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One of the most popular new watersport trends over the past few summers, SUP (also known as stand up paddleboarding) is like combining a surfboard with a canoe and is capable of giving you both a thrilling time and great workout. You’ve surely see the new, larger than life paddleboards everywhere in Ocean City- in the ocean, the bay, the creek, the river or pretty much any body of water, as SUP is a unique watersport with multiple uses. Paddleboarders do everything from race, exercise or do yoga, explore nature through Eco tours, or even just float around to relax. In fact, SUP is one of the best ways to explore the vast waterways surrounding Ocean City in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed or get unique views of Ocean City and Assateague from the water.

Many watersport rental companies now carry SUP equipment, as well as offer classes and guided tours, making it easier than ever to get on the water regardless if you’re an experienced paddleboarder or a first timer. Below, you’ll find information about SUP and the Ocean City rental companies that offer them as well as coupons, discounted gift certificates, articles, photos, and more.