Ocean City Dreaming

 Ocean City Dreaming

Keeping Ocean City Maryland Top of Mind


We want everybody to keep Ocean City Dreaming until we can welcome visitors back to Ocean City again.  

This Ocean City Dreaming page is for positive stories in the midst of this crisis, as well as many ways to experience Ocean City from your living rooms.

We’ll keep you  Ocean City Dreaming of the FUTURE by gathering specials, packages, information on renovations and more so that when Ocean City is open, you will be ready to visit!

We will bring you good memories through old pictures and articles as well as Facebook LIVEs of how Ocean City looks and sounds today —  while we are waiting for your return.  We hope this will help you through the isolation that this crisis is demanding.  This is our Ocean City Dreaming of the PRESENT & PAST.

More ways  we keeping the dream alive!

We will weather this coronavirus storm and we will weather it together by keeping the Ocean City Dream alive!

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Ocean City Dreaming

Ocean City Dreaming Concert 6/4/2020 at 7 PM:  Blake Haley

Tune in on FaceBook LIVE   

Concert Schedule

March 26th @ 7PMJimmy Charles
April 2nd @ 7PMNate Clendenen
April 9th @ 7PMLauren Glick
April 16th @ 7PMKevin Poole
April 23rd @ 7PMWes Davis
April 30th @ 7PMJon Pheasant(from The British Invasion Experience)
May 7th @ 7 PMFull Circle Duo
May 14 @ 7 PMLauren Glick
May 21 @ 7 PMFire Kite
May 28 @ 7PMBryan Russo
June 4 @7pmBlake Haley


While you watch this performance each week, we encourage each and every one of you to grab a local craft beer or drink of your choice, get takeout from your favorite restaurant if you can so we can all support our small businesses, and then settle back for some Ocean City tunes.   Please see the list of restaurants in Ocean City that are open for take-out and/or delivery below.

Until then, let’s enjoy our concerts, enjoy our families and friends with whom we are sequestered, get a lot of exercise, support our local small businesses by buying carry-out and gift certificates, and enjoy Ocean City from  afar.

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More Ways to Embrace Ocean City



Support Your Local Small Businesses

[businesslistings ribbon_title=”Open Featured Businesses With Takeout or Delivery” listing_ids=”1337,1417,1619,3933,2316,3880,2501,1424,1424,1573,1989,2294,1509,1566,1413,2299,1827,1446,1566,3050,1894,1339,1854″ include_free=”y” template=”business-grid”]

[businesslistings ribbon_title=”Featured Businesses With Gift Certificates” listing_ids=”1894,2501,1827,3933,2316,1545,1573,2305,1424,2003,1566,2294,1509,1413,1339,2299,1581″ include_free=”y” template=”business-grid”]

All restaurants and bars which remain open for carry out and delivery in Ocean City can be found here