City area.  OceanCity.com’s contest is the only Best of competition not tied to advertising or sponsorship.  Instead, the Best of Ocean City® contest relies on the enthusiasm and support of the 1+ million visitors on OceanCity.com and the 216,000+ Facebook fans to propel the most engaged businesses to the top. In addition to the voting, OceanCity.com presents an editor’s choice winner as another option in most categories.  These winners are chosen by a panel of locals and they offer an additional recommendation to visitors looking for the best places to go in Ocean City.

The Best of Ocean City awards announced. The award is in its 12th year.  In this photo, Coconuts won in 2021 for the Best Happy Hour.

Honest recommendations for the Best of Ocean City® – No Advertising Required

“This contest started when hotels were coming to us wanting this information — guests in the hotels wanted recommendations for the best businesses in a variety of categories.  That is why it’s imperative that the Best of Ocean City not be related to advertising,” said OceanCity.com CEO Ann McGinnis Hillyer. “We want to provide every visitor in Ocean City with real, honest recommendations for the best businesses in town.” 

Being a Winner Means Something

Winning an OceanCity.com Best of Ocean City® award is a triumph for Ocean City businesses because it shows that their fans are willing to take the time to vote.   Winners are prominently recognized within the local community and receive a coveted photo award plaque printed on metal and a distinctive window decal to display. 


The BEST of OCEAN CITY® winner plaque 2023
All winners of the Best of Ocean City® contest, whether they won the most votes in their poll or they were chosen as the best by the editorial selection board, receive one of these beautiful metal award signs. Wherever you see this sign, you know the business is truly the best of Ocean City®.

The background photograph on the 2023 winners’ awards was taken by Vincent Pierotti, a local businessman whose entry depicts an aerial photo of North Ocean City.  The awards show a different scene from Ocean City each year, but they all honor the winning businesses who represent the very Best of Ocean City®.

How to Help Your Business Win

Businesses can now promote their participation in the Best of Ocean City awards by visiting www.oceancity.com/best-of-promotions. A business that is not listed in a category can still encourage their friends and fans to write them in under “Other.” Businesses can also email beseen@oceancity.com to be considered for inclusion in one of the polls.

Vote for your favorite Ocean City businesses!



For a complete list of winners and to vote for the Best of Ocean City® 2024 visit www.OceanCity.com/Best-of

ALL WINNERS CAN BE FOUND ONLINE HERE: https://www.oceancity.com/the-best-of-ocean-city-2023-winners/

VOTING FOR 2024 CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://www.oceancity.com/best-of-ocean-city-voting/

PHOTO GALLERY FOR BEST OF OCEAN CITY CAN BE FOUND HERE:  https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipO1N4A2KDC-9MHiiqjRhiLNoaxo4wbEPysdTTqW


Top Vote-Getters 2023

2023 winner sticker The BEST of OCEAN CITY®

Best Restaurants

The Best Restaurants in Ocean City category received the most votes overall.  There were 19 polls and tens of thousands of votes.  2023’s Best Mexican Food was the poll attracting the most votes across all categories.   The top 5 polls with the most votes and their winners in the Best Restaurants category include:

    1. Best Mexican Restaurant:  Mother’s Cantina

    2. Best Crabcakes :  Crabcake Factory

    3. Best Seafood:  Pickles Pub

    4. Best New Restaurant:  Papi’s Tacos

    5. Best Pizza:  Lombardi’s Trattor

Best of the Boardwalk

The Best of the Boardwalk category included 8 polls and garnered the second most votes for a category.   The businesses with the most votes in the boardwalk polls were:

  1. Best Boardwalk Fries:  Thrashers Fries

  2. Best Boardwalk Caramel Corn:  Fisher’s Popcorn

  3. Best Boardwalk Shop:  Kite Loft

  4. Best Boardwalk Pizza:  Tony’s Pizza

  5. Best Boardwalk Stand:  Alaska Stand

Best Bars

The Best Bars in Ocean City got the third most votes in the online polls and the highest vote-getters included:

  1. Best Happy Hour Specials:  Crabcake Factory

  2. Best Place to View a Sunset:  Fager’s Island

  3. Best Sports Bar:  Pickles Pub

  4. Best Bar Overall:  Seacrets

  5. Best Live Music:  Seacrets

Best Things to Do

The Best Things to Do in Ocean City pulled up the rear in terms of total votes cast in a category, but still attracted tens of thousands of votes, 

  1. Best Rainy Day Activity:  Old Pro Golf

  2. Best Surf Shop:  Malibu’s

  3. Best Miniature Golf:  Old Pro Golf

  4. Best SUP/Kayak Rental:  48th St. Watersports

  5. Best Boat Tour:  OC Explorer

Here are the 5 polls attracting the most votes in each of the 4 categories: Best of the Boardwalk, Best Bars, Best Restaurants and Best Things to Do.


Ann has been with StateVentures since 1999. She moved from Annapolis to Berlin, MD to be closer to Ocean City. She splits her work week between the two locations to help clients and visitors get the best information and value out of our sites. She loves a camera and any excuse to use it.  Her kids are both grown and off adventuring.  Ann loves to travel with her kids and lives with her dog Marley when she's not in Virginia fishing.

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