All about the turkey

All about the turkey

Maybe you’re still looking for something to do this week, but the odds are you’ve got your eyes on the prize, which in this case is the weekend. Sure there are happy hours to be enjoyed this week. Also, there are movies you might want to catch. If we’re honest, though, many of you are like me, sitting in your office and trying to make certain Facebook is regularly updated with your plans for the coming weekend.

And the weekend is all about the turkey.

So whether you’re cooking at home or being cooked for, traveling or battening down the hatches for potential arriving guests or packing to be one of those guests, here are some of the possibilities for Thursday and beyond.
Let’s cut to the chase…

Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015)

In case you missed this last week, here are some of our favorite places that are open for Thanksgiving. There are plenty…

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Black Friday

There’s something vaguely cynical about the term, but there’s no avoiding it. Friday is a major shopping day. Spending the early hours of Black Friday out in front of the Walmart is quickly falling out of fashion, and this year, the potential for frostbite is outweighed only by the notion of standing in line for hours. The theme of this year’s holiday season, and with any luck the foreseeable future, is “Less stuff, better stuff.”
There are opportunities to put that into practice all over the region, here are a couple quick ones..

Berlin Arts Night

Berlin, Maryland has been doing the “un-Black Friday” since before it was cool.

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Ocean City Shopper’s Fair

In response to the demand for both authenticity and works from local artisans, the Ocean City Convention Center sponsors a weekend of shopping for people interested in the hand crafted and the locally conceived.

I’m busy framing today. Lots of beautiful framed prints will be for sale at the Holiday Shopper’s Fair in Ocean City, MD…

Posted by Lori Martin Photography on Saturday, November 21, 2015

A little music…

Beyond the eating and the shopping, there is a chance to engage with the arts in the coming weekend. The Texas Tenors will arrive at the Convention Center this week. Tickets still are available at the box office. This is from a Texas Tenors show earlier this month, but they’ll be at the convention center this week.

Winterfest continues…

And of course, Winterfest continues nightly through the new year. Take the time to treat yourself again or for the first time.

Kyle Cribben this this is going on this weekend in OC.

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