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“Alexa, play Ocean City sounds”: How to enjoy Ocean City virtually before summer hits

The Town of Ocean City just rolled out a new tech-savvy feature that brings you one small step closer to Ocean City when you can’t actually be in Ocean City.

What would we do without you, modern technology?

The Boardwalk’s looking a little lonely these days as the high late-winter winds whip sand around and gulls go hungry looking for disregarded french fries that just haven’t made their annual appearance yet. Soon enough the streets downtown will be packed with family minivans, cruisers and CRVs, and the beach will be lined with umbrellas and blankets as far as the eye can see, but until then, the off-season desolation is very real.  

If you need a little help overcoming the winter blues, here’s how you can virtually enjoy OC and get hyped up for your summer vacation well before the summer actually arrives.  Featuring, first and foremost, the newest advent in virtual reality beach-bumming:

1. Listen to the sounds of Ocean City on Alexa

Alexa, play Ocean City sounds.” If you have an Alexa, that’s all you have to say to get the sounds of the seagulls and the waves straight to your ear in about five seconds or less. It’s a little more sophisticated than holding up a conch shell souvenir from your last beach vacation, although if you don’t have an Alexa, that’ll work, too. 

Per the Town’s website, here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. Open the Alexa app or go to Amazon.com. Tap or select “Skills” and search for Ocean City, Maryland. Select “Enable.”  Accept “Terms and Conditions.”
  2. Say “Alexa, play Ocean City sounds.”
  3. Enjoy being transported to the beach.

2. See Ocean City in real-time on our webcams

If you’re really craving a trip to the beach, play the sounds of OC on Alexa while you watch the waves roll in on one of the many webcams placed around town, from the Inlet to the bayside to a hotel’s balcony view of the ocean.

And let us know in the comments section below: Where else would you like to see a webcam live stream of Ocean City?

3. Read all about your favorite place at all times of the year

We’re always here to keep you updated on what’s happening in Ocean City, with the latest news and feature articles on everything from hotels to restaurants and bars to things-to-do. Whatever you want to know about, we’ve probably written about it.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our articles or elsewhere on our site, start a thread in the Ocean City forum. Your fellow OC lovers are probably wondering about the same topic and are just waiting for someone like you to start the conversation. 

Hopefully this will tide you over (get it?) until you’re able to enjoy Ocean City in real life. For added authenticity to your staycation, a homemade orange crush and a sunscreen-scented candle ought to round out the almost-OC experience.

Obviously nothing compares to actually being on the beach and Boardwalk in the summertime, toes in the sand and fruity drink in hand — but until then, enjoying Ocean City over the internet is the next best thing. Only a few more months til summer!

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