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Photo Friday Winner June 4th 2021

We had an overwhelming response to this weeks Photo Friday Contest!. We love receiving photos of your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures submitted this week to our Photo Friday Contest.  They show rainy days, sunny days, the old and the young, beach, boardwalk, first timers, old timers, and all sorts of memorable moments captured by your phones. This week’s randomly selected winner of 2 FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Sharon Hamm Rollings for this lovely photo  of her granddaughter holding the perfect shell on the beach in Ocean City!  Congratulations Sharon! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next weeks Photo Friday Contest.

Sharon Hamm Rollings – While staying at he Holiday Inn on 66th street last week, my granddaughter found the perfect shell
Christie Lee Grieff – They have been coming here since they were babies !!! A lot of memories made at OCMD
Michelle Archambault Logue – Making the best of a rainy day!!!
Amanda Ross – Fishing this morning bayside
Jolly Smith – OC is for the dogs!
Meghan Alexandria – OC Cruise Week!
Cassie Burda – Flying kites! One of our favorite things to do at the beach. Can’t wait for our trip in July!!
Stacey N Sean – Catching some waves at Ocean City Maryland
Shannon Davis Babcock – Early morning sunrise near 140th Street
Shelly Dunn Strauser – My granddaughter on the boards after winning this big floppy dog. She didn’t stop smiling till she fell asleep
Kalie Sink – Love splashing in the waves!
Tricia Peters South – OC police patrolling the boardwalk. Love seeing the horses!
sabella Greenough Clarke – First time ever stepping foot in the ocean!
Evelyn Lamplugh – Went to the bay to do some clamming and Angela thought she was on the titanic
Robert J Archambault – Boardwalk bar crawl in the rain for my sons 21st!! Good Times !!
Amy Meadows – Best friends and sisters enjoying the boardwalk
Kathy Ward OBrien – My friend and I standing tall
Dorothy Svec Grynovicki – Mom and baby son exhausted after a day on the beach.
Alicia Weaver – He was not impressed with the sand at first
Merissa Sweeney – My girl playing in the sand
Debra Canaan Jones
Diana Watson – Our mini vacation b4 mothers day
Megan Possert
Kelli Metzler – Nothing says fun in the sun at oc, md for a kid like building sand castles! Pure joy!
Kristen Stiles – Sofie lives going and playing miniature golf!!
Marlene Friedman Schwoyer – Nothing more exciting than a kid going on a ride at the beach! My great nephew Charlie aka Char Char!
Christina Harperslack – my hubby caught these Two Sheepshead at the Inlet and was photographed in the Coastal Fisherman Paper!
Debbie Gatta Dean – Having some fun
Ashleigh Maines – Her favorite ride of the weekend!
Robyn Marie – You never know what treasures you’ll find on the beach!
Kristina Strong
Sharon Hamm Rollings – While staying at he Holiday Inn on 66th street last week, my granddaughter found the perfect shell
Katie Miller – Can’t wait to be back in June for the Air Show!
Kayla Marie Harvey – Me, my husband, and our daughter in Ocean City two weeks ago. We love the beach so much! And our daughter loves to put her feet in the water and play in the sand.
Ann Swarm Grube – We love OC and are excited to get back on the beach!
Kimberly Royesky – My niece celebrating a beautiful sunset over the Bay!
Annette Beck Wilcox – Covered in sand!! But she had so much fun during her first trip to the ocean!!
Michelle Gavigan – My sister and daughter so excited to be at the beach!
Angie Giuffre – My son loving the view from the Holiday Inn and suites!
Lori Meilhammer – Little ride before we hit the boardwalk is always fun!
Amanda Edgington – All time favorite photo taken at a lifeguard chair on the OC Beach! Little guy was about 7 months old. Taken 2 summers ago
Kali Reager – My boys enjoying Dino mini golf!
Carole Kelly-Miller – My daughter watching the sunrise
Melissa Carney – Caught the sun rays while my 2 year old enjoyed her first time there on opening weekend.
Maggie Harry – Unfurling the Memorial Day flag on the beach Honor their sacrifice
Erin Becraft – Living their best life hanging on the beach 4/30
Nichole Ann Regulski – Our 1st beach day Friday!!! Happy start to summer
Chelsea Dougherty – Rocking her 50s outfit on the boardwalk for the car cruise!!
Katie Myers – One of the two benches we always stop to see. We know “Uncle” Jay is watching down on our kiddo
Misty Rose Lynn – Such an amazing day with the kids
Brandy Woods – First walk on the boardwalk #twins ROCK
Kimberly Cieri – We love our annual trip to OC
Mindy Niyi – Our first time at OC as a married couple
Dawn Kroh – Just there three weeks ago! Stayed at the Quality Inn and my baby boys first time at the beach!
Shania Shehan -Emrahlynn first time in ocmd and she also got to announce the welcoming of her sibling
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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