Captain Schoepf Relay set for Sunday June 14

Captain Schoepf Relay set for Sunday June 14

Ocean City, Maryland – (June 8, 2020): The Ocean City Beach Patrol’s annual Captain Schoepf Relay will be held at 10 a.m. on Sunday, June 14. Captain Schoepf served on the Beach Patrol from 1950 to 1996, at which time he retired after more than 40 years of service to the Town of Ocean City.

A classic steel rescue buoy is passed along by alumni guards and current lifeguards. The relay begins at 7th Street, Captain Schoepf’s original stand, with a run to the end of Ocean City followed by a swim the entire length of Ocean City. The buoy is returned to the beach and run back to the starting point at 7th Street. The direction of the relay is contingent upon the prevailing ocean current on the morning of the relay

Each year the starting leg of the relay is completed by a member of Captain Schoepf’s family or OCBP alumni. “This annual relay not only reminds everyone involved of the past contributions of George Schoepf, but also of the contribution and sacrifices of all past and present Beach Patrol lifeguards,” said Beach Patrol Captain Butch Arbin. “It also keeps the current Surf Rescue Technicians (lifeguards) in touch with the beginning of this world class organization as they run and swim with an antique piece of lifesaving equipment (the metal buoy) that was once carried by all Ocean City lifeguards.”

Captain Schoepf began his career with the Ocean City Beach Patrol in 1950 and worked his way through the ranks, promoted to sergeant, then to lieutenant. With the approval of the Mayor and City Council, Schoepf became Assistant to the Captain in the late 1960’s and was appointed to Captain in 1987.

In addition to George Schoepf’s service to the Town of Ocean City, he also retired from Wicomico County Schools where he ended his successful career as a Teacher and Coach at Wi High. For more information about the Ocean City Beach Patrol’s Annual Captain Schoepf Relay, please contact 410.289.7556.

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