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Love affair with the beach

February nearly is upon us, and as many search for a cure for cabin fever, they’ll begin setting their sights on summer vacations. While this type of therapy maybe all that’s needed – A trip to the shore for Valentines Day, instead may be just what the doctor ordered.

Make the Leap

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse for a two, or better yet, three day weekend away at the beach. You can start your visit on Saturday, this way you can be all settled in and relaxed by the time Sunday rolls around. Chances are you’ve thought about it in previous years, when your inbox was filled with offers from hotels and restaurants, but after being tempted by pictures of sunbeams shining through the balcony glass doors, and of course the mouth watering food porn, you may have second guessed your impulse and asked yourself – Why would I want to head to the beach to celebrate Valentines Day? Won’t it be cold there??  Answer: Yes! Chances are it WILL be cold in Ocean City during this Holiday, and the truth is the town itself will be pretty much DEAD.
Right now you might be trying to wrap your mind around the end of the last paragraph above. I mean after all, isn’t it my job as a writer to sell you on the idea that every aspect of Ocean City is perfect? Shouldn’t I be trying to convince you that the weather is always great, and there’s plenty to do in town no matter what time of year it is?? Basically blowing the same smoke up your backside as every other…
No. Sorry, as my name suggests I AM the “OC Outsider”.
Allow me to be clear: I truly LOVE Ocean City but the views, opinions, and advice that you’ll be reading in this column, are mine and mine alone. Oceancity.com doesn’t censor what I write here, nor am I under the thumb of the town itself. Yes, brace yourselves, it’s true. While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I feel it’s my duty to inform you, the readers that (when it comes to Ocean City) much of the so called “advice” you’ll read about on the internet, is carefully monitored, scrutinized, and worse yet influenced by the town itself and what is best for THOSE businesses that advertise on certain sites. I can assure you this is not, nor will it ever be the case here, I call em’ like I see em…

Getting Back on Topic

So, if you’ve decided to continue reading past my “shooting from the hip” disclaimer, let’s revisit the idea of spending Valentine’s Day at the shore. As we already came to grips with, the temperature could be rather chilly, and you’re not going to find 10 miles of packed night clubs while vacationing here in the tail end of winter. So while this may not be the best set up for all vacationers out there, this time of year offers it’s own charms. You have a chance to take advantage of a lot unique situations. The month of February is extremely slow when it comes to tourism, and the establishments are quite eager to get reacquainted with you. Why not take full advantage of the discounts offered?
I hate to use the word “literally”, because it’s over used in today’s language, however visiting this time of year can be done for ‘literally” a fraction of what it would cost you during the summer months. Ever walk by a certain hotel during July and wonder what it would be like to stay there? Now’s your chance to give them a try, while saving up to 75 percent off the peak season rates! And, the closer it gets to the actual dates, the more chance you have of getting even greater savings. If you have the flexibility, or just happen to find yourself in that 11th hour, 59th minute situation, don’t be afraid to abandon the internet search & call the hotel direct (remember when people did it this way) you might find a better deal than they’re advertising on their websites.


It’s all about the food

Not sure why, but somehow this holiday has become as synonymous with dining out, as turkey is to Thanksgiving. Chances are, if you’d choose to stay home rather than visit the shore for Valentine’s Day you’d be going out to eat anyways, so if you think about it this is a financial push when it comes right down to it, plus by choosing Ocean City you have a better chance of avoiding the usual pitfalls that go along with going out for dinner. Let’s face it we’ve all been there: You have your favorite restaurant that you go to in your home town, so you make reservations. Only to get overpriced specials that will underwhelm you, served up by a waitstaff that just wants the whole night to be over. Why not treat yourself to a nice meal in your favorite resort town? Many of Ocean City’s restaurants are open year-round, and offer great deals for Valentine’s Day, they won’t be over crowded or understaffed, matter of fact you’ll find that even some of the “hard to get into places” will be quite welcoming and might just be serving up humble pie for desert!
Whether you view it as a opportunity for a romantic get away with your special someone or a just chance to turn the tables on the establishments while enjoying deep discounts. The fact remains it’s a different kind of way to celebrate the Holiday than most are used to and a more intimate way of enjoying this little beach town than you can achieve in the summertime.
The OC Outsider.
This post was updated on Jan. 18 — Ed.
The Outsider
The Outsider
The Ocean City Outsider remains anonymous in an effort to ensure he receives no preferential treatment. This allows him to give fair and honest views of businesses, and the goings on in and around the resort. He is not controlled by this website, city hall, a tourism department, or any other entity. The goal is to share his unique unbiased perspective, in hopes of enhancing the Ocean City experience for vacationers, while keeping the town, and it's establishments on their toes!

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