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Top 10 Activities for Senior Week in Ocean City

senior week at the beach

Are you’re finished with high school and ready to kick off an amazing summer before heading to college in the fall?  If you answered ‘yes’ to the previous question, Senior Week in Ocean City, Maryland is the answer you have been looking for.  So, pack your bathing suits, shades, and suntan lotion, gather your friends, and head east for a week that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life. Making lifelong memories isn’t always easy, but the following activity guide is full of events, activities, and entertainment ideas that will allow you to make the most of your vacation, and make you forget all about that summer job your parents are making you get when you get home.

Whatever you do, be sure to play it safe!  That used to mean something in Ocean City when the Town and a group of volunteers worked together to provide many no-cost and fun activities for graduating Seniors.  However, COVID killed that project and it was never revived.  Now, Seniors have to be more creative when it comes to safe fun that doesn’t include drinking!

10. Mini Golf or Nick’s Rope Course

Nicks mini golf and ropes course

Ocean City may be world-renowned for its 17 full-length, professional golf courses, but it is also home to some of the best miniature golf courses in the region.  In fact, the putt-putt scene is so plentiful that you won’t need to stray more than a few blocks to find an elaborate course with challenging obstacles.  There are tons of mini golf courses spread out around town, including Nick’s Mini-Golf and Ropes Courses, Maui Golf, Lost Treasure Golf, The Embers and Old Pro Golf.  You can even buy discounted gift certificates to play a game here on OceanCity.com for 40% off!.  The mini golf courses range in themes, including at least two indoor courses, that are sure to capture your imagination and challenge your skills, rain or shine.

9. Outlet shopping

If you’re a savvy shopper searching for exceptional savings, Tanger Outlets is the place for you.  With dozens of your favorite brands, including American Eagle, Coach, J. Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, the Gap, Under Armor, and many more, you are sure to find the clothes, shoes, and accessories you want.  When you’re ready to refuel after a long day of fitting rooms and full-length mirrors, stop by Mione’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant (‘the Best of’ 2024 winner for pizza), a pizza place you won’t find outside of Ocean City that’s located right in the Tanger Outlets.

8. Kayaking

Where must you stand to look down at these kayaks?

Ocean City, Maryland lies at the heart of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and, as a result, is home to some of the region’s most beautiful and exotic tributaries, canals, and waterways.  Unfortunately, many of the most scenic places in Worcester County are hard to access because they are nestled away and hidden by nature. Fortunately, however, Ocean City is home to numerous business offering kayak rentals and guided tours to help you explore those hard to reach areas.  48th Street Watersports has won the Best of Ocean City award as the best SUP/kayak rental in Ocean City for years. The 2024 editorial winner was Assateague Outfitters. With plenty of kayaking options across town, your personal nautical adventure is only moments away.

7. Bike down the Boardwalk

Walking down Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk is great.  Biking down Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk is even better.  If you want to give your legs a break and peddle your way to an amazing day, there’s a handful of bike rental stores right on the Boardwalk including Dandy Don’s, Wobbly Wheel and Bike World.  Whether it’s beach cruisers, surries, banana bikes, tandems, or motorized wheel chairs you’re looking for, you can find them on the Ocean City Boardwalk, and at a just graduated-friendly price, too. 

6. Jet Ski near Assateague

Jet Skiing in Ocean City
Jet Skiing in Ocean City

Ocean City offers a wide array of watersports, ranging from mild to extreme.  Somewhere between parasailing and paddle boarding lands jet skiing; laid back and relaxing for the casual rider, but with enough speed and excitement for even the most serious adrenaline junkie.  To maximize your jet skiing experience, opt for a company who’s ride area is along the Assateague National Seashore, so you can take in the sandy white beaches littered with wild ponies.  Odyssea Watersports and Bayside Boat Rentals are two of the top jet ski rental facilities in town, both of which always top our Best Of list.  Get down to the docks and don’t let the fear of never jet skiing before keep you off the waters, each rental company offers on-site licensing, safety equipment, and insurance.

5. Parasail

Kristen Jones – Fun morning with Island Parasail

Have you ever wondered what Ocean City looks like from a seagull’s perspective?  Try an afternoon of parasailing for a bird’s-eye view of OC that will leave you breathless. Tan beach bodies may be hard to see at 800 feet, but the scenic beauty from the wide open sky will make you forget all about the bikinis and board shorts down below, at least for a little while.  OC Parasail took home oceancity.com’s Best of Ocean City® 2024 award with Sea Rocket Parasail taking the editorial winner’s award.  There are a  multitude of other options, such as Odyssea Watersports offering a variety of packages and weekly deals, finding the perfect parasailing experience for you has never been easier.



4. Thrasher’s French Fries

Fries may have originated in France centuries ago, but they were perfected in Ocean City in 1929.  That is the year Thrasher’s French Fries opened its doors, and closed the debate about how fried potatoes are supposed to be prepared.  Ever since, Thrasher’s has been providing locals and tourists alike with the freshest, most delicious fries ever to emerge from a deep fryer.  If you’ve yet to indulge in the Thrasher’s French Fries experience, stop everything you are doing, make your way to 2nd St.and the Boardwalk, and treat your taste buds to these tasty spuds.

3. AUCE (All-You-Can Eat) Crab Feast

Steamed crabs are more than just a delicious delicacy in Maryland, they are a way of life.  Whether you’re an expert picker, or don’t know your lump from your backfin, All-You-Can-Eat (AUCE) crab feasts are the best way to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay’s greatest treasure.  In addition to the Old Bay covered crustaceans, AUCE feasts usually also include an assortment of other local favorites, such as fried chicken, clam strips, hush puppies, corn on the cob, and crab soup.  Crabs are at a premium in Ocean City, so grab your crab mallet, and your appetite, and head to the nearest crab house (Hooper’s Crab House and the iconic Phillip’s Crab House come to mind).  But be warned, regardless of how much you eat, an all-you-can-eat crab feast is sure to leave you hungry for more.

2. Hanging Out with Friends Listening to Live Music

Sunset Park in Ocean City is a great place for live music.

While many bars have live music, but won’t let anybody under 21 in to enjoy it, there are other ways to enjoy live music:  First, check out the free music at Sunset Park Party nights each Thursday night.  Fun and FREE.  You can also enjoy inexpensive ice cream at Sundae’s in the park where a band is always featured.  Here is the current schedule:

6/9 – Bob Lougheed & The Memphis Mafia – “Tribute to Elvis”

6/16 – 8 Ohms Band – “Horn heavy funky & soul”

6/23 – Chris Sacks Band – “Tropicana Rock”

6/30 – Mike Hines and the Look – “High Energy Dance Music”

7/7 – Radio Tokyo – “Hip Hop/ R&B/ Pop with some Rock & very small amount of Country”

1. Check out the Free events and Ocean City Winners for grads

Best of Ocean City 2024 Winner Poster - small

Since Play It Safe bowed out, there are lots of things you can still enjoy…  Riding bikes with your friends. Going jet-skiing, parasailing, or enjoying one of the othe myriad water sorts availaible here.  Check out the Best of Ocean City® winners. You can keep up-to-date with more Ocean City events, for senior-weekers and everyone else, on our event directory, too. 

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Anthony Toweyhttps://www.oceancity.com
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