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Spend the day on on the Fenwick beach!

For many people yearning to sit on the beach just for one more minute in the summer while they are daydreaming back at home gardening or taking the trash out,  but don’t have the money or time to take off work for a week long vacation, Fenwick Island is the place to stop, specifically, the Fenwick beach.

The  cost to get into this state park is very affordable. They are open from 8am to 4:30pm everyday. Fenwick offers many accommodations that will help your quick trip to the beach much easier than you think

There is a consation stand on site and is open every day. They offer a variety of different foods drinks snacks and ice cream to keep the kids and you happy. They even offer lunch specials each day. Usually consisting of two different items they are featuring that day. Very affordable pricing and a varrity of items.

Having this luxury right at your footsteps is just like walking up to your hotel pool side grill grabbing a bite to eat and heading back to where you wanna be, watching the waves and feeling the sand!

You can always leave the park to grab a bite to eat and come back at your leisure because your park pass lasts all day. I would advise not doing so on weekends though because the park can become filled quickly and then line to enter can become rather long. The policy once the park is full is one car in one car out so it may take awhile to re-enter.

With little ones bathroom breaks can become a problem if you don’t have a hotel or room to go back to….not a problem either! The Fenwick beach has working bathrooms.

When you are ready to leave the beach and head home, you probably want to leave the sand at the beach. Fenwick also has a bath house where you can shower and change with a large area to do so.  

So when you want to take a day trip to the beach without all the hassle of checking in and checking out where to stay and where to eat, stop in at Fenwick Island, you won’t have to leave the park until you are ready to head home.  

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