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Ocean City Volunteer Fire Department debuts new website, recruitment video

The Ocean City Fire Department’s volunteer division has launched a new website and debuted a new recruitment video.

Along with increasing the recruitment of general membership in the division, the website and video were developed to increase interest in the division’s various programs including the Cadet Program, the Ride Along Program and the Live-In Program.

“It has been years since we updated our website and it was time for a fresh, more engaging look,” said the Department’s Retention and Recruitment Coordinator Christine Bennett.  “Not only is the site more user-friendly, but it focuses on recruitment by making information more understandable and easier to find.”

Designed by firefighter Brooks Layton of Chief Technologies, the website’s new home page now features news stories with links to additional photos, as well as links to the department’s social media pages.

Additionally, the site features an updated calendar of events, new information pages for membership, an easy-to-use contact form and new information on the department’s various programs.

Featured alongside the new website is a four-and-a-half minute recruitment video. The video was filmed and produced internally by Firefighter Cesar Campos, an active firefighter and owner of Campos Media. Campos has been a volunteer member for four years and used his knowledge and expertise to highlight the very unique components of Ocean City’s Volunteer Fire Company.

“Not only is this video a great way to recruit for new members, but it is a great promotional tool to highlight all of the wonderful things we do on the volunteer side of the Ocean City Fire Department,” Bennett said. “Several officers and members contributed to this effort and I am really proud of the outcome.”

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