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Ocean City Encouraging Oceans Calling Festival Participants to Have A Plan 

Walk, Bike or Use Public Transportation During Oceans Calling Festival

Ocean City, Maryland – (September 21, 2022): The Town of Ocean City is excited to welcome the first ever Oceans Calling Festival to Ocean City, MD, starting Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2. Residents and visitors should expect alternate traffic patterns, heavy pedestrian traffic, and vehicle traffic delays. Limited parking and congestion are expected in the downtown area from the Route 50 Bridge to 33rd Street at various times (predictably from 11 a.m. through midnight).

For Concertgoers Going to the Event, Here’s What You Need to Know:

Expect Alternate Traffic Patterns: The following alternate traffic patterns should be expected between 9 p.m. – 12 a.m. on Friday, September 30, Saturday, October 1, and Sunday, October 2nd:

  • The area south of the Harry Kelley Memorial Bridge (Rt 50 Bridge) will be closed to non-event vehicular traffic from approximately 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. each evening. The south turn lane off of US Rt. 50 onto southbound Philadelphia Ave will be restricted to emergency and mass transit vehicles only.
  • Vehicular traffic south on Philadelphia Ave will be diverted onto N. Division St and then north on Baltimore Ave.
  • A traffic pattern will be established to direct all southbound traffic on St. Louis Ave to 2nd Street towards Philadelphia Ave.
  • Northbound traffic on Baltimore Ave (between S. Division St to Talbot) will be reduced to one lane. The middle lane will be utilized to stage mass transit vehicles and the easternmost lane will be designated for pedestrian use only.

Vehicle Parking: Please remember that parking is limited in the downtown area. If you are driving from out of Ocean City limits, parking is strongly recommended at the West Ocean City Park & Ride. Keep in mind, parking at the municipal parking lots is available on a first come, first served basis. Additional parking is available at the Ocean City Convention Center Parking Lot and the 100th Street Municipal Parking Lot. The 100th Street Municipal Parking Lot is not free. Click here to learn more about Ocean City, MD, public parking options and parking fees. Also, there are several privately owned parking lots throughout the city. Attendees using those lots are subject to their private parking fees.

Use the Ocean City Beach Bus: Public Transportation is available on Ocean City’s municipal buses that travel along Coastal Highway. Whether you’re parked at your hotel/accommodation or at a municipal parking lot (the West Ocean City Park & Ride, the Ocean City Convention Center Parking Lot and the 100th Street Municipal Parking Lot) you can Ride-All-Day for only $3. The Ride-All-Day pass allows you to ride from 6 a.m. until 2 a.m. and travel from the South Division Street Transit Center to the North End Transit Center (144th Street & Coastal Highway). You can also track your bus in real time with Ocean City’s bus locator app. Remember exact cash fare is required.

When leaving the Festival in the evening, concertgoers can walk to Baltimore Avenue. Patrons traveling north can catch a northbound bus. Northbound buses will be staged on Baltimore Avenue between Worcester Street and Talbot Street. Patrons traveling west to the West Ocean City Park and Ride can take a bus from the South End Transit Station (South Division Street) directly to the West Ocean City Park and Ride Lot on Route 50.

Concertgoers should anticipate bus demand after the event to be extremely high.
This will result in limited availability and delays for those leaving the event.

Walk/Bike: Walking and/or Biking is strongly encouraged as parking is limited downtown. The walk from the North End of the Boardwalk (27th Street) to the Inlet Parking Lot is approximately a 2.3 mile walk, taking around 45 minutes. Please remember to Walk Smart, use crosswalks, and wait for the pedestrian signal. Bike Parking will be available just north of North Division Street on/near the Beach/Boardwalk.


Approximate Walking/Biking Times

From 10th St, 15 min walk, or 5 min bike ride

From 20th St, 30 min walk, or 8 min bike ride

From 30th St, 45 min walk, or 10 min bike ride

From 40th St, 55 min walk, or 13 min bike ride


Taxi, Uber, Lift and General Drop Off: The official passenger drop-off and pick-up location for Oceans Calling are located at 300 St. Louis Avenue. The walk from the ballfield to the festival grounds is approximately 5-10 minutes. Please keep in mind that ride share demand will be very high after the concert with a limited number of drivers. Consider leaving early or taking a stroll along the boardwalk until the rush is over. Also remember, areas south of N. Division Street will be closed to vehicular traffic, so ride share, taxi, and friends won’t be able to pick you up near the venue. It will be best to walk north to 3rd St, then west toward the Ocean Bowl Skate Park.

ADA: All Town of Ocean City municipal buses are ADA accessible. In addition, ADA parking is available at all municipal parking lots, including the West Ocean City Park & Ride and the Convention Center. Keep in mind, parking at the municipal parking lots is available on a first come, first served basis. Further, ADA drop off and pick up is available at 1 N. Division St (east of S. Baltimore Ave.)

Water Taxi: The OC Bay Hopper will offer dedicated trips for concert goers from three locations (118th Street, Ocean Pines Yacht Club and Pier 23).  Their service will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. until 11:40 p.m..  Reservations are required and can be made by visiting https://ocbayhopper.com/oceanscalling/.

Finally, Ocean City Police and Public Safety personnel will be assigned throughout the area to assist patrons and traffic control conditions. Visitors attending the concert should remember the follow tips before attending the three-day festival:

Have a Plan:  There will be lots of excitement in the air during the three-day music festival but don’t forget to have a plan.

  • Plan for a reunification center in case you and the individual(s) you came with get separated.
  • Plan for a sober ride home. Don’t drink and drive.
  • Plan for your ride home. Pack your patience when leaving the event. Transportation will be limited and delays are expected. Know what transportation method you would like to use and have a back-up option.
  • Have Fun! Enjoy a great stay in Ocean City, MD!



Note: The Boardwalk Trams will not run during Oceans Calling.

Ann has been with StateVentures since 1999. She moved from Annapolis to Berlin, MD to be closer to Ocean City. She splits her work week between the two locations to help clients and visitors get the best information and value out of our sites. She loves a camera and any excuse to use it.  Her kids are both grown and off adventuring.  Ann loves to travel with her kids and lives with her dog Marley when she's not in Virginia fishing.

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