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Photo Friday Winner August 6th 2021

Thank you for all the submissions we had for our Photo Friday Contest this week. We love receiving photos of your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures submitted this week. They show friends and family, annual visits, first visits, boat rides and fishing, boogie boards on the beach, walks on the Boardwalk, sandcastles and sunsets, little kids and big waves, arcades and rides, dinner out, special drinks, and so much more! This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Ginger Baltimore for this great photo of someone head over heels to be on vacation in Ocean City. Congratulations Ginger! Keep taking pictures of  Ocean City, and be on the look out for next weeks Photo Friday Contest.

Ginger Baltimore – We LOVE our annual family trip to OC! ❤️ This was from this years vacation the week of July 10th! Our grandson was very excited!!!
Amber Dawn Rose-Thorne – Boardwalk lovin’!! First trip to OC for this cutie!
Robert Carbaugh – Route 50 Bridge opening for a large White Marlin Open boat to get under it, just as we entered with our boat
Evelyn Lamplugh – Sitting on the dock of the bay at The White Marlin Marina .
Betsy Policicchio – WMO Sunday
Elle Thompson – Our first trip to ocean city, and our kids first time seeing the ocean! We will be back in a week and a half and cannot wait!!
Ashley Mowery-Steele – Horses joining us for a beach picnic on Assateague Island.
Ruth McDuffie – My granddaughter livin her best life in OCMD!! And an action shot of the scopes guy!
William Kirk – A castle in the sand for my two angels, wife Simona and 5-year old Daddy’s girl Angelina…at the best beach town on the East Coast…OC MD!!! Two trips so far, two more to go…can’t wait to see you soon.
Lew Marion – Just got back from an awesome week in OCMD.
Lindsay Duke – Wipe out, fun in the ocean at our favorite place 75th st OCMD
Lyndsy Horvath – A nice evening walk with my little buddy.
Kevin Cook – Best friends in the making
Ashley Heilman-Kopps – First time at ocmd
Connie McAteer – My granddaughter could barely wait to get the car unloaded and she had to run into the water.
Darinda Bowman – I couldnt be more excited and proud of this picture i took on the beach of your beautiful sun rise
Christina Marie – First time riding on Assateague Adventure from Talbot Street Watersports.
Wonderful experience.
Shannon Nesslerodt Miller – My 8yr old loved practicing her gymnastics on the beach this week.
Kelly Kready – My grandson had so much fun on the boardwalk in the evenings. He loved playing at the playground on the boardwalk.
Kelsey Wolfsheimer – Enjoying this amazing view celebrating passing my board exam to become a RN!
Megan LaFon – This beach babe has visited ocean city each year of her life…and it only gets better every year. She counts down from the day we get home until the next time she gets to go back!
Michelle Agee Collett – Captured by the wave!
Cara Lynn – Great time trying a bunch of new things!
Danielle Blair – My favorite Ice Cream spot
Alicia Hennigan Guy – This was from our last trip to Ocean City. As soon as we get in town we head straight to the beach. We weren’t able to go last year because of COVID, so we are super excited to be back next week.
Brittany Lupettie – Ava 11, Dakota 14, enjoying there vacation with mom/Grammy and step dad/pappy at ocean city Maryland they had a wonderful time
Jennifer Keeney – Our first trip in 9 years! Went with a friend and her kids as well. Out of my 4 children, all pictured , it was 2 of their first times at the beach and only the second for my oldest 2. We had an amazing breakfast at The Barn before heading to the beach for the day.
Sam King – 133rd Street
Jennifer McCrory- Ambrose – De lazy lizard-summer lovin
Wright Krystal – One of my best friends and I brought our babies to Ocean City for a quick trip a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic time!
Deb Thoman – We brought our two precious grandkids to the beach with us & we all had a blast. They got new Boogie boards to ride the waves. They loved it!!!
Emily Pridgen – Just walking along the boardwalk on a yearly 10day visit and came across the mural. We had never seen it before and the kids both loved it
Betsy Policicchio – Swimming
Lyndsy Horvath – Our first day of vacation and she just couldn’t wait to play in the waves
Laura Armitage Smith – Pennsylvania cousins meeting up on the boards for some OC Fun! Another girls trip coming up soon
Miriam Cruz Chorba – Best Wednesday afternoon at the beach learning to surf with the endless Summer crews.
Amanda Shotts – Our trip in June. We can’t wait to come back.
Judy Duncan – Bay side from the deck of the Atlantic Beach House Restaurant.
Tara McKinsey – Her first time ever seeing the ocean. She loved it after getting use to it
Ashley Miller – We were there July 4-11. We had a great time!
Autumn Lynn Shaw – His first time to the water park he loved it ! (He doesn’t go anywhere without his monkey lol)
Theresa Lattieri – I take a pic like this every year one of my favorites!
Amber Raye – Our daughters first time riding the rides at Trimpers!!
Laura Williams Supler – When the sun is setting, you stop what you’re doing and watch it.
Kayla Marie Harvey – Just a daddy and his girl enjoying a nice cruise on the boat with OC Swim Call
Stacey Virginia – We had an amazing time and terrific weather for our annual family vacation week, starting 7/10. Erin was barely in her chair because she was in and out of the water and sand.
Justin Thorne – You can take the boy out of WV but you can’t take the WV out of the boy!! Fishing and catching!!
Michaela Fisher – Who said a 6 month old couldn’t surf!?!? Waves were good surfing in OCMD last weekend!
Deb Maggio – My kids having a great day on the beach.
Penny Ambrose – Good morning OC! My grand babies anxiously awaiting to hit the beach from our balcony at Princess Royale.
Wendy Rodgers-Hacker – Two of my daughters enjoying their time at Ocean City this summer. We live in Alaska (husband is Army) and we came to visit family. My mother brought me to the beach here every summer growing up and now I bring my girls. They love the oceans and the board walk.


