Governor Hogan Says Outdoor Dining Will Reopen

Governor Hogan Says Outdoor Dining Will Reopen


Outdoor Dining Opening in Ocean City

Friday, May 29 at 5pm Restrictions Lessen

(May 27, 2020)During Governor Hogan’s press conference today he announced Maryland can now complete its move to into the first phase of a three step plan to bring Maryland back to full recovery from the coronavirus shutdown. Starting Friday, May 29 at 5pm the following will be open:

Restaurants and social organizations ( American Legions, for example) –  for outside dining.

  • Tables must be appropriately spaced apart
  • No more than 6 people at a table
  • Strict public health measures must be taken
  • Restaurant staff must have daily temp checks and wear masks
  • All tables and chairs must be sanitized between use
  • Paper menus for one time use is encouraged

The Governor also said his team encourages local leaders to be innovative. He gave examples of street closures to allow restaurants to spread out  tables and allow for more outdoor seating than typical.

Other Restrictions changing:

Outdoor pools

  • are now at a 25% capacity

Youth activities

  • camps and sports can meet with limited numbers and no contact activities
  • groups limited to no more than 10
  • staff and campers should wear masks
  • staff need daily symptom checks

Drive-in Theaters can open

Physical distancing and masking standards:

  • Social distancing and masking is still encouraged when ever possible
  • Masks are still needed in retail stores
  • Telework is encouraged indefinitely

The Governor said, “The fight with this virus is in no means over.”, but referenced the metrics that need to be watched are on a decline. Which he also said may allow Maryland to move into stage 2 as early as next week if the the numbers continue to trend downward.

To watch full press conference click here

Click here to view the full Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery plan

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  1. Nancy Cole

    Hello Larry Hogan,
    I would like for you to know that once again you have tied our hands again as a small business owner. I own a small restaurant, you have given us dining outside, but how does that really help us if the weather is not great. Plus I serve alcohol and can not serve it, if they dine outdoors on the premises because my outdoors is not in closed. so again you have cut our sales, which cuts our throat as small business owners. For which you were a small business owner at one time, thought you would understand. you do not clarify the stipulations that you put us all under clearly. When you go up for your next press conference please make sure that you are clear on what information you are giving us, cause at the end of your day you still get paid. I on the other hand am sitting here wondering if I’m gonna be open still come next week. Thank you for your time. Nancy Cole


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