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Heading North in Ocean City Md

For those who stay in North Ocean City when they visit our resort, there is no other place to be. For those who do not stay in North Ocean City, some do not venture north of the Rt 90 Bridge and are unaware of the delights North Ocean City has to offer. From the high rise of condo row, to the quieter beaches in the very north, there’s something for everyone. North Ocean City is where you will find Ocean City’s two movie theaters, plus Gold Coast Mall. There’s also streets of residential living including Little Salisbury, and Montego Bay. Ocean City’s largest park, Northside Park, takes prime place on 125th street, but other neighborhood parks like Gorman Avenue Park and North Surf Park are scattered around. We have put together a collection of photos from North Ocean City to entice, confirm and remind you of the beautiful area north of the Rt 90 Bridge

The jewel in the crown of North Ocean City has to be Northside Park, 58 acres of open space, bike and walking paths, playgrounds, lakes, and views.
One of the many canals a few lucky people are honored to live on in North Ocean City
The quieter beaches of North Ocean City
Less hustle and bustle on the beaches in the north of the resort
Just north of North Ocean City, Fenwick Island! (will we get away with that?)
The water tower for the Art League of Ocean City.
The high rise blocks from around 94th Street to 118th Street
One of those little paths along the edge of the beach
Riding your bike to the beach on 141st Street
Doesn’t get better than this!
There’ always a space for your chair in North Ocean City
Getting ready for a day at the beach in North Ocean City
It’s the Fenwick Lighthouse, right on the state line on 146th Street  Ocean City! The official lighting the Fenwick Island Lighthouse took place on August 1, 1859 
Early morning on the beach
There’s often bikes at the entrance to the beaches in North Ocean City


Sunrise in North Ocean City
The Transpeninsular Line sign at the Fenwick Light House on 146th Street in North Ocean
The beautiful Ocean City beach
A canal in North Ocean City
View from the Clarion Hotel on 101st Street
Northside Park
Sun rising on the high rise of North Ocean City
At the entrance to the beach on 130th street.
Canal on a winter’s day in North Ocean City
Sunset at Harpoon Hannas in North Ocean City
The blossom alone is worth a visit to Northside Park in the spring
The  Pier at Northside Park
The sweeping beach in North Ocean City
Sunset at Northside Park
Welcome to Ocean City, the north end, no matter what the weather!
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 25 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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