Fishing & Boating in Ocean City, MD

Fishing & Boating in Ocean City MD
Ocean City started as a fishing village
now boating & fishing are year-round activities
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Fishing Info

Surf fishing, bridge fishing or deep-sea fishing, there are lots of options in Ocean City, MD. You can also participate in or learn about one of the nearly 20 fishing tournaments in town.

Boat Rentals

Rent a boat in Ocean City, MD for fun on the bays behind Ocean City. You can rent pontoon boats or small motor craft.

Boat Tours

Find a boat to take you out to enjoy Assateague, the coastal bays, a Shore Craft Beer cruise or an ice cream cruise. Your options are varied in Ocean City.


Sailing is a relatively new option in Ocean City. See what options you have here.

Boating in Ocean City, Maryland

Tips & Links for Boating


Since the Ocean City Inlet was cut in the storm of 1933, Ocean City’s commercial and recreational boating fleets have expanded. Not only can you rent traditional head boats and charter boats, but you can also enjoy a plethora of recreational boating activities in Ocean City. Grab your family and friends and spend an afternoon cruising the bay on a pontoon boat, hop on one of the rocket boats and speed up and down the shoreline, or paddle around in a kayak fishing or touring. You can rent boats of all sizes for ocean going and for river meandering. Worcester County is laced with public boat ramps and marinas. If you need a place to store your boat, Ocean City has you covered there as well.

Ocean City Boat Ramps

  • Assateague Island Park (Rt. 611 at Assateague Island Bridge)
  • Gum Point Road (off Route 589)
  • Ocean City Commercial Harbor (Sunset Avenue in West Ocean City)
  • North Ocean City, 87th Street bayside


Fishing & Boating Events

White Marlin Open

Fishing in Ocean City

Tips & Links for Anglers

Fishing and Boating are popular things to do in Ocean City, MD.  You can rent pontoon boats or kayaks and fish from the water.  You can fish from the piers and along the inlet. Ocean City is considered the White Marlin capital of the world, so if it’s sport fishing that intrigues you, go out with one of our talented captains to fight your own fish or watch as fishermen from all over the world compete during the White Marlin Open.

Ocean City began as an isolated fishing village and has grown into not only the ‘White Marlin Capital of the World,’ but also to a fabulous fishing vacation destination.  With Ocean City’’s proximity to the Gulf Stream, big game fish are in abundance and if you venture offshore in Ocean City you’’ll have the chance to land bigeye and yellowfin tuna, bluefish and wahoo, mako, mahi-mahi, white marlin, blue marlin and even the occasional sailfish. If you stay close to shore check out any of the ocean and bayside fishing piers and drop your line and attempt to reel in flounder, trout and sea bass.  Click on the guide to the right to see Worcester County’s Anglers Guide.

Make sure you get your permits or go with a head boat or charter that has the proper licenses so you don’t get in trouble with Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources.  Same goes for size and catch limits.  If you have questions, please check the DNR site.



Ocean City Fishing Locations/Piers

  • Route 50 Bridge
  • Ocean City Fishing Pier
  • Inlet Park in downtown Ocean City
  • Third St. Pier (bayside – no fishing license required**)
  • Ninth St. Pier (bayside)
  • Northside Park, 125th St. (bayside – no fishing license required**
  • Fishing License Required for Atlantic Ocean and Coastal Bays. Call 410-656-9526 or visit for more information. However, there are now two free fishing areas on the coast:  Northside Park, town-owned pier and park at 125th Street, and Chicago Avenue, bulkhead between 2nd and 4th Streets do not require fishing licenses to fish in those areas (anglers must still register with the state for free by phone 1(855)-855-3906 available 7 AM to 7 PM every day, or online here:

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