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Photo Friday Contest Winner July 13th 2023

Thank you for all the wonderful photos you shared with us this week for our Photo Friday Contest. We received pictures of Fourth of July celebrations, teenager’s having fun, early mornings till late night on the beach, and visitors making the most of the weather. We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures sent to us this week.  This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger Amusement Parks is Stacy Rogers Glass for this great picture of some excited and happy teenagers enjoying their visit to Ocean City! Congratulations Stacy! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for our next Photo Friday Contest starting tomorrow, Friday July 14th, on Facebook, and please remember to include a sentence telling us what’s going on in your picture! 

Please be aware, we will ALWAYS ANNOUNCE THE WINNER AS A POST, never in comments, and we will NEVER ASK YOU TO CLICK on anything. Please do not respond to any comments that say you have won. We block and report any users who pretend to be us. We do not have any membership opportunities. We NEVER ask for a credit card. 

Stacy Rogers Glass – It was our first night and dinner out at Franco’s after we arrived just a few hours prior. It’s not very often that I get genuine smiles from my teenagers. This captures the excitement they had for the week to come
Karen Ulakovic Drass – Friends enjoying a week down in OC. Friends forever. Now in college and still continuing annual girls trips to OC.
Marie Vizzini Ritgert – Grandpaw and his littles
Lindsay Muir Johnson – Christmas is July!
“ He sees you when your sleeping”
Sam Shaffern – On the pier at Northside Park!
Debora Campailla – My boys and nephews love hiding in the side when coming to ocean city
Lori Palko – My daughter and her boyfriend watching the fireworks from the deck of the Hilton (the old Dunes Manor)
Stacey Arthur – Sunset on 4th of July looking at Assawomen Bay
Dawn Dupert – Stopped to rest during our early morning walk.
Stacy Swinder Davis – My little ones on the beach! They both loved it so much!!
Jennifer Lariegh Pawling – The brightest moon on the 4th of July at 127th street! ❤️🤍💙 I love the light reflection on the water and of course the American flag
Karen Beardsley – View of the inlet fireworks from the boat
Miranda Michelle – From our recent trip last month, this boy loves his “beach home”!
Brittany Palmer – My mom celebrating her 60th birthday at the beach!!!! Highly recommend the digital boat sign company!!!
Brittany Palmer – Our dog Riptide living his best life in the pool at the doggie park!!!
Jennifer Stevens – Enjoying the beautiful sunset while waiting for the fireworks on 116st.
Susie Jones – Beautiful kit @ the inlet
Crystal Taylor – Benjamin loves Thrasher’s!
Barbara Egresits – After dinner boat ride at the Angler.
Stacie Gittens – My grandsons favorite vacation is in OC
Kathy Hummer – Love taking nice walks down on the beach
Erika Meck Salinski – Our 14 year old showing my husband how to cast a line
Barbara Egresits – Perfect ending to another great OCMD week.
Merideth Robinson Burton – My fam on the Sea Watch balcony.
Lisa Marie – Northside Park fireworks from the boat!
Christina Ibex – We can’t keep these three out of the water!
Jess Lynn – Me and the ladies need a trip away from it all so of course we went to OCMD our favorite spot it was a very foggy day but still beautiful
Chrissie Schmansky – Super slice at TOAST! My boys were SO EXCITED.
Jo Jo Ann – A view from saltwater 75 on the bay while me and my husband were on the deck enjoying their delicious food. this was taken on June 24th


Michael Smith – Nothing sweeter than relaxing as a family in Ocean City
Seth Dora – We are excited to come in 1 week!
Ashley Pasquith – Family of three fun in O.C
Tony Merendino -Bayside sunset
Natina Jean – Sunrise. Favorite part of the beach
Moe Hckrt Rsdn – We didn’t have the best weather but made the best of it
Danielle Lane – Happy Birthday America!
Rick N Alisha Hoke – Enjoying the Air Show 2023 in Ocean City, MD!
Kelly Martin Kmett – My brother, & now sister-in-law, got married on the beach in OCMD, May 20th!!!
Ben Semiatin – So peaceful


Tammy Ellis Curl – Getting wedding ready!
Casie Culver – Best way to spend your birthday!
Robert Mitchell – To all of my fallen brother and sisters around the world. You are not forgotten. 6/2/2023


Peggy Gallagher – Teenagers enjoying the night life at the beach


Barbara Egresits – Perfection. My happy place.


Rachel Harper – Gunner age 8


Brittany Lloyd – Beautiful day at the beach ! Water was great!! Always a good time!!


Crystal Murphy – Dinner “slushies” before the fireworks


Jessica DunMcg – Look what I found exploring!


Brittany Stepek -Snacking and cheesing on the beach!


Cheryl Hoffman – A little boy who loves OCMD!!


Jesse Bolyard – Relaxing on the boardwalk
Amanda Day – Dusk on the beach
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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