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Styling Makes A Statement from Women-Powered Wedding Experts

By Jennifer Sabini Evans

Wedding Inspiration from an Oceanfront Deluxe Corner Balcony Suite at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort. Decor supplied by Faded Sol & Innerbloom. Pictured from left to right (Christine Dunstan, Alexandra Marginean, Jennifer Sabini Evans, Brian Upshur, and Demarics Trader). Photography: Candids Photography

One of the many reasons I love my job as a writer is that I get to find out what is inspiring wedding professionals (and their clients) around Ocean City, Maryland. It is great to see the creative variety and different cultural influences across the world affecting wedding trends in our 10-mile white sandy beach town.

Photoshoot at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort. Models Alexandra Marginean & Brian Upshur. Photography: Candids Photography

And there is nothing like a global pandemic to shake up the way we celebrate. In fact, I wonder if we’ll look back at this time as when weddings broke free, leaving old traditions and social expectations behind. More and more couples are doing away with big guest numbers and over the top luxury and shifting back to their roots. Focusing on intimacy and privacy, placing more importance on the meaning behind why they are getting married and the guest experience.

For many couples who are planning a wedding, vendor selection is a key part of what brings their vision to life. They spend hours searching on Instagram and Pinterest for vendors who share their style, amicable personalities and work ethic.

For me personally, I love how Ocean City does weddings! I share an affinity with their free-spirited, stylish and very laid back approach. And they have truly mastered the beautiful yet understated, relaxed and intimate outdoor wedding! Plus, the town is full of fun for the entire family after the wedding celebration is over.

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort Sundeck Wedding. Wedding signs provided by Ag Rentals and Flowers by Innerbloom
Photography: Candids Photography

For this article, I featured a stunning boho coastal styled wedding at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, in collaboration with a great team of woman-powered local suppliers. These women love what they do. They are all passionate, fun to work with, have a beautiful eye for detail and care very deeply about intentionally curating an experience.

So I thought I’d catch up with our woman-powered wedding experts to find out more about what they see trending for their wedding clients in 2022 and beyond and the breakdown on these beautiful photographs, so newly engaged couples like you can recreate the look.

Can you tell us more about The Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort and why it’s a great wedding location?
Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort 9100 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD
Photography: Ryan Owen Photography

“The Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort is the largest oceanfront resort in Maryland, encompassing one full ocean front block tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Ocean City. We have breathtaking ocean lookouts, green lawns, a 4-story Atrium with an Olympic size indoor pool with quick access to the beach, making it a little piece of paradise.

We have visitors from all over the world who come to see the azure waters and white sandy beaches on the East Coast. Add to that a community of wedding experts and you have the right ingredients for a perfect wedding location,” said Alexandra Marginean, Director of Sales at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort.

Wedding Decor provided by Faded Sol and Innerbloom at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort in Ocean City, MD.
Photographer: Candids Photography
Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort Outdoor Wedding Celebration. Ag Rentals provided wedding signs and table decor. Photography: Candids Photography.
Why are trends important in the wedding industry?

“I think everyone likes to think they are keeping with the times and being ‘on trend’. It is really important to know that you are able to offer what your clients are going to be looking for a few months in advance. It allows us to keep our product fresh, modern and appealing to the ever changing market,” Jessica Ludwig, Faded Sol founder.

NuGlam Artistry curling bride to be while she’s surfing instagram for last minute wedding inspiration.
Photographer: Candids Photography
Where do you find your trend inspiration?

“My biggest go-to is Pinterest of course, but I like to search hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. In my professional opinion, Instagram is the best showcase of what trends stay popular throughout the season,” Maisy Cline, owner of On Cloud Cline.

“Blogs, magazines and movies also provide inspiration for me.  Literally everywhere I look, if I look intently enough, can I be inspired for an upcoming wedding I’m designing”, Jessica Ludwig.

What trends do you see coming through for 2022 that will appeal to Ocean City, MD couples?

“One of the main trends I am seeing is couples wanting to have more laid back, intimate weddings. Couples are stepping away from putting on a show and wowing guests and focusing more on meaningful moments with close family and friends. Weddings are becoming more natural, intimate, and relaxed, incorporating neutral color pallets and use of spaces that reflect who they are as a couple,” said Maisy Cline.

Wedding Cake by Sweet Disposition. Table Decor by Faded Sol in the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort. Photography by Candids Photography

“I couldn’t agree more”, says Christine Dunstan, Catering Sales Manager at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort. “Smaller and more intimate wedding parties have allowed for a more elaborate food and beverage budget. If there is one thing, the pandemic teaches us; it is how important our friends and family are. And we are seeing couples make up for lost time by spoiling their friends and family with standout dishes on their wedding day.”

“And let’s not forget more inside out weddings,” said Jessica Ludwig.  “Many couples are looking to take the larger indoor wedding and having it outside.  The need for beautiful vintage pieces of furniture to display your cake or setting up small seating areas to capture that cozy feeling for your outdoor wedding is in demand.”

Flowers by Innerbloom
Photography by Jennifer Sabini Evans

The pandemic has allowed many designers, florists, and planners to tap into their creativity and throughout 2021 we have watched many new styles emerge. One of the styling trends I absolutely love revolves around organic and sustainable design. Innerbloom and Faded Sol have tapped into that trend and really have made it their own. Making everything very natural, soft and soothing. And it pairs well with the following styles (boho, rustic, fine art, coastal, chic).

Wedding table decor by Faded Sol and Innerbloom at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort
Photography: Candids Photography

Their style really makes a statement, and it carries across the whole celebration, from the natural looking wooden arch, candle holders, stationary signage, to the unique mix of colors in the flowers. We are all craving happier times and it comes out in their styling.

What about the town of Ocean City, makes for a great wedding destination?

“Ocean City provides people in neighboring states and areas the opportunity to have the perfect getaway wedding.  Whether they are eloping, having a small gathering, or a larger outdoor event, Ocean City, MD fits all the needs for a the perfect dreamy romantic wedding,” Jessica Ludwig.

“Ocean City makes for a great location because it’s a place you can keep coming back to time and time again.  A place that starts as a memory, but quickly turns into a tradition.  There are so many activities guests can partake in while in town that it becomes a place everyone can enjoy,” Maisy Cline.

With its ocean sunrises and bay sunsets, as well as large fields of wildflowers and farms, the Eastern Shore is truly picturesque.  In my opinion, Ocean City, MD is a beautiful place to host your next celebration.

Taking a step back has been good for many of us. For the wedding industry it has breathed new life into their work, given them a new sense of purpose, and it shows. And now that weddings are coming back at record pace, and people are trying to move forward, I’m excited to watch all of these hashtaggable moments become real celebratable moments for many couples who had to postpone their celebrations for one to two years and for those newly engaged planning their upcoming celebration in 2023 and beyond.

Photography: Candids Photography // Venue: Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort // Coordinator: On Cloud Cline // Dress: Sandals Bridal // Makeup & Hair: NuGlam Artistry // Flowers: Innerbloom // Cake: Sweet Dispositions // Rentals: Faded Sol & Ag Rentals// Models: Bride: Alexandra Marginean, Groom: Brian Upshur

Jennifer Sabini Evans
Jennifer Sabini Evans
I’m a freelance Journalist and Photographer with a focus on food, travel, and entertainment living in and around Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

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