Ocean City Dog Playground

Ocean City Dog Playground


If you’re bringing your dog to Ocean City, you’ll want to make sure they have just as much fun on vacation as you do. The dog playground on 94th street is the only outdoor area within town limits where dogs are allowed off-leash on public property, and it’s also the only dog park within a 25-mile radius.

You’ll find the puppy playground at the Little Salisbury Park on 94th street bayside, right behind the Coffee Beanery and next to the Ocean City Center for the Arts.

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Unfortunately, before letting your dog run wild, you have to pay for a pass at the Ocean City Recreation & Parks Center at Northside Park. Bring with you a current dog license issued by a municipality and a rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, and if you’re an Ocean City resident, bring proof of residency or property ownership for a discounted pass. You’ll then be asked to fill out a Rules and Regulations form and sign an Acceptance of Risk & Release of Liability Waiver Form, and then finally you’ll be given a scannable access card that allows you into the playground. Who said that taking your pet to the park would be easy?

Revenue generated from the playground passes is used to maintain the park. Current rates for passes are as follows.

Ocean City Resident Annual Pass – $50 ($5 for each additional dog)
Non-Resident Annual Pass – $100 ($5 for each additional dog)
Ocean City Resident Half Year Pass – $30.00 (After July 1st)
Non-Resident Half Year Pass – $60.00 (after July 1st)
Seven Day Access Pass – $15.00 Note: this Dog Pass is intended for those individuals who wish to utilize the Playground for a one week or limited duration only ($5 for each additional dog) 

Nothing like a sunny day at the dog park.

Dog’s day out

There are a few hoops for owners to jump through before Fido can jump through hoops in the park, but buying a pass is usually worth it, especially if you’ve got a high-energy pup and no outdoor space for them to play in.

The playground is open every day from dawn to dusk, weather permitting, and is split into two gated sections: a small dog park and a large dog park. Small dogs are considered to be 28 lbs or less, while large dogs are over 28 lbs. Both sections have a grassy area, benches for humans, tennis balls for canines, clean-up bags and waste receptacles.

Don’t forget, leashed dogs are allowed on the beach and boardwalk from October 1 to April 30, so take them down by the ocean after a romp in the park. Just bring plenty of doggy bags!


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  1. Chris Bellison

    Are you kidding me ? They are gonna charge for a dog park . All the money that comes to this town . I own two condos on coastal highway and taxes are rediculous . Then on top of all that you have to have papers from vet and go register and get a card from borthdmside park . Way to much red tape . The people deserve a free dog park . No registration should be necessary. I don’t want to hear any excuses about it being a summer town because all these homeowners and business owners pay all year round regardless if people are here or not .

  2. Karen Hunter

    Thank you for this info. The add above didn’t mention vet papers. Who carries that with them on vacation


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