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Beach Patrol Reporting May 23

Beach Patrol in Stands Memorial Day Weekend

Beach Patrol

(May 12, 2020) The Town of Ocean City’s Facebook page confirmed the Beach Patrol will be on the beach for Memorial Day Weekend.  The post from today read: Life guards will be on duty May 23, 2020, 10am -5:30pm daily.  A new cautionary note was added to the seasonal post: Please be mindful of physical distancing while visiting Ocean City’s beaches. The post was preempted with this entry: The mission of the Ocean City Beach Patrol is to provide safety and well-being to all of our beach patrons. Remember to keep your feet in the sand until the lifeguard’s in the stand! 

To learn more about Ocean City Beach Patrol visit our page.

Interested in Beach Patrol? Beach Patrol has a testing day listed as May 30, 2020. Click here for more information on the position and requirements. It has a great resource of frequently asked questions.

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