“Justice for Gavin” Campaign – What are all the Signs?

What is the Justice for Gavin Campaign?

Do it For Gavin
Gavin brought joy Into the lives of all who knew him and residents and visitors alike await resolution.

As you come into Ocean City, you can’t miss the “Justice for Gavin” notices on the marquees of businesses.  IF you are wondering what this means, read on.

The Justice for Gavin campaign began in response to the tragic death of Gavin Knupp, a 14-year-old pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle in Berlin, Maryland on July 11, 2022. Since then, family members, friends, and concerned citizens have rallied around the cause, seeking justice for Gavin and demanding accountability from the driver who struck him.

The incident occurred when Gavin was crossing Gray’s Corner Road at night, and he was hit by a car that failed to stop at the scene. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead. The driver of the vehicle who has not been publicly connected to the accident, fled the scene.  To date, no arrests have been made.


The Gavin Knupp Foundation – Helping the Community and the Kids

Gavin Knupp Foundation
Raising money to keep Gavin’s memory alive and to support the community and the kids in it.

The Justice for Gavin campaign has been working to to advocate for justice for Gavin and his family. One of the primary goals of the campaign has been to raise funds to support Gavin’s family and to help cover the costs associated with his funeral and other expenses.  They have raised over $50,000 and used that money to start the Gavin Knupp Foundation.    According to the Foundation website, their goals are as follows:

The Gavin Knupp Foundation is a non-profit organization created to honor the life of our beloved 14 year old boy whose life was tragically ended in a hit and run incident. The Foundation’s purpose is to give back to the youth in our community that Gavin was such a huge part of. Gavin was an avid skater, surfer, hunter, and fisherman. Gavin’s smile lit up every room he entered, and he truly left an impact on everybody he met!

Our goals are to donate to the local surf club and create scholarship opportunities for those in our community. The Foundation is also looking to sponsor local kids so they can pursue their passions the way Gavin did – FULL THROTTLE!

They donated money to update the Ocean Pines Skatepark which is being renamed in Gavin’s honor.

Supporters of the campaign have organized rallies, candlelight vigils, and other events to keep Gavin’s memory alive and to raise money for the Gavin Knupp Foundation to help fund their community works and scholarships.

Investigation May Be Nearing End

As for the status of the investigation into the driver of the automobile, Gavin’s father posted in the “Justice for Gavin” public Facebook Group on Friday, February 10, 2022 that he had met with the State’s Attorney and it won’t be much longer.    

Justice for Gavin comment by father that it won't be much longer

More updates are available in an article in the Dispatch by Stephen Green.  While the investigation is ongoing, the Justice for Gavin campaign continues to push for justice and accountability for Gavin’s untimely death.

Keeping Gavin’s Memory Alive

The Justice for Gavin campaign is a vital movement that highlights the need for increased pedestrian safety in Ocean City, Maryland. Through their efforts, supporters of the campaign are working to honor Gavin’s memory and to demand justice for his family. 

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