Photo Friday Contest Winner June 15th 2023

Thank you for all the wonderful photos you shared with us this week for our Photo Friday Contest. We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures sent to us this week.  This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Kyle Sowinski for this adorable picture of someone enjoying the ocean without actually having to get into it! (We get it, those waves can be pretty powerful at times).  Congratulations Kyle! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for our next Photo Friday Contest starting tomorrow, Friday June 16th, on Facebook, and please remember to include a sentence telling us what’s going on in your picture! 

**PLEASE NOTE: we will never post a comment on your photo telling you you have won the contest, or to click on a link to win the contest. We will always announce the winner’s name with a post on our Facebook Page each Thursday, and an article on, and we will always ask you to contact us. Please be aware of scammers.**

Kyle Sowinski – Waves were a little too big for her so we made her own little pool to enjoy
Jessica Nusbaum – I was in OC in early May and got some amazing shots of the sky while I was there. The clouds were incredible!
Katie Carter – Nothing like waking up at the Hilton Easter morning and posing with a large golden egg on your head with the one Prime flavor you’ve been wanting to try from your Easter basket
Edward Fonseca – Me and my son’s first time at Ocean City
Shannon Lang Waterbury – My son with his first Thrashers of the year (Spring Break 2023)
Ashley Weaver – From todays Thunderbird practice
Leslie R. Pollard – Little chilly but that won’t stop me from walking on the beach
Karen Beardsley – Sunset on the bay
Julie Barley – April sunrise in front of the Flagship hotel.
Kim Martin-Peletsky – My husband and son enjoying a special moment on the beach in Ocean City.
Michelle Agee Collett – when you’ve played at the beach all day long and are having so much fun, you need to go back again after dinner… And you’re exhausted!
Jennifer Hughes Fagan – My mom and I were walking my special needs daughter in her wheelchair along the pier at the end of the boardwalk and this nice gentleman who was fishing asked us if she would like to fish with him and his son. He was so patient and kind to my daughter and it was a special moment. And she loved it as well.
David Rossbach – Olivia is Jumping for Joy for a Beach Day!! May 2023
Sarah Addis – Nothing better then playing in the water. All 3 of my babes
William Kirk – Angelina and Daddy’s sand castle. 7 June ’23
Tiffany Seyler – Beach babes can’t wait to be there this weekend! Nothing like the salty air and sound of waves crashing
Cheryl Gadd Franck – I absolutely love sunrise in O.C.!!!! Coffee was especially good this morning!!!
Angela Marie – 2 weeks ago sitting out front of the yummy dough roller.. A gorgeous, inviting Gull
Jessica Horowitz – We love the beach but also love spending time at the parks and mini golf.
Brianna Bookhultz – The night my fiancé proposed! There was a double rainbow and a beautiful sunset after!! Couldn’t have asked for a better proposal in a better spot
Dave Cipriani – Our view from our place on the bay. Love it! (32nd by jolly rodger/speedworld)
Brian-Heather Mills – Teaching him right! Picking crabs at Shrimp Boat Restaurant / Seafood Market. We vaca in OC at least 4 times a year. Our home away from home.. hope to become locals one day!
Dana White – Grandson + waves = Pure joy! Monday June 5th.. water was warm
Kelly Barnhart – School is out lets start it right at Ocean City
Ashley Summers – 1st time riding the big roller coaster in OC, May 26, 2023
Chrissy Farmer Heller – My boys loving their kick off to summer! The beach hair is strong.
Josh N Brandy Maxwell – I have been taking my son and his fathers picture in front of the ocean every year since he was 2 to show the difference🤍most recent one was the last one in may.
Michelle Neves – Mom and Son in Ocean City- Same ride 30+ years apart!
Lindsay Fain – Taken during a sunrise walk, despite the clouds the calm and my daughter make moments like this priceless
Connie Weire – My husband and daughter walking down the beach for this first time during cruise week
Cassie Walter – My youngest was so excited he found a crab while playing on the beach during the cruise in
Cynthia Fink-Ober – Riding the giant Ferris wheel for the first time!
Shannon Howard – My son on the left and my grandson on the right…22 years apart in the exact spot ! 🥰 my family has been loving Ocean City for generations !
Ginger Baltimore – Our new favorite “off-season” spot. 🤗 The Cambria. This was the view from our deck back in April.
Danielle Blair – My kids love the beach!
Melissa Waugh – Gathering some shells last weekend.
Sarah Parris – Taking in the nightlife for the 1st time
Julie Potter – A huge jump for joy from my 4 year old seeing the ocean for the first time!
Kristy Lackey – Gizmo took a trip the Ocean, hon
Victoria Sadler – My grandson on the beach at 63rd street
Joann Dixon Copsey – My mother grew up going to OC. she was born in 1940. she never missed riding on the Carousel. I made sure that when she became ill, that I would help her on as long as I could. she passed away in 2017 and I will always ride for her. I now have grandchildren and nieces and nephews and we will always come to OC. xoxo
Dianna Wingrove – My Granddaughter on the hunt for Seashells in her ” itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini” !
Victoria Sadler – Rt 50 drawbridge coming into Ocean City
Brandi Marie – Boardwalk nights are the best nights
Jennifer Dayton Versuk – Stormy night but look how pretty! My 14 year old daughter captured this!
Heather Morgan – My mother in law seeing the ocean for the first time with her two sons in tow.
Jenna Malinsky – Enjoying the sand in our annual trip to beautiful ocean city!
Michael P Lynch – Sunrise at the beach are moments to cherish.
Courtney Willey – My daughter goes crazy over the teacups
Gay Goodman Hayden – Making memories at Ocean City!
Vickie Bashore – Me fishing
Chase Murray – Amazing ocean and sky picture from a day trip last year
Alisha Eid – Having fun in the ocean!
Jillian Kay – Headed back in after a great day of fishing on The Angler!
Crystal Murphy – Visiting the fire station, and taking a tour of the fire trucks.
Tasha Michael – Enjoying some salty ocean waves and acting like they like each other
Ashlee Marie – Who doesn’t like waking up from your bed and seeing this(06/05/23)
Tonya Coles – Living their best life! Brotherly love
Annie Parks – Even a bad hair day is a great day in OC.
Tyler Legg – Got engaged to my fiancé after the st Patrick’s day parade
Bob Zabicki – Our family vacation and my granddaughters first trip to Ocean City MD
Susan Dawson – My daughter and sister in law on the Boardwalk after a dinner of Paisanos Pizza and Fishers popcorn!
Megan Funk – My sons first trip to OC! He’s 9 months and we are day two into our trip and he is LOVING it
Nicole Marie – My daughter going in the ocean at 109th street for the first time this year!
Stephanie Shade – Making memories with my grandson .. Beach baby!
Vicki Helmick – Enjoying our ice cream on the boards after a long day on the sand.
Rachel Faith Mizrahi – When you’re decked out in your cozy crab gear searching for baby crabs in the sand…
Marci Scott – My daughter enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach
Aaron Lovegrove – On our way to the dog park!!!
Tony Merendino – This is my vacation countdown, a picture taken by my wife from the inlet when we were there


Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 25 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with since September 2014.

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