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Thanksgiving beach views: A photoblog by Kandi Stuller – Ocean City Maryland

What follows is a photoblog by reader Kandi Stuller. She was in town for Thanksgiving and was kind enough to share some of the photos she took by the beach. Many of these are stunning. Every so often we publish a collection of photos from different reader’s submissions but this is the first time we’ve run so many of just one photographer. There were a couple of reasons for this. First off, Kandi identified herself, Second, and equally as important, she added some descriptions. I did add some detail to her captions to fill out the page but the work you see is mostly hers. Remember, if you would like to submit a photo (or a bunch) you can do so here.

— Tony Russo

Things To See/Beach – Find a penny, pick it up … Seagulls peck at the incoming water. Photo by Kandi Stuller.
South Beach, 7th Street and Boardwalk during Thanksgiving Weekend, way back when sunrise was at 6:30 a.m. instead of 7. Photo by Kandi Stuller.


Inlet – Thanksgiving Weekend, 11/27, a gull passes over the beach on the way to the boards to look for something tasty.
Inlet – Thanksgiving Weekend, 11/27 A receding tide in the shadow of the inlet marker with the pier in the background. Photo by Kandi Stuller.
A lonely gull in the late morning on the Inlet beach, Thanksgiving weekend, 2016. Photo by Kandi Stuller.
The sun comes up on a Thanksgiving morning. If winter has an upside at the beach it is that you don’t have to get up early to be up by the crack of dawn. Photo by Kandi Stuller.
The horses of Assateague Island are out and about all year long, although their hair is a bit thicker and they don’t take as many dips in the ocean as the winter comes on. Photo by Kandi Stuller.


Sunset photos are so difficult to choose from, which is why we’re glad that Kandi sent along a bunch. They’re always welcome here. Photo by Kandi Stuller.
Different angles, from minute to minute give you different colors. More blues and pinks depending upon where you are and when you are there. Photo by Kandi Stuller.
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