Top 10 Ocean City videos from the Jan. 7 storm

Top 10 Ocean City videos from the Jan. 7 storm


Over the weekend, members of the staff as well as many of our loyal readers got out and shared some videos of the snow. If you’re still snowed in (or if you wish you were) take a look as some of the awesome sights we had in town this weekend. As always, feel free to share your videos to our Facebook page and to submit photos to our website for inclusion in collections like this one. Enjoy!

If you’ve got the right gear, it never is too cold to surf in Ocean City, Md. 

There’s always fund stuff to do during a snow storm in Ocean City 

A quick tour of the Inlet after the storm has broken. 

Inlet at the height of the storm

…and the calm that followed

Road department hard at work

A drive up a quiet downtown

Snowy afternoon at Northside park

Bringing the fun from the beach onto the parking lot


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