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Summer photos from the vault

I know, I know–we do this every January. Sometimes in December and February, too. But those are always the most difficult months to get through. At least in March the sun starts to shine just a little bit brighter (it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, after all), and then we’ve got the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to keep us optimistic and happy, with a little help of Irish Guinness. Until then, though, we’ve got nothing but pictures from summers past to keep us looking forward to a warmer, beach-ier future. 

The summer photo vault has officially been opened. Feel free to enjoy these pictures until you have an actual summer landscape before your eyes to enjoy, and feel free to share your own favorite pictures with us, too. Only 127 more days until June 21! 

The beach

Ocean City Beach Patrol
The Ocean City Beach Patrol is currently in hibernation mode, but here’s a picture of the crew of 2014.

Now THAT’S a crowded beach.

A hazy summer day. 

Scopes guy
One of our favorite Scopes guys, who we interviewed last summer while he worked on the beach.

Bean bag races
Kids racing on a summer evening at one of 2017’s weekly Family Beach Olympics. 

The boardwalk

Like the beach, the boardwalk can get pretty crowded!
Biking and skateboarding the boards. 

Thrasher's French Fries
You know it’s summer on the boardwalk when you’ve got a big bucket of Thrasher’s fries in front of you. 

Inside the arcade
Boardwalkers enjoy the air conditioned arcade on a hot summer day.

Aaand, of course, the rides!

Out & about

Going to catch some waves off Assateague’s beach. 

Wild ponies soaking up the sun. Their coats grow thicker in the winter, but here they’re fine in the sunshine.

Jet ski fun!

Kids and adults alike having fun at the annual Peach Festival in Berlin, MD. 

Boaters headed out for the evening.

Assateague Guide

Everything you want to know about the Ocean City boardwalk.
Shop, Eat, Drink, People Watch, Amusements, Bike & Scooter rentals, more...

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