Fighting to be the Best of Ocean City: Bars Edition

Fighting to be the Best of Ocean City: Bars Edition

In case you missed it, the annual Best of Ocean City voting is well underway. Over the rest of the year, we’ll be picking out some of out favorite races and asking you whether it is fair. If it isn’t, feel free to vote until you believe that right has prevailed. This week, we look at some of the bar categories, but, as always, you can vote for any or all of the categories here.

And check out what restaurants are currently in first place here

Results as of January 22, 2018

people at Seacrets
Seacrets has always been a Best Of darling, but will that hold true for 2018? You decide!

Coconut’s has the best happy hour, for now

Coconut’s Bar and Grill has the best Happy Hour, followed by Mother’s Cantina, with the Original Greene Turtle a distant third and the rest of the competition in shouting distance only. Bad Monkey is currently, by far, the most popular write-in. 

2017’s winner? Coconut’s, go figure.

Pickles Pub leads the league in Sports Bars

Pickles Pub is leaving its competition in the dust this year with a whopping 41% of the votes for Best Sports Bar. Behind it, though not too closely, The Original Greene Turtle and Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon are neck and neck. 

2017’s winner? Pickles. 

Good luck getting a seat at Pickles when there’s a big game on!

Fish Tales leads the Best Bar Overall Battle

The usual suspects are vying for Best Bar Overall honors with Fish Tales glancing over its shoulder to see Seacrets in hot pursuit. MR Ducks and De Lazy Lizard also remain in striking distance and there is a nascent write in campaign for the Cork Bar which, should it get momentum, could really shake things up in this most coveted category.

2017’s winner? Seacrets.

Neck and Neck and heads above for Best Drink

Fish Tales and Harborside Bar & Grill are pretty much neck and neck in this, although Seacrets is just a few votes beneath Harborside. The Crabcake Factory, which is a fan favorite for its famous Bloody Marys alone, hasn’t risen to the challenge and is in the bottom two, sharing that spot with Longboard Cafe. Bad Monkey and Cork Bar seem to be the most popular write-ins this year in a number of Best Bar categories.

This article was updated 1/22/18 –ed.

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