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  1. Hi. we have tickets for Kid Rock does this include all concerts for that day? how is the seating done? Do we gwt to enter before the people that bought tickets this year?

  2. We purchased tickets for a 3 seat Jet ski with Paradise-watersports today. We had many issues with the service experienced and safety protocols. During our Jet Ski ride, our motor flipped over and we were left in the water awaiting help. Similarly, we felt the instructor did not act in a timely manner and jeopardize our safety with his instructions.

    After, our motor flipped in the water, the instructor was no where around to aid us. A family on a boat assisted us to safety.
    Meanwhile, the instructor came by and said he had to tend to the other party members and not us. Even though we were in the water needing help. Our main issue is the lack of empathy from the staff about the issue , the instructors negligence and the emergency safety protocols. This experience was the worst thus far. This is our second time purchasing with Paradise-watersports and it will be our last.



    • I am so sorry this happened to you. I would try Odyssea Watersports next time. It is a family-owned business and we hear wonderful things about them. We work with them as well. I will check back with you shortly after checking a few things.



      • Hey, Patrick. If you want to try Odyssea, we can give you a discount. If you could then send us some pictures and let us know how it was, that would be great. If you are interested, please email me at amh@maryland.com

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