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Recreational Boating Allowed in Ocean City

Watersports Companies Prepping 

Recreational Boating Open in Ocean City


Cutlip Family, owners of Bayside Boat Rentals

(May 7, 2020) Several low-risk out door activities will now be allowed to resume today. An activity that has many thinking about fun in Ocean City this summer is boating! Recreational boating is now an accepted activity. Prior to today, recreational boating and fishing  were not allowed unless necessary to feed yourself and your family. Commercial Fishing was deemed essential work.

Our favorite watersport rental companies are gearing up for when they can welcome visitors back now that recreational boating will be open. See how their operations are prepping for when it is safe for your return.


Bayside Boat Rentals 

Bayside Boats is prepping to offer the same great service you expect when renting jet skis, pontoon boats, or jet boats in Ocean City. Despite the late breaking news that recreational boating would be allowed this summer season, Jackie Cutlip of Bayside Boat Rentals, was happy to tell us they are about 75% ready at this point to be open. She did say that her calendar next week would be full with planting all the the tropical plants they ordered to brighten up their establishment, but she was delighted to help create that atmosphere for the clients. They have taken off the shrink wrap off their equipment, the bottom painting of the boats has been done, the pressure washing of the docks is currently underway. They are fully staffed and are hoping to open as soon as May 16th with limited services of pontoon boat rental only as they ease back into the season. We spoke with Jackie of Bayside Boats and asked what they are most looking forward to and she said, “We are looking forward to getting people come back to Bayside Boat Rentals. We can’t wait to let them hop on a pontoon, and not have that worry about everything else going on around them. We hope they can relax and enjoy the sunshine and have some stress free fun.”

Get Some Stress Free Fun NOW Bayside Boat Rentals

Bayside Boat Rentals started an Ocean City Dreaming giveaway as part of their prep for summer.
Giveaway details: Bayside Boat Rentals is giving away a free 2 hour pontoon boat rental to use when Ocean City opens back up, just for being their fan. For your chance to win, like the Bayside Boat Rentals Facebook page and you’re automatically qualified for our random drawing. If you are already a Bayside Boat Rentals fan, like our OceanCity.com facebook  page and our contests post for your chance to win! Winner will be randomly drawn and announced May 15th.

Odyssea Watersports

Odyssea is excited to see their customers, and is knocking out items on the “to do” list in anticipation. The list of items that need to be removed is a big part of the preparation for the summer season for Odyssea and Action Watersports. Plywood is being removed from the windows,  shrink wrap is being removed from the equipment, and seaweed is being removed from the beach. They are fixing fences and putting a fresh coat of paint on anything  that needs it. Their jet skis, pontoon boats, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards need to brought out or placed on the beach, and they are still hiring employees. Odyssea is shooting for a Memorial Day Weekend opening, but is hoping to be open a few days before. When we asked Justin Clemens of Odyssea what he and the Odyssea family are most looking forward to, this is what he told us, “We’re looking forward to seeing our employees and customers come back. With everyone being inside here for the past month or two, I think it will be extra special to get outside and enjoy watersports. Something that kinda frees everybody’s minds and you can just get on the water and have a good time and forget about what’s going on for a little bit.”

Website: odysseawatersports.com

Extra Info to Help with Planning.

To ensure all are adhering to guidelines for the new outdoor activities Maryland DNR has put the following page together. Click the link to see limitations to activities.

Here is some reference info from Maryland Dept of Natural Resources for Licensing & Registration Service Center Processing During COVID-19 Closure, as all normal regulations for fishing apply, like the necessary licensing.

What Other Activities are Now Allowed?


Please be advised that the current Stay-at-Home order is in effect and all lodging is for essential personnel until May 22 in Ocean City.

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