Ocean City Bringing Out the Best

Ocean City is Caring During COVID-19 Crisis

During this time when we are “staying in,” our kindness is coming out. We are letting people know how businesses and individuals in Ocean City and the surrounding area are caring for one another. 

Ocean City is Bringing Out the Best

by showing even though we cannot talk face-to-face or embrace one another (when that is really what we yearn to do) we are:

  • thanking & supporting our medical community
  • feeding kids
  • sending letters to elderly
  • decorating windows to brighten a day
  • enjoying family walk
  • hand making masks

Part of Ocean City Dreaming is remembering that Ocean City just isn’t a great vacation town, it is a GREAT town. A town is just a group of buildings without people. The PEOPLE of this marvelous region have made Ocean City the splendor that it is. We can’t wait for it to be in its glory again, but we urge all of you to be our heroes and stay home. We want everyone safe, healthy, and ready to enjoy Ocean City when the time comes.

If you live here, thank you for being a part of our community. Please reach out to let us know of any more great stories of giving, hope, and kindness.

If you vacation here, thank you for supporting us through this time and we can’t wait for you to come back. We miss you.

As we receive information, we will share opportunities for all to donate to these companies and organizations, so we can help facilitate these good acts.

We are devoting this page to a feed of just love and support. Come back and let us know how you are doing and how you are spreading love.

Remember buying gift cards from Ocean City businesses now to use later is a way to help local business. Don’t forget to participate in our Ocean City Dreaming Concerts on Thursdays at 7pm live on Facebook. Our Ocean City Dreaming page has updates, sights & sounds of Ocean City and more. A page just to keep Ocean City and all its greatness in the front of mind.

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