Ocean City Kids Need Things To Do

Ocean City Kids Need Things To Do

Ocean City Kids Need things to do

What to do with the kids while we are at home?

  • Playgrounds are closed
  • Gyms and fitness centers are closed
  • Schools are closed
  • Extracurricular are cancelled
  • Playdates are not part of social distancing

We all are trying to find new ways to get through these times at home, and it isn’t a flaw to ask for some help. Our communities have really rallied together to help one another and it is awesome to see the love and compassion. Our parents and kids need ideas for how to get through the days and locals, organizations, and groups are answering the call.

Everyone needs some guidance, direction, or new ideas sometimes. If your kids are missing the area as much as you are,  here are local and far away things to do—

This photo of a mama and her baby was taken in June 2019 on Assateague.

Locally for kids:


When the time comes, since these places are close by, you can plan with the kids to visit them when we all can go out together.

Not so close(but right now we are all as close as a screen):

Ways you and the community can make this time for kids special:

Even though we need to keep our social distance, we could create these opportunities to show some love and/or creativity while we walk, jog, or bike through or neighborhood. Tell as many neighbors as possible and have them spread the word:

Teddy Bear Hunt

Put a stuff animal in a window. As kids walk through their towns they can “search” for the teddy bears.

Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of random items then have the kids go look for them


  1. 3 round items
  2. Something that starts with the letter “L”
  3. Find the letter “Y” on a sign
  4. 2 purple items

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk chalk art isn’t just for kids, but let your kids do it too and your neighbors!! Again strolls through the hamlets we all live in will be lit up by all our great images. Imagine each day a new walk could be whole new walk curated by the people next door.

Stain Glass Art

 Another object to peep as you go through town. This one may need some explaining  here are the directions:


  • Painters tape
  • Crayola washable paint
  • A bit of water
  • Drop of Dawn soap

(test a tiny corner of a window to make sure it cleans off effectively)

Ocean City Kids Need Things to do
photo credit: craftymorning.com


Find a window that walkers can see

Use tape to make a design

Paint inside tape. (may need to do layers to make if dark enough.)

Please share with us activities and learning experiences happening locally and we will include it in this article.




Shadow Drawing

photo credit: UKkidswindows Facebook Page

Kids could be inside or outside for this one. IF it is not a sunny day, a well angled lamp or flashlight will do. Grab your kids favorite toys and have them trace the shadow. They can then fill then in with as much imagination as possible.

Kids during this time are struggling with more than just boredom or a lack of educational materials; kids are hungry. Local school districts, companies, and organizations are banning together to help read here.

Activities for the Whole Family:

For everyone missing Ocean City we have created, Ocean City Dreamin’. It is a page in our site to connect with Ocean City while you are away. We have a great concert series in collaboration with Ocean City Development Corporation. The concert will play every Thursday at 7pm. The artists are entertainers you have loved to watch perform here in Ocean City over the years.  Continue to check out the page for a list of the talent. We are encouraging you to support local business by getting takeout from restaurants and picking up some local craft beer and enjoying the concert in the comfort of your own home. Social distancing while “Happy Houring.” Our maiden voyage went off great with Ocean City Native, Jimmy Charles, performing from his living room in Nashville. Go to our Facebook page to relive it or watch it for the first time.

While this is one of the ways we are helping to connect our readers with their beloved Ocean City, we are also creating live videos of the area and posting old photos to give you as many warm fuzzies of Ocean City as possible. Please remember your local businesses in Ocean City at this time, and buy a gift certificate to use when you return.

Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
Jessica is a creative through and through. She loves creating from sun up to sun down. She is an artist, a friend, a mom, a wife, and whatever other hat she might wear in a day. You might find Jessica with a camera or sketch pad in the local area, but you might find her far and away as she loves to travel. If you see her say, hi and give her dog/baby, Joey a hello too since they usually travel together!

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