Ocean City Film Festival Screening: Table by the Window: Deipnophobia

Ocean City Film Festival Screening: Table by the Window: Deipnophobia

Ocean City Film Festival Screening Table by the Window: Deipnophobia

The list of Ocean City Film Festival screenings are building anticipation throughout the region. With the full schedule posted, don’t forget to checkout Table by the Window: Deipnophobia.

Ocean City Film festival screenings

About the Director: Rob Waters

Rob Waters is a long-time friend of the Ocean City Film Festival, having shown his award-winning short film “Pietas” in the 2018 film festival. Rob has been telling stories most of his life. Wilmington native started making films when he was 10, shooting with a friend’s camcorder and editing on a dual VHS player. When the digital media revolution made equipment and post-production more affordable, Waters took a leap, and in 2010 he made his first “real” short. A local festival accepted it and “since then, I’ve been hooked on creating short films.” As much as he loved filmmaking, Waters had never considered doing it for a living. But as his works were screened more frequently, people started asking him to make films for their businesses. His trajectory toward professional filmmaking took another leap when Waters won a 2014 national short film contest. After the screening, a competition judge told him he was meant to be a filmmaker and do it full-time. That advice gave Waters “the push I needed,” and so he created a successful Sussex-county production company. W Films is based in Lewes, where he lives and works with a group of like-minded artists and technicians. A long way from telling tales in his back yard, Waters is now taking his own journey through his films.

About Table by the Window: Deipnophobia

Synopsis: Two childhood friends meet each other for lunch to introduce their significant other. The lunch takes a strange and tense turn as they are confronted by one of the boyfriends strange ailments.

Ocean City Film Festival Screenings

Ocean City Film Festival Screenings: Table by the Window: Deipnophobia

Table by the Window: Deipnophobia will be screened at the Ocean City Film Festival at the following location:

  • Seacrets  – Sunday, March 8 at 2:00pm in Funny Shorts Block 2

See Film_Festival_Program_2020 for full schedule.


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