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The Ocean City Fishing Pier

The Ocean City Fishing Pier is an iconic image in Ocean City, and whether you wish to use it to fish the Atlantic Ocean, or just want to take a walk along it and enjoy the view, it’s something that you should do at least once on a visit to Ocean City . It’s the only pier in Ocean City that extends into the Atlantic Ocean, and is connected to Jolly Roger’s at the Pier Amusement Park. The pier dates back to 1907, and has been battered and bruised several times by storms, burnt by fires, and frozen by ice.  It’s been shortened, lengthened and repaired again and again. The sun rises behind it, the waves crash against it,  there are spectacular views from it. We asked our friends on Facebook if they had any favorite photos of the Pier they could share with us, and as always, they obliged. 

Jen Flynn Last Wed

Dramatic skies at the Pier

Jill Tanyi Last summer by the pier!

A view of the Pier

Kimberly Zander Here’s one

Blue skies and the Pier

Karen Allen Lineburg Last Friday…

Fran Donatelli-Thornton November 2019

Stormy at the Pier

Sherri Baton September 2019

Sherri Baton

A view of the Pier

Kim Barron Athey

Kim Barron Athey

Sunny at the Pier

Lorraine Watson

Scott Canham

Andrea Black

Terri Newman Bennar

Kim Barron Athey

Cheryl Cusick

Nicole Wells Spring break last year (March 2019) Hoping to visit again soon!

Dawn Dupert

Kelly Waite

Michelle Wilson

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