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Have a great story about your time at the beach or, really anywhere in Maryland or on the Delmarva Peninsula? Are you interested in developing a following as a blogger or travel writer, or in sharing your particular perspective with a massive audience? We accept submissions and pitches about Maryland culture, history and fun. We also accept photo blogs about day trips all around the state. We can provide you a space on OceanCity.com, Annapolis.com, Virginia.com or Maryland.com to explore your photography and writing talents. Whether you are trying to build your personal brand or just looking to make a bigger splash with your beach insights and memories, we can provide the platform you need to reach more people more often.

If you are looking to gain experience, we’re looking for freelance writers.

We provide editing, positive critique, and access to hundreds of photos (for writers who don’t shoot their own). Additionally, some writers get behind the scenes access to write about experiences from a perspective few other people can. OceanCity.com also provides social media support including highlighting all blog posts across all our destination sites on our Facebook page and Twitter streams, which reach more than 200,000 readers combined.
If you are interested in writing about local craft beer, we have a place for that as well.

If you’re a photographer, our Facebook page has some of the best photographic contributions any tourism site could ask for. So many in fact that we can’t share them all. We’re looking for photographers who can not only show the region’s true beauty, but who wouldn’t mind sharing tips and tricks with visiting photographers and enthusiasts. Contributors can publish photos either directly to OceanCity.com or from their personal or professional Flickr account. We provide editorial feedback on whatever prose you choose to contribute and promotion of your personal or professional photography page.

We hope to be a significant part of a supportive writing and photoblogging culture, a network where the creators work together not only to support one another, but to show the area in the multifaceted way it deserves.

If you are interested, please email aneely@OceanCity.com.

We love sharing all things Ocean City, Maryland! From Beach Photos to Day Trips, we're always up for something fun. Reach out to info@OceanCity.com to share your favorite photos and stories.

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