Take an Arcade Tour of the Boardwalk

Take a tour of the best arcades on the boardwalk- A place where families can spend time together and act like kids! Here is a list of arcades on the boardwalk that never disappoint.



Tickets! Tickets! And more rolls of tickets! Claw machines galore with an entire wall of prizes. There is definitely something for everyone in the family here. You can hear the excitement from the boardwalk as you walk by- who am I kidding? I never just walk by! I can’t resist a good game of Skeeball.



With an insane amount of claw machines lining the front doors, it’s sure to catch your eye. Try your luck on Plinko, Wheel of Fortune Monopoly, Tower of Tickets, and Wizard of Oz! And don’t miss out on my personal favorite, Quick Drop! The key is- you need to get more than one ball in at a time. Trust me.

Price is Right



With a huge selection of prizes, Funcade on the boardwalk is loads of fun. Skeeball, basketball, and Space Invaders are just a few games to name inside the arcade. Maybe claw machines are more your style. Try your luck on the rings of tickets for a big opportunity to collect those tickets.

Claw machine
Tickets and claw machine

Arcade at The Grande

Located on the boardwalk on the bottom floor of The Grande at 23rd street, this arcade is just the right size. Its cute area has an air hockey table, Mario Grand Prix, and Connect 4 basketball, you can’t go wrong! And you might as well stop next door to grab a slice of pizza on the way out.

Connect 4
Mario and Luigi
Air hockey


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