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Coronavirus and Beach Rental Properties

Although a number of cancellations for summer reservations were seen between March and May, it seems things a beginning to level out. The public is continues to be extremely concerned and very cautious but most people are ready to be out of their house and as time has passed and the curve has flattened on the number of coronavirus patients. Now, shops and stores have started opening much to everyone’s delight.

Nothing was as exciting however, as the proclamation the beach and boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland would be open and welcoming visitors!

Property owners had been braced to endure a full year without summer income to assist in carrying the debt load of property ownership.   However, the public response from the opening of the beach has been refreshing and promising.

It would seem many people, that have been closed up in their homes for several months, ache just to feel the sun on their face and feel sand between their toes.

Since the announcement of Ocean City’s opening, the weeks of each rental property are slowly filling in.

Parents of school aged children have expressed their concern with their offspring being confined for such a long period of time that seems forever to the young people.   Fresh air, sunshine and the ocean seems to be an extremely attractive solution for parents and children alike.

The Mayor and Council of Ocean City have been remarkably thoughtful in the planned steps to open.  Concern for visitors as well as citizens of Worcester County, have been foremost in their concerns.  Measures are taking place to provide a level of confidence to visiting the beach town.

From Thrashers French Fries implementing a foot pump dispenser, for the vinegar application, to Fish Tales inventive solution via inner tube/tables, to ensure everyone is practicing social distancing, all this is done in an attempt  to make Ocean City a safe and welcoming haven.

Guidelines for checking in and out as well as strict cleaning procedures are also designed to avoid health hazards.

Common sense should always apply, regardless of all safety precautions.  If you are unable to keep at least a six foot distance from others, a mask would be highly recommended.  As always, continue to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.  Remember, as grandmothers the world over have always known, sunlight and fresh air is the best antiseptic!

Beach Real Estate and OceanCity.com wish you a safe and healthy summer!

Joanna Laslo
Joanna Laslohttps://www.oceancitybeachproperties.com
Broker/Owner of Beach Real Estate, Inc., a local that Graduated from Stephen Decatur High School.  35+ years of experience in real estate sales.  Joanna is a broker in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.  Joanna also manages Ocean City weekly condo and vacation rentals.

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