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Hurricane Dorian Not A Threat to Ocean City As of Now

Hurricane Dorian delivered Category 5 winds to the Bahamas over the Labor Day weekend; but the storm has weakened to a Category 3 in strength since then, and its track is predicted to stay off the east coast. Current estimates say it could make landfall in the Carolinas some time on Thursday. The Weather Channel also states that Delmarva Peninsula could see effects from Dorian Friday into Saturday. We can’t estimate the amount of rain at this point, but from what is being said we will most likely see just a wet start to our weekend. Rip currents could be strong, so please swim only on guarded beaches.  See the graphics provided by The Weather Channel and check back with us for more updates.

satellite image at 10EST 090319
graphic/image from weather.com
Hurricane Dorian current predicted track
graphic/image from weather.com

Now, however, we have perfect weather in Ocean CityMostly sunny and 76° is the forecast for today and it couldn’t be more lovely! Although they say “mostly” sunny we are hard pressed to find a single cloud right now! The bicycles are rolling by on the boards. Warm donuts have been served for a great breakfast treat! Arcades are swirling and buzzing as a new high score is achieved. Vacationers are currently either laying poolside before going to the beach, or on the beach covered in their favorite SPF! If you are worried that Hurricane Dorian will dampen the end of the week, come now

Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
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