Karen Wruble – My 2 daughters on the boardwalk having a blast like every summer!!! We love OCMD
Janie Harasymtzuk Scopp – These 3 coconuts just rode the Hurricane down on the pier. One of them doesn’t like rides either!
Stacy Snedden – We had a wonderful 11 days making many family memories. before we left we had to make a stop at the local fire station. As my husband belongs to are local one back home. Just to thank them for everything they do for the community and everyone .. . They were all so nice and even gave my daughter a free fresbie.
Kelly Kready – We had an amazing time at our visit in July. Our grandson loved burying pop pop in the sand.
Courtni Flip – My daughter on the OC rocket last week. She LOVED every minute of being drenched. Her little smile says it all.
Ashlyne Harmon – Drink at the beach!
Tonya Farmer – Baja Amusements Friday… The kids love it there.
Amanda Drummond – Little besties walking the dock around cambria hotel
Jennifer Evans – We were just there last week and had the best time!!!!!! Boardwalk shopping, fries, Jolly Roger rides and trimper rides, the beach and Ferris wheel….LOVED IT!!!!
Brandi Sewell – Family trip…. the beginning of July and coming again this weekend!
Sara Jane Wendt – Pool fun in OCMD
Sharita Tanner – Family time during a walk on the beach !! 😍 we would love to win to have a reason to visit again soon
Tara Sol – Was at the beach all day, missed a nap and was still kickin at dinner time at fish tales! Sleepy eyes and all! But still lookin fab
Jonathan Felmey – Big winner on the boardwalk!!
Jeanetta Lynn – Family time is the best time
Jason Stark – Had a great family vacation last week!!!!OCMD never disappoints. Pic was taken at Harpoon Hannah’s.
Carey Smith – Our first mommy and daughter day trip! We started our day off with a bike ride then beach, lunch and some go kart fun!
Kaitlyn Ruhl – After just graduating high school and after a busy teaching year for my aunt, the family all needed a nice relaxing break and we all went to our favorite beach! This was our 1st day in OCMD and the sunset was just beautiful!
Katie Dawson – Ready to fly our kite!!
Tk Eutzy – July 21st on the boardwalk. Beautiful night.
Lesley Lou – We recently came in to see family and met up with the cousins on the beach on Thursday evening. Here they are waiting for the clouds to clear for a glimpse of the meteor shower. We were on 81st street and my kids had not seen the ocean since last July!
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 25 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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