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Ocean City Dreamin’: Artist Profile

Ocean City Dreamin’: Artist Profile

Nate Clendenen

Ocean City Dreamin' Artist Profile

Ocean City Dreamin‘ Thursday night concert series is brought to you by: OceanCity.com, Shore Craft Beer, & Ocean City Development Corporation. We hope this 7pm concert will give you the OCEAN CITY FEELS as you hear the tunes from your favorite artists that perform in Ocean City. Kick back on your couch, and enjoy dinner and music LIVE from your ____________.

  1. living room
  2. bedroom
  3. porch
  4. deck
  5. Any of the above

While you are watching make sure to say “hi” to the performer and those watching along with you. You could even request a song! Make it an extended family affair and start a Watch Party and invite your friends and family to watch along with you. We all know we need to be social distancing right now, but we still need ways to stay close.

About the Artist:

Nate Clendenen is an American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Steeped in influences all across the board, his generational roots extend deep into the Blue Ridge Mountains, while his blood runs thick with the saltwater of his tidal home.

Growing up on large parts of bluegrass, rock, country, reggae and blues, Nate performs in several different outfits drawing on that spectrum. In addition to being a solo singer/songwriter, you can catch him with his rock/country/blues band, Eastern Electric, or with multiple bluegrass groups such as Clendenen Brothers, Saltwater Stringband, and Robert Mabe Band, all with a varying all-star cast of Mid-Atlantic musicians.

Over Clendenen‘s 25 year career he has released 7 original recording projects, performed across all corners of the continental United States, the US Virgin Islands, Australia, and a bit in Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.  He is a classically trained vocalist and percussionist, an award winning guitar flatpicker, and a bonafide road warrior.

Ocean City Dreamin’ Artist – More Info:

Website:  www.denenmusic.com 

Band website: www.EasternElectricMusic.com www.facebook.com/EasternElectric


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Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
Jessica is a creative through and through. She loves creating from sun up to sun down. She is an artist, a friend, a mom, a wife, and whatever other hat she might wear in a day. You might find Jessica with a camera or sketch pad in the local area, but you might find her far and away as she loves to travel. If you see her say, hi and give her dog/baby, Joey a hello too since they usually travel together!

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