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The Globe in Berlin is Closing, But Not Forever

The Globe closes November 30

Although many have heard the news and have been saddened by it, The Globe restaurant’s closing will not be its end. Bryan Brushmiller owner of local Berlin spots, such as the Burley Oak Brewing Company and Burley Cafe, purchased the building from its previous owner and has plans to continue The Globe.

Globe staying Globe

Brushmiller said that  when the owner of The Globe approached him, he said yes right away. He said he believed she knew he would continue its legacy. “I really want to keep The Globe, The Globe.” 

History being Preserved

The Globe building has a long history in Berlin. It was built in 1910. In 1917 it became a theater. Brushmiller wants to preserve that history, “The Globe is a cultural landmark for Arts & Entertainment.” In 2006 it was renovated & reinvigorated, offering food, drink, and live entertainment, and Brushmiller says he wants to continue what people enjoyed about the Globe experience, but add to it.

Phase 1

“There are a lot of phases to this, but I am really excited that we are in Phase 1, and we are thinking about what to do to make the Globe better.” Brushmiller says the purchase of the building was only the beginning, he still needs to make preliminary steps such as a liquor license for example, so a re-opening date is not known yet.

Brushmiller wants to keep all that the Globe offered, but he is looking to make changes. Live entertainment, food, and drink will still be a staple of the Globe experience. He says that construction needs to happen before anything else. He wants to update the kitchen and reconfigure the layout of bar/stage/restaurant  for better flow.

Art & Entertainment Mecca for Berlin

“I would like to make Berlin the mecca for arts & entertainment in this region. We have people come here [Burley Oak Brewing Company] from all over the East Coast. We would like to mimic that traffic.” Brushmiller would like to create a venue suitable for headline acts to perform in. The endgame for Brushmiller is to help Berlin as a whole. “The goal is to get people from out-of-town to come to Berlin.”


Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
Jessica is a creative through and through. She loves creating from sun up to sun down. She is an artist, a friend, a mom, a wife, and whatever other hat she might wear in a day. You might find Jessica with a camera or sketch pad in the local area, but you might find her far and away as she loves to travel. If you see her say, hi and give her dog/baby, Joey a hello too since they usually travel together!

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