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Home Inspections are Crucial to Buyers

When purchasing your new home, remember the old adage in real estate: Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware)!

 Caution and investigation should be exercised long BEFORE a buyer sits down at the settlement table.

Some concerns may exist with land itself, rather than buildings. Still, most issues that exist with land are generally more noticeable. Within structures, the problems are often hidden from sight. Inspections provide a clear insight into the structural integrity of the buildings located on the property. The inspection process is relatively inexpensive (normally between $250 – $550 per inspection).

However, there are several types of inspections that you should be familiar with:

Home Inspection

Air quality inspection

Mold inspection

Environmental inspection

Termite inspection

Radon inspection

Performing each of these individual inspections will ultimately result in creating a feeling of security for you and your family when you finalize your purchase.

The majority of these inspections are self-explanatory. However, the basic home inspection provides protection against the widest range of possible issues that could be associated with a home or condo. Here is a list of items that are checked by the home inspector. 

Basic Home Inspection

The inspector will check:

All appliances to be sure they are in working order (including hot water heater)

For leaks under sinks, tubs and toilets

Air conditioning and heating systems

Exterior leaks

Windows and frames

Interior and exterior doors

Electrical system (switches, panel box, lights, GFI switches, etc.)

Ceiling fans

Roof, attic and insulation

Wall & ceiling finishes

Door handles

Decks, porches & railing

Smoke detectors


Water supply distribution systems.

These reports are so detailed that the date, time and weather conditions are provided for the day the inspection was completed.

Of all the above mentioned inspections, the only one that seems to be in constant debate would be the radon inspection. Since radon is primarily generated from rock formations, most buyers (and agents) believe a radon inspection is unimportant on the Eastern Shore.

On the contrary, the CDC explains that radon can originate from gas appliances, as well as rock formations or fossils. 

Since radon can cause serious health issues, it is an important test for your new home.

Not only are these inspections important for the health of your family, they also provide a level of comfort and flexibility for buyers. A buyer may elect not to purchase a specific property based on the findings of the inspections.  Of course, a seller may offer to repair (or replace) any items at fault on the inspection reports.

A buyer may agree to allow the seller to perform required changes, or on the contrary, could decide to move on to another property. Either way, inspections play an important and necessary role in the home buying process.

Joanna Laslo
Joanna Laslohttps://www.oceancitybeachproperties.com
Broker/Owner of Beach Real Estate, Inc., a local that Graduated from Stephen Decatur High School.  35+ years of experience in real estate sales.  Joanna is a broker in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.  Joanna also manages Ocean City weekly condo and vacation rentals.

